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Mr. Tito (May 24, 1999)
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In Memory of Owen Hart

A great man has left us. Owen Hart, great competitor, great enthusiasm, and a great man. It's a shame when such anyone leaves us in the wrestling world. Owen Hart died so tragically, and I'm sure it has impacted every wrestling fan around. Whether you loved him or hated him, you had to respect him because he's one of the best athletes in wrestling.

Owen Hart was born on May 7th, 1966, adding on to the great list of Harts. He entered prowrestling in the year 1986, following in the footsteps of what his many brothers took. His first opportunity to shine was as the original Blue Blazer. Nobody knew it was a Hart wrestling as him, which made it better. He proved his skills with his many high flying moves. He would leave the WWF to do other venures, but he would later resurface in the WWF a few years later. He went through many short lived gimmicks, and he even tagged with Koko B. Ware (High Energy) and with Jim Neidhart (New Foundation). He would eventually form a team with his well established brother, Bret, and they went for the titles. Being sick of being in his brother's shadow, he turned on Bret going for the tag team championships. Bret would go on to recieve a world title shot at Wrestlemania, but he would have to fight Owen Hart before he fought Yokozuna for the title due to the Royal Rumble controversy that year. Owen scored a huge victory over his brother that year at Wrestlemania, and then became the 2nd King of the Ring, in which his brother Bret was the 1st. Owen would then feud with his brother for a long time, even costing him his world title against Bob Backlund. Many wrote Owen off as just a feud for Bret Hart.

They were wrong. Then, Owen promised a win at Wrestlemania for the tag team championships with his mystery partner. The mystery partner was Yokozuna, and Owen now had some gold around his waist after winning his guarantee. Owen Hart would mostly be utilized as a great tag team wrestler, but he could also be a mean singles wrestler. A great example of this would be his feud with Shawn Micheals. He claimed to be the one who caused Shawn to black out, and he fought Shawn to the limit. Owen also won the tag titles with his brother-in-law Davey Boy Smith, and he would also win the Slammy for his blacking out of Shawn Micheals. Owen was so proud of this Slammy, as he brought it everywhere with him. Owen Hart's career was getting better.

Owen decided to put his differences aside with his family during the European Championship title fights, and he would settle his differences with Bret to form the new Hart Foundation. I would have to say the best moment in Owen's career was when he defeated the young Intercontinental Champion, Rocky Miavia, fair and square. I was very proud of Owen for this, and I was glad to see a well deserving wrestler like him to get a good singles title. He also re-gained the Tag titles with Bulldog, so he had the tag titles and the IC title at the same time, which not many WWF wrestlers have ever done. Owen would later have a HUGE feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin, but he accidentally injured Stone Cold during their match, but he played it out, and still let Stone Cold defeat him for the title. Owen would later win the vacant IC title, but lose it back to Stone Cold.

Owen made a rather large decision when Bret got "screwed" during his final title match by the owner of the WWF, Vince McMahon. Many thought Owen would quit the WWF, but he stayed! Owen stuck it, especially during this very rough time where his two brothers-in-laws, Neidhart and Bulldog, jumped with his brother. Owen had a mean attitude now, and he wasn't going to take any crap anymore. He proved this by defeating the odds, and beating Triple H for the covetted European Championship. He would feud with Triple H for a while, but he got tired of the face scene, and turned to the Nation of Domination for assistance vs. DX, who was always jumping Owen. He would hang around them for a while, and he would later have some strange feuds with Blackman and Severn where his old gimmick, the Blue Blazer kept showing up. After that, he began to tag with Jeff Jarrett. Those two grew and grew together as a tag team, and they finally won the tag titles. Owen and Jarrett functioned well as a team, and they had a good title reign. They would lose the titles, and Owen would go back to his old Blue Blazer gimmick again, and it seemed to be gaining popularity again.

Owen Hart was one of my personal favorites in the business, as he kept his head up and never complained about his current wrestling status. Even when times were bad for his career, without any pushes, he made the best out of it. He never complained to WWF management about not being pushed, or having to do the job to another wrestler. Why you ask? He was all class, and every wrestler should look at their sport the way Owen Hart did. Owen Hart should be looked upon as one of the greats, even though he never won any World title, but as a great person within the industry.

@That's it for today. I feel really sad writing this. I guess I'll be back tomorrow. Rest in Peace Owen.

A Good Short Biography on Owen Hart.

Mr. Tito 1999

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