Welcome to an usual Wrath of Tito on a freakin' Wednesday. Usually, Wednesday Tito columns occur because I have some form of multimedia to review. Not today. I'm INSPIRED to write, given many of the internet wrestling topics out there today. By the way, I'm feeling a lot better this week than I did last week. I felt like shit for whatever reason last week, but I feel great, especially after this weekend, which was one of my favorites thus far here in 2003.

Nothing really to add to RAW other than the fact that many agreed with my review. Oh yeah, RAW did a 3.9 rating. That's good that the WWE is staying around the 3.7-3.9 area lately, but mind you, the RAW rating only went up 0.1 AFTER a Pay Per View. Remember when the rating would get spiked pretty good after a show? Ah, the good ol' days.... But at least the RAW rating is in the upper 3's instead of the mid 3's, and we'll see if Steve Austin as co-General Manager works, although he's been in authority before and his feuding with Eric Bischoff was stale after the first week...

Bradshaw's Column

A great motivation for this column was our good friend BRADSHAW, who recently posted a commentary on WWE.com. He was positive about the WWE and then began to fire back at the internet, once again, especially in the name of Triple H. I'll use the LoPForums.com style of quoting to respond to what Bradshaw said. Bradshaw's comments will be in bold italics:

"We have a very talented roster, as talented as I have ever seen. It's amazing to see that there is some negative press on the Internet. Of course, that is what creates interest, negativity. Our in-ring workrate is just outstanding, and the finishes are as creative as one could ever hope."

Finishes are creative? Which ones? The finishes where a guy beats his opponent, only for the opponent to jump the winner afterward? How about the finish that involves a shitload of interference from other wrestlers? How about the finish that's so predictable, regarding Bradshaw's pal, Triple H, where you know he's going to win or lose, depending on the opponent (Lose - Kevin Nash or Shawn Michaels, Undertaker; Win - Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, Chris Jericho, etc.) Maybe recycling old finishes, such as what Team Angle did at Backlash by stealing the Warrior vs. Rick Rude match from Wrestlemania 5? Soooooo creative, there, Bradshaw. As for the work rate, has he watched the Big Show lately? Has he watched the many repetitive mixed tag matches? How about the million variations of Dudleys or Storm/Morley vs. Kane/RVD, which are carbon copies of each other and not that entertaining? How about having 2 green OVW or Tough Enough wrestlers going at it?

I have seen some of the negative stuff Triple H has gotten on the ‘Net. My question would be, what are you people who are writing this stuff mad at? Triple H came into this company years ago with an above-average build and above-average ring ability. His body has become the best in the business; he has become one of the best workers in this business. What is it that you guys who write bad things hate about him?

He became the best in the business in 2000. Can you tell me, with a straight face, that the 2002-2003 version of Triple H is as good as the Triple H from 2000? In 2000, he was a fun wrestler to watch. His feuds with Foley, Rock, Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Steve Austin were top notch and he gave full effort to those matches back then. In 2002, his return, was it honestly the Triple H you remember from before? His injured legs have made him slower, and on top of that, his added muscle mass slowed him down as well. It's hard to perform on a top level when you've packed too much extra muscle on your body. In 2000, Triple H had to EARN his spot. He's lost his drive in 2002 and 2003 because his place on the WWE roster is cemented due to who he's ENGAGED to, if you remember, Bradshaw. Why would Vince ever question anything regarding his future son-in-law, as long as it makes his daughter happy. Bradshaw, why would you ever question Triple H in the first place due to the damaging position it would put you in if you did say something?

Try a little introspection. You guys who have written this stuff: How have you advanced in your job? Have you done as much as he has to succeed? If not, why? Here is a guy who has worked his ass off to be in this position, and I dare say, a lot of people that are negative are that way because they themselves are mad because they don't have that kind of discipline, so they have to make excuses for other people's success and blame it on other factors. A lot of people believe they haven't succeeded because something or someone is against them, when most of the time it is just because they are lazy and unmotivated.

