Welcome back to the Wrath of Tito. What?!? No Vengeance column? Yes indeed. Now, how can I have a column on Vengeance when I didn't see it Sunday night? Not to worry, though, for I believe I'm either seeing the replay tonight OR I'll receive a tape of it later this week. Sometimes, you just can't find the time on Sunday. From the reviews I've read, Vengeance is said to be one of the best Pay Per Views of the year, if not the best of the year. Cool, something to look foward to instead going into the Pay Per View cold.

I was surprised at the result of the Angle vs. Big Show vs. Lesnar match. Angle won the Undisputed World Title, which I believe goes against this stupid egotrip rumor going around about him. The rumor was that Angle's ego grew since his return, and that to avoid doing the job to Lesnar, he wanted the Big Show inserted. Ok, so for clearly wanting to avoid doing the job to Lesnar, Angle won the World Title? Yeah, nice rumor. Someone in the WWE is clearly planting backstage information to the newsletters, namely someone who could be insanely jealous of Angle/Lesnar. Who could that be? Take your pick from Triple H to the Undertaker, or any of the Good Ol' Boys of the WWE.

I still love it that when times APPEAR to be bad, the population of McMahons on every show increases. Just tonight on RAW, we had 2 in Shane and Vince, and last week, we had Linda on RAW. On Smackdown, we've had Stephanie and Vince on the show for a long time. What does this spell out? I've said it a million times. The McMahons STILL do not have any confidence in their wrestlers to turn around the shows. I believe the McMahons hurt the show, as the Smackdown ratings started to really sag a little bit during the whole Mr. America fiasco. And you watch, with Shane getting his loads of television time, RAW's ratings will drop heading into Summerslam. Just you watch!

And a HUGE FINGER OF SHAME goes to the WWE for ripping off a gimmick from a backyard fed. 2 weeks ago, when Kane had the gasoline can and burnt Jim Ross, I jokingly suggested that the WWE was stealing the gas can idea from a backyard wrestler named Burt "the Goon". So what do we see at Vengeance? An Easter Bunny in the APA Brawl! Now honestly, what made the WWE think "oh, let's put an Easter Bunny in the APA feud, what a great idea". No, they saw it from somewhere, and I'm calling the WWE on for stealing ideas from a backyard fed. Of course, their Easter Bunny didn't work, where as the Goon is pretty popular in the WVW backyard fed for his excessive use of foul language and content. From the pictures I gathered of the Easter Bunny, he appeared to be drinking at the bar while everyone was wrestling.

I laugh at the rumor regarding turning Triple H face. First of all, why would the fans want to cheer him? Right now, they hate the guy for his IN RING ABILITY, not his heat drawing. So when he becomes a face, he'll instantly start wrestling good? We saw the truth of that in 2002. Besides, I'd argue he already acts like a face. He no sells everyone and as a heel, he collects many clean victories. Also, his promos are the only heel promos geared to make the other wrestlers look bad, whereas a face normally does that. He's a face already, but regardless of what Triple H is, nothing will ever hide the fact that he's a bad wrestler here in 2003. Nothing.

Let's get RAW!


The show starts off with Vince McMahon, allbeit more casual looking last night. So what? It's still Vince McMahon, who is so full of himself that he NEEDS MORE CAMERA TIME! He says he'll confront Kane, blah blah blah blah blah! Don't care. Hey, why aren't you selling your match to Zach Gowen, whatsoever?

Our first match of the night was Test/Christian vs. Booker T/Scott Steiner. Team Canada vs. Team WCW? Long match here, as it takes some of these guys longer to get the match going. It was OK overall, but was it worthy enough to get 10 minutes worth of action? Maybe not, but I've seen worse matches get as much television time. I wonder when either feud in this match will end, too. Let's move on.

The announcement has been made and it will be Bill Goldberg vs. Triple H at Summerslam. Ok, I still don't have much of a reason why Goldberg has been made number one contender. Maybe if the WWE would actually MENTION the fact that he's beat the Rock and Chris Jericho on Pay Per View, two very significant wins. But they don't mention it... The only thing from the past they mention is his long winning streak. That's it. I'll believe it when I see it if the WWE properly hypes this match and gives it the proper result it deserves (Triple H losing).

