Another week, another FACT or FICTION. Today, William Martinez and Mr. Tito go over topics such as Sting, Midcard titles, Steve Austin, Jeff Hardy as a heel, and Ken Shamrock. Enjoy!

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1) FACT OR FICTION: Sting will sign with the WWE.

William Martinez: This is FICTION. I don't know the specifics of the negotiations going on between Sting and WWE nor do I know how desperate WWE is to get Sting under contract but the impression I'm getting is that while it would be nice for WWE to sign Sting for a few shows, it doesn't seem like they're willing to pull out all stops to get him. Some might argue that Sting's religious beliefs would prevent him but with Shawn Michaels on the roster, that doesn't really seem like a huge roadblock.

Mr. Tito: I tend to agree with Martinez here, as this is FICTION. As big of a Sting fan that I am, I really don't see Vincent K. McMahon giving him a light schedule, whatsoever. The WWE's houseshows are in need of some big names to boost ticket sales before the WWE has to cancel a whole bunch of dates again. I don't honestly think Sting would ask for millions, though, but I don't see him budging on the dates issue, which will probably keep him out of the WWE forever, and that's unfortunate for fans, like myself, who are craving his presence on WWE shows these days.

2) FACT OR FICTION: Lack of a midcard singles title, such as the Intercontinental title, is hurting the WWE right now.

Mr. Tito: As much as I want to chant "fact", I have to say FICTION. The current WWE writers don't care about the midcard, and they haven't cared about them ever since Vince Russo left the WWE. The IC title has had champions like the Godfather or Chyna within the last few years. While I thought guys like Benoit or RVD were great champions, the WWE just doesn't have the writers backstage who will care about a midcard title, let alone a midcarder.

William Martinez: Face it Tito, not everyone on the WWE roster has what it takes to be a World Champion and a midcard singles title is a must for those guys. This is a FACT! They need something to work towards and fans need to associate a midcard title with one of those wrestlers. The way things are now, there is the top tier of guys and the rest are all on the same level fighting their meaningless feuds every week, moving on to the next midcarder to feud with. I can go on an on why WWE needs a singles midcard title.

3) FACT OR FICTION: Steve Austin comments in RAW magazine was a complete work.

William Martinez: Saying Austin's comments were a work would imply that he was told what to say. FICTION While he did seem to go lightly on both Jim Ross and Vince McMahon, I just think Steve Austin was smart enough to state what was in his best interests. For those expecting outright rage, I'm not sure you should have expected that. Several months have passed since Austin's walkout and in that time, Ross and Austin had regular conversations and Austin and McMahon "buried the hatchet". Obviously WWE had a general idea of what Austin would say otherwise the magazine would have never gone to print but I believe Austin has certain convictions, and I doubt he would allow his side of the story, a story which might define his career, to be worked. As far as his comments on The Rock and Triple H goes, it wouldn't surprise me to see that as being a work and nothing but fodder for future angles.

Mr. Tito: I say this is a FACT. I agree with what you said about this article regarding how it could be fodder for future angles. And that's my point to saying this is fact. Steve Austin walked out of the WWE twice last year, and hasn't been around for 6 months now. Why in the world would the WWE let a guy who has been gone for that long just rip on WWE wrestlers, creative teams, and the company itself? It's degrading to the WWE, and they definitely encouraged him with some topics, especially with rumors of Rock vs. Austin at Wrestlemania and probably a future feud with Triple H. How can they put fire into those feuds? Triple H or the Rock could just whip out that RAW magazine and read what Austin said.

4) FACT OR FICTION: Jeff Hardy will be a good heel.

Mr. Tito: FICTION all the way. Jeff Hardy's potential for anything was burned away the second Triple H squashed him in 2001 over the Intercontinental title. Ever since then, Hardy himself hasn't cared, knowing there was no hope of breaking the so-called "glass ceiling" in the WWE in the singles ranks. He's been showing up late to shows ever since, not working out, and focusing more on his body paint than improving his spotty at best wrestling ability. Plus, those mic skills... Heels have to talk to get their point across on why they are so evil, etc.

William Martinez: I agree. This is FICTION. Thus far, I am enjoying Jeff Hardy's heel turn but as far as crowd reaction goes, he'll always get the pops from the female fans. I thought Matt Hardy would suffer the same fate but he proved he had the charisma to carry his heel gimmick. I seriously doubt Jeff has that charisma. Either way, I don't see Jeff Hardy lasting in WWE that much longer. His heart just doesn't seem in it.

5) FACT OR FICTION: Ken Shamrock will one day return to the WWE.

William Martinez: FACT. A very very tough call here but from what I've heard, Shamrock's UFC career is in its last legs or could be completely over. He parted ways with WWE on good terms and I believe that he could be a draw. It wouldn't surprise me to see Shamrock feud with Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho or Kurt Angle soon.

Mr. Tito: You made a good point about leaving on good terms, but I see this as FICTION for the following reasons. I don't honestly think Shamrock will ever leave Mixed Martial Arts ever again. He'll keep fighting until he's getting punch drunk, or he'll help run an organization or start his own. Secondly, like I said above about Sting, the WWE wouldn't give Shamrock the limited schedule. Although I thought he had a good role in the WWE, he's not the big money draw to deserve the lighter schedule. That's not saying I wouldn't want him in the WWE, as I'm sure he'd work great with the likes of Kurt Angle or Lesnar. But REAL fighting is in his blood, and I doubt he'll ever leave it again, especially after getting ridiculed for wrestling in the WWE the first time.

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