Welcome to the brand new edition of the Wrath of Tito. My time has been valuable lately, and I've been extremely busy lately to find time to write. I've also spent my time reading the Owen Hart book, a book of which I was hesitant to read at first. Man, I'm extremely glad to have picked up this book! It's becoming one of the most intimate books I've ever read on the subject of wrestling.

Not really much news out there, which is odd given that Wrestlemania 20 is 12 days away. The matches for the card have been pretty much booked, but nobody interesting from the past have signed on to appear at the show. MY HOPE is that the WWE is attempting to surprise us with another unannounced personality, such as Roddy Piper showing up last year. I hope that Bret Hart makes it on the show and finally gets his farewell goodbye, but I'm not holding my breath. He can do what he wants, for he's one of the most respected wrestlers in North America.

I wonder who is starting the Torrie Wilson rumors that she's becoming a "headcase" due to her recent Playboy spread? Call it jealousy. Torrie Wilson is unlike Chyna or Sable. She's willing to do anything the WWE creative team asks her, and this includes nearly baring it all on camera with revealing outfits AND kissing Dawn Marie. I met her at a meet and greet in Columbus, OH, and she was extremely nice. I think the only real beef is with her stance on Billy Kidman, saying that if he's released that she'll walk. She's standing by her man, and Billy Kidman is a guy whom the creative team says "we have nothing for you", despite being fully capable of working a good match. And will Billy Kidman, do you notice he's bulked up lately? Can't he be awarded for that? Oh wait, Stevie Richards did the same thing and look where that got him. Then again, Billy Gunn and HHH bulked up and they are pushed to the moon.

Torrie's so-called backstage problems can't be compared with other females, EVEN Stephanie McMahon. When Stephanie says she'll stay off television, but only to come back a few months later, who is the bigger headcase? When Stephanie says that her television role will be limited, but only to eventually hog more and more minutes of television time, who is the bigger headcase? Showing complete favoritism towards a wrestler whom she has a personal relationship, and including him into the production meetings (which affect other wrestlers competiting for Triple H's main event spots), who is the bigger headcase? And so on... But Stephanie is a McMahon, and I wouldn't doubt that she was behind the recent Torrie Wilson rumors out of pure jealousy. Stephanie was behind Chyna getting out of the WWE (although Chyna was digging her own grave with attititude and greed problems) AND she had previous problems with Nidia's weight, although Stephanie herself was heavier than Nidia.

And getting on MORE McMahon bashing... have you seen the Survivor Series DVD cover? Who is featured on it? CLICK HERE to see. Seriously, can the McMahons get any more full of themselves? Hogan vs. Vince on the cover of Wrestlemania 19 was embarrassing, in addition to the Stephanie vs. Vince McMahon in the "I Quit" match getting the main focus of No Mercy. With Survivor Series, why can't HHH vs. Goldberg get on the cover? With those two on the cover, would it attract more attention than Shane on the cover?

WWE Smackdown was OK... The Cruiserweight invitational at Wrestlemania will be a clusterfuck... I don't get why the APA was allowed to beat Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. Didn't the World's Greatest Tag Team beat APA at No Way Out? Where are Benjamin and Haas, who have the best tag team chemistry in the WWE right now. Haas and Benjamin may need to reunite with Kurt Angle just for the WWE creative team to give a damn about them again. I wonder why the WWE always has mini-storylines after a new champion is crowned? For example, Eddie Guerrero accidentally hurt Dawn Marie when going after Angle, painting him as the badguy. Brock Lesnar vs. Billy Gunn was so boring, as Gunn seriously needs to go down to Ohio Valley Wrestling just to train wrestlers on how to achieve large amounts of muscle mass on their bodies. Seriously, Gunn is physique and nothing else. I liked the main event between Cena/Rey-Rey vs. Big Show/Chavo. Some nice spots hit in the match and it's your usual cookie cutter PPV hype match. Eddie and Angle brawled to end the show, and their match SHOULD gain 5-stars if given time and has a nice finish at Wrestlemania 20.

On to the RAW review!


The show started off with Vince McMahon and Steve Austin reminding us that they hate each other. Vince said that Eric Bischoff set up the Lesnar attack, which Austin later questioned Eric Bischoff in another segment (Eric denied it). Steve Austin chases Vince to the parking lot, where we get a pre-taped segment of Steve Austin driving his ATV onto Vince's limo and Vince driving off in the limo himself to get away from Austin. Reminds me of 1998, welcome to 2004. Funny that the WWE's ideas of big storyline hype is to do outside parking lot scenes involving vehicles. By the way, this segment lacked one thing: Bill Goldberg. SIGN HIM to an extension before you seriously regret it after Wrestlemania 20.