Our next match of the night was a Bill Goldberg squashing of Steven Richards. Poor Richards. He worked hard to get in his current shape, and look where it has taken him. Oh well, someone has to lay down for Goldberg. The bodypress into the spear/spinebuster was just unbelieveable in this match! That was just vicious! I love it when Goldberg whips out an odd move like that, such as the time when he was pressing someone and Shane Douglas tried to hit him from the front one time in WCW. What did Goldberg do? He dropped the guy and speared Douglas. The Evolution would come out and talk trash. Goldberg wants HHH now instead of Summerslam, and Ric Flair would eventually take offense to Goldberg's words. That would set up Eric Bischoff making Goldberg vs. Flair for next week, a match I'm very looking foward to. I just hope the WWE is ready for the face pops Ric Flair MIGHT receive.

Val Venis vs. Rico was our next bout. It wasn't a bad match, whatsoever, as both guys worked well together. But man, it's probably hard to wrestle if the crowd doesn't care for either guy. Rico is caught in a bad gimmick right now, as it's hard to get over when look like a flaming Apache indian, and Val Venis can't get over anymore in that overdone gimmick. A combination of the two provides for a dead crowd, even though both guys tried to bust their asses out there. Gee, why do you think the creative direction of the WWE is blamed more than the wrestler's themselves for the current problems of the WWE? Think about it!

The Chris Jericho Highlight Reel was up next, with stars Orton and HBK. I found it odd that the whole focus of the segment was on the HBK and Jericho match, and hardly made any transitions to Orton vs. HBK for Summerslam. Weird. Jericho's comments about HBK were freakin' hilarious, though, making you want them to do a 3rd bout at Summerslam. Orton and Jericho end up pounding HBK, until big piece of shit Kevin Nash comes down to the ring. Is he OZ again or is he letting his gray grow out? Either way, he's old, slow, and doesn't deserve the large WWE contract he currently has. How about those apples? Nash then challenges Jericho to a match... ugh!

Kevin Nash vs. Chris Jericho involved Nash using his very limited offense and Jericho bumping like a champ for him. Whoopie! The match ended when Jericho was disqualified for hitting Nash in the nuts. Huh?!? You mean Chris Jericho couldn't beat Nash? What's so wrong with that? I'll tell you what is wrong with that! It would give Jericho a big head of steam by beating 2 older WWE guys, and I'm sure a friend of theirs, Triple H, won't allow that at the production meetings. Just great. Afterwards, they brawl, boring us more, and I'm hoping their rematch won't be at Summerslam.

I still see no promise for Hurricane and Rosey as a tag team. Although I thought Rosey's impersonation of one of the villains in Superman 2 was funny, even if it wasn't intentional or not.

Our next match was Garrison Cade/Mark Jindrak vs. La Resistence. See my argument for Rico vs. Val Venis. Neither team are over, so the crowd was completely silent. I personally thought Cade and Jindrak weren't bad as a tag team, but who cares about 2 guys wrestling in tights that have been only seen on camera a few times? Not I, said the wolf. La Resistence has to be one of the worst functioning tag teams around, too, with no tag chemistry besides their boring finisher. I can't wait for the boring La Resistence vs. Dudleys feud to play out. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Gail Kim probably wrestled her best match against Molly Holly last night, looking more polished in the ring and she hit her spots. That comes with experience and wrestling Molly more than once. Kim looks fantastic, and she'll help to sell more calendars. But her in ring ability is insanely overrated. I'm glad to see that Molly Holly was given the strap, as she's the most deserving and the most talented women's wrestler of them all. This was our main event match...

The show ended with Vince McMahon calling out Kane and they talked in the ring. Vince would eventually seem proud to have his own monster, but then Shane McMahon ran out and attacked Kane in his mother's honor. He chased him up to the top, pounded him with chairs, and knocked Kane off the stage to end the show. Whoopie! This will probably lead to Shane wrestling again, leaving main event wrestlers looking bad for selling injuries to a 160 pound weakling. Can't wait.

LAST WORD: I can't believe how bad the writing has been lately in the WWE in general. Anything involving McMahons, ESPECIALLY! If the Fab 4 of McMahons honestly think that their involvement in the shows helps overall, then please, have them pass their crackpipe this way because I could use something to alter my mind when watching this stuff anymore. Maybe I'd enjoy it. The wrestling wasn't too bad, but many wrestlers could use gimmick facelifts or some love from the writing crew instead of getting put in a bad situation when the crowd turns on you or decides it's time for a bathroom break. That simple. This show gets a [ C- ] (C minus) in my grade book, and that's my opinion, like it or not.

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