Triple H's case is different. Fans spend 2 hours watching RAW and 2 hours watching Smackdown every week, while shelling out $35 or whatever for Pay Per Views each month. Triple H is PAID to entertain the fans. Sure, I acknowledge that he's busted his ass for his job, and I've given him nothing but praise for his work in 2000 and 2001. But in 2002, the only thing he works his ass off at is his body. He doesn't have to perform on a higher level because of his position, thanks in part to his soon to be wife, Stephanie McMahon. And being engaged to a key member of the WWE and creative staff, wouldn't you think he has some influence on what his character will do on television or how long his title reign will be? Why try hard when you know the spot is always guaranteed to you?

Look at the facts. Triple H was here when Steve Austin was out injured, The Rock was making movies and Undertaker was hurt. Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle weren't here yet; Kane was also injured during this time. So Triple H had to carry the ball in a very hard spot, and he did a great job. He was the whole show several times, because he was the only one at the time capable of doing it. So those of you who have written bad things, keep writing. You guys love to be negative, but at least be honest about the facts.

Actually, Triple H's great run started in early 2000, and Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle were there already and improving in great strides. Do you think the late 1999 Triple H was successful? Yeah, that's why Vince McMahon, himself, beat Triple H in a match and that's why the Big Show was given a title reign, too? Triple H wasn't anything special until Mick Foley lit a fire under his ass for the Royal Rumble 2000 match and then to the No Way Out 2000 match. After that, Triple H had an easy option of feuding with the Rock again. Then it was on to Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit. Those 5 guys were all great opponents for Triple H. To say that Triple H made 2000 great, alone, is a big, big understatement. Now, I'm not saying he didn't do a good job as World Champion that year, but he had a good bit of help. Bradshaw, you should be honest about those facts if you call yourself a professional wrestler.

Bill Goldberg has been sabotaged!

The facts have been clear about Bill Goldberg and the WWE's effort to not give 2 shits about him. I find it rather counter-productive, though, that Vince is paying probably a million for Goldberg, yet he's allowing Goldberg's character to get sabotaged. I'm hoping that Vince isn't this sick to spend millions and lose millions just to satisfy his own ego over WCW. Oh wait, I just remembered the WCW Invasions of 2001. MY BAD.

Let's list the Goldberg problems, thus far in the WWE:

-No hype upon his entrance on the RAW after Wrestlemania. Aside from the internet fans, nobody knew he'd show up at the end. Maybe show him coming out of a limo early on in the show, say in the first hour, instead of the way the WWE did it with just a few minutes before Rock did his promo.

-Comedy segment with Goldust. Come on! How can you do this? Goldberg is a serious character, and he doesn't need a twitching underuntilized character putting a whig on his head.

-Excluding Bill Goldberg from the Rocky taped interview segment. Remember this? It was Rocky on the Titantron talking to Coachman and Lawler. This taped segment was supposed to talk to Bill Goldberg, but the "creative team" of the WWE opted to do the comedy scene with Goldust and Goldberg instead. This hurt some hype of the Pay Per View match.

-No music upon Goldberg's attack of Christian. Had Goldberg's music hit, the crowd would have erupted or knew what was coming out to maul Christian.

-Getting owned by the Rock, twice, on RAW. Rock Bottom in the first segment, a bunch of chairs to the head in the next. Way to build up that babyface, WWE.

-Rocky the Hypocrite! The Rock was the one who begged Bill Goldberg to come to the WWE, yet at the night of Backlash and from a few RAW promos before that, the Rock cut FACE-like promos to help the fans cheer for the Rock instead of Bill Goldberg. "Wisker Biscuit Bald Headed Bitch" is hardly something a heel would use.

-Rock vs. Goldberg match set up. Early on in the match, Bill Goldberg ran into the post and sold it the whole match. Sure, I'm for actually selling moves, but this was way overdone and hurt the tone of the match because after anything Goldberg hit, he had to sell the shoulder pain.

-Lack of sending Bill Goldberg to OVW to knock off some ring rust. Goldberg could probably learn a few new things or two about wrestling, as well. WWE failed on this regarding Kevin Nash and Scott Steiner, both came in rusty or exposed to injury.

You can't dispute those apples!

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