Welcome back... to the same old place that you laughed about.... the Wrath of Tito! In today's loaded column, we've got reviews, reviews, review, as I caught both Smackdown and NWA-TNA Impact. I was going to write a column on both on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, but couldn't find the time during all 3 of those days. What can I say? My time is valuable. The fans have spoken and I'm giving NWA-TNA a chance... In addition to Impact and Smackdown, I'm reviewing Monday Night RAW today, as well as the usual wrestling news and views.

Before I hit the news, for anyone who cares, I'm going to find a new BLOG in the near future. Blogspot has been pissing me off lately with its "internal server errors" when I try to post something, thereby losing all of the stuff I posted. Hopefully, I can register with a weblog service that can enable readers to leave comments as well. Check for a new location either in next week's column or on my old BLOG.

And secondly, congrats on my good friend Rustoleum for his recent engagement (assuming he's reading this column this week)!

Finally, thanks to everyone who sent in "Cliff Notes" of the NWA-TNA storylines and characters. VERY MUCH appreciated!

-The BIG NEWS OF THE WEEK, at least in pro wrestling, is that Monday Night RAW is probably moving off of Spike TV. Thanks to low ad revenue generated from a highly rated show and for the fact that Spike TV wants to move into a different direction, the WWE will be off of Spike TV during this September. The WWE moved to Spike TV, then named TNN, during September of 2000 with a 5 year deal. Spike, as TNT, TBS, and FX have felt, feels that they can be just as profitable without the WWE than with. While RAW does good numbers for cable, it does NOT translate into good numbers for other shows, with the exception of one UFC reality show. Spike TV has been an ultimate failure thanks to a failure of good original programming. Many suggested that USA Networks would struggle without RAW... WRONG! USA Networks created excellent original programming shows and have shopped well for recent reruns to air on their network. Spike