EXTREMELY quick match between Jazz/Molly Holly vs. Victoria/Lita. Reminds me of Russo's WCW antics of rushing matches (a good friend of mine used to tell me a great story of a WCW wrestler he once knew, and how he was given 2 minutes to wrestle... 1 of those minutes were dedicated to wrestler entrances, while the other minute lost time because WCW was running over on segments). Jazz and Molly argued, leaving Jazz to walk out and Molly to get pinned by Victoria. AFTERWARD, Molly Holly demanded Victoria at Wrestlemania for the title, saying she'd do anything. Eric gave her the match, but Austin hear the "do anything" part and said she had to put her hair on the line. That's a good stipulation to add much needed heat to this match. We've never seen a female shaved in the modern age of wrestling, so hopefully, it gets the NYC fans into this match instead of out to the concession stands or bathrooms.

Speaking of the Eric Bischoff segment, he was backstage and Tough Enough 3 winner John Hennigan sucks up and becomes Eric's new apprentice. Chief Hennigan? Har har, I'm so funny. Actually, he calls himself "Johnny Blaze". Hennigan has much longer hair now than when he won the TE3 competition, and I'm wondering how much OVW and the WWE boring style has taken away from his flexibility and gymnist moves.

The next match was Hurricane/SHIT vs. Cade/Jindrak... they gave 5 minutes to these guys, and they aren't even a part of Wrestlemania? This was a very unorganized tag match between the teams, but then again, I'm sure all 4 guys don't care because the creative team doesn't respect any of the wrestlers, namely since 2 are former WCW farmed wrestlers.

Next, it was Rico introducing Jackie/Stacy to hype the Playboy evening gown tag match. They were interrupted by Kane, who attacked Rico and wanted to kill the ladies. The Undertaker's stuff came on the Titantron again and we saw the old Undertaker symbols catching on fire. Joy. The WWE continues to be smart by not showing the Undertaker on television, waiting to re-debut him at Wrestlemania 20. The problem is with Kane, a guy of whom has lost any heat or respect ever since Triple H called him a "necrophiliac" in 2002. Losing the mask against Triple H and feuding with Shane McMahon has only killed him further. Get the mask back on Kane, don't let him talk on the microphone, and start giving him credible wins. Then, ask me if I care about his match against the Undertaker at Wrestlemania, please and thank you.

Very nice tag match between Orton/Batista vs. Michaels/Benoit, and Orton/Batista should request to wrestle those guys nightly to look good. Orton, though, hit a devastating clothesline on the outside on Michaels. I like seeing Benoit and Michaels arguing and fighting everyweek, it's been good stuff. The weak part comes from Triple H, who has avoided any embarrassments as the heel champion. This week, he destroyed both Benoit and Michaels after the tag match. He better lose the World Title soon and take his career in a better direction if he ever wants to draw money in his position.

The Highlight Reel was next, but it was Christian coming out to run it. He talked smack on Chris Jericho, and to his surprise, Jericho came out and they brawled. Christian eventually ran away after kicking Jericho's knee. Jerich and Trish BETTER get together, officially, at Wrestlemania 20 or this feud or storyline is totally lost.

Next match was Booker T/Rob Van Dam vs. Test/Matt Hardy. Not a bad match, and it at least gave Booker T/Rob Van Dam another clean win. The WWE better keep RVD/Booker T as champions for a while for credibility with RVD, Booker T, and the Tag Titles, although I sense the titles leaving their hands at Wrestlemania in the RAW Tag Team clusterfuck.

The final segment was Mick Foley and Evolution arguing in the ring. Orton wants a one on one match at Wrestlemania with Foley, but Foley knows better, citing that Evolution will get involved. So Foley will call a tag team partner, and Orton played off the rumors insisting that he call Rock without mentioning his name. Foley, however, said Orton could ask this guy to his face, and the Rock comes out to an anticipated pop and the Rock N Sock Connection clear the ring to set up a 3 on 2 match at Wrestlemania 20. Should be good... The Rock is in a midcard match?

LAST WORD: As far as Wrestlemania hype shows goes, this was pretty good. Some decent wrestling, while some was just plain awful. I'll go [ B+ ] (B plus), although insisting that unnecessary matches be trimmed off the card with no Wrestlemania implications AND to not bother wasting our time with extremely short matches (the women's match, for example). Wrestlemania 20, though, is shaping up to be one of the best wrestling cards of all time, ALTHOUGH it doesn't have one match that can be the standout main event match (although Goldberg vs. Lesnar gets the most attention).

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