Miss Elizabeth, former valet and manager of both the WWF and WCW, has passed away at the age of 42 this morning in Cobb County, GA. She was rushed to the hospital after becoming extremely ill, and died immediately thereafter. Causes of the death aren't official, although some sort of overdose may be assumed. Elizabeth, although she wasn't a wrestler, is another name added to the list of those from professional wrestling, now outside of the spotlight, passing away at early ages and of not-so natural cause deaths.

Elizabeth Hulette, better known to wrestling fans as Miss Elizabeth, was easily the greatest wrestling valet EVER. She was easily one of the most beautiful ladies in professional wrestling, and her looks, even in her late 30's in WCW, still held up against the incoming flow of younger females entering the sport. She debuted on the arm of her boyfriend and real life husband, Macho Man Randy Savage in the 1980's. Macho Man was a heel when she debuted, and the way he generated heat was to show vicious signs of jealousy towards his opponents in consideration of Elizabeth. But who wouldn't show that? Elizabeth was very beautiful. It was also ironic that Randy Savage was also paranoid of people talking to Elizabeth backstage, with that possible tension leading to their divorce down the road.

After a few years doing the heel act, Macho Man turned face and went on to win the World Title at Wrestlemania 4, the big tournament, thanks to Hulk Hogan's help. Hogan and Macho Man would then team up to form the Mega Powers, and with Elizabeth behind them, it was an instant success. But the WWF knew a money feud when they saw it back then, and given Macho's past as an intense heel. The Mega Powers would face the "Mega Bucks", Andre the Giant and Ted Dibiase at Summerslam 1988 and gave every young male their dream when Elizabeth jumped on the apron and stripped down to her panties to help distract the Mega Bucks for the win. I can remember my jaw dropping for that moment. It was quite the site back then and it had every young male highly interested in her from then on.

Macho Man and Hogan would then break up as a team over Elizabeth, which brewed from a Saturday Night's Main Event match where Elizabeth was knocked down and Hulk Hogan rushed her to the back to give her some medical attention. Macho would then get pounded in the tag match and confront and then attack Hulk Hogan over this. Wrestlemania 5 was instantly set. It was billed on the fact of "which corner will Elizabeth be in?". Hogan won the match and Macho Man would move on to Sensational Sherri Martel, that is, until Wrestlemania 7, 2 years later, when Sherri was upset at Macho losing to the Ultimate Warrior in a Retirement Match, leading to Elizabeth and Macho Man reuniting in a great moment for wrestling fans everywhere. Macho would become a color commentator for a while and actually get married to Elizabeth at Summerslam 1991, only to be attacked later on by Jake the Snake and the Undertaker, setting up a rather intense Macho Man vs. Jake Roberts feud that year.

The WWF sort of ventured into their future Attitude ways in late 1991, if you remember Jake the Snake actually slapping or punching Miss Elizabeth on television. Very rare for back then. Add to that, Jake the Snake sent a king cobra to knaw off Macho's arm, as well, and Macho Man was reinstated to go after Jake the Snake, and those matches were fabulous! But just when you thought that feud was intense, another was just on the horizon. Macho Man won the #1 contendership role when Hogan stepped down after wanting a feud with Sid Justice, thereby putting Randy Savage against Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 8 in a fabulous match. But the kicker was Ric Flair getting under Macho Man's skin regarding Elizabeth by doctoring photos to make it appear as though Ric Flair was a former boyfriend of Miss Elizabeth's. Ric would always insist that "she was mine before she was yours", and that heated feud went through a lot of the Spring of 1992. After this feud, Macho's role would die down, as the WWF felt his time was up, and Macho would become a commentator again until his contract ran out and WCW gave him a second chance.

During that time or before they both were in WCW, they ended their real life relationship. There were rumors of a real life affair with Hulk Hogan or of Macho Man's continued paranoid attitude, but the split seemed to be mutual as they both ended up working well together in WCW. WCW actually played up Macho and Elizabeth's married life by having Elizabeth actually joining Ric Flair this time and frequently spending Macho's money earned through the divorce. It set up a very heated feud between the two which totally got Macho Man over in WCW and showed everyone that he had something left in the tank. Elizabeth was great in the role and she'd continue to help Flair and the Horsemen for a while.

But then the New World Order arrived and Hulk Hogan was the badguy this time around. He went after Elizabeth to add more heat to the feud with Macho Man. Hogan would get the better of Macho and Macho would then join the NWO and have Elizabeth as his valet once again! Elizabeth was kind of in the background of the NWO after a while, and her only big contribution was of the Georgia Dome Nitro in early 1999 where she told cops, in the storyline, that Bill Goldberg sexually harassed her, leading to Bill Goldberg getting arrested, only to comeback later and see the New World Order reuniting. Through all of this, she became close with Lex Luger, and she began to be his valet on a regular basis. Lex Luger was coming off a divorce of his own after his wife found out about several dirty things he's did while on the road as a wrestler. They were both incorporated with each other on WCW television until the very end. My personal favorite were the corny backstage segments they did together when Luger became the "Total Package" (just using that name instead of Lex Luger), where they'd have funny arguments over what Luger wanted to do. I believe WCW let her go just before the end, in a cost cutting move.

Miss Elizabeth was in many ways the Queen of professional wrestling, at least in terms of valets. She had the beauty, the charm, and the grace to make what she did look great and her presence helped whomever she was managing at the time. She was fuel to the fire of a great Wrestlemania 5, as who knows how big Macho vs. Hogan would have been without her. She has died at the age of 42, way too young for anyone to leave this world. May she rest in peace, and may every wrestling fan who used to watch her remember the extra smiles she gave you whenever you saw her performing as the best valet wrestling has ever seen.

Goodbye Elizabeth.

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