Wrestling's FACT or FICTION

ESPN has some really great ideas on their network. As an avid viewer of Sportscenter, I really got into the "Fact or Fiction" part of the show, where ESPN would bring in two experts or former players of a certain sport and argue over a statement presented and say whether it was "FACT" or if it was "FICTION". Seeing this great segment got my juices flowing, and I figured I could start a column.

The first batch of columns were with my friend William Martinez. I used to argue online with him all of the time about stuff in wrestling that it would be a perfect fit. The column lasted through 4 issues before both of us began to have heavy schedules.

After heavy demand for its return, Fact or Fiction was brought back, but this time, with several members of the LoP Forums. I first asked Da Ref and Optimus Schwab if they were interested, given that I'm always arguing with those 2 over something. The plan is that if they weren't able to contribute one week, I could just find another member from the LoP Forums. Great wrestling minds on that wrestling board, so why not tap it?

Feedback is welcome at WrathofTito@yahoo.com. Thanks for the many years of support.

First Editions

  • Fact or Fiction #1 (Austin, Steiner, Shane, Benoit, Goldberg)

  • Fact or Fiction #2 (Hogan, Raven, Rock/Austin, Team Angle, RVD)

  • Fact or Fiction #3 (Sting, IC title, Austin, Hardy, Shamrock)

  • Fact or Fiction #4 (Austin, Torrie, Shane, Jericho, deaths)

  • Second Editions

  • Fact or Fiction 3-29-03 (Wrestlemania stuff, Goldberg, Benoit, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 4-2-03 (Backlash, Lesnar, Nash, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 4-11-03 (Cena, Sable, brand extension, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 4-19-03 (Piper, Guerrero, Sting, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 4-26-03 (Jeff Hardy, Goldberg, Backlash, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 5-1-03 (Backlash, Austin, Bret Hart, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 5-14-03 (Elizabeth, IC title, the internet, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 5-28-03 (Flair, Heyman, Hell in the Cell, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 6-15-03 (Foley, Kane, Drug testing, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 6-22-03 (With 411mania.com's Scott Keith!)

  • Fact or Fiction 6-30-03 (Kane, Billy Gunn, midcard titles, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 7-7-03 (Triple H, Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, more)

  • Fact or Fiction 7-12-03 (Kevin Nash, Jeff Hardy, Heat, and more)

  • Fact or Fiction 7-26-03 (Vengeance, Coachman, Kurt Angle's ego?, more)

  • Again, feedback is more than welcome at WrathofTito@yahoo.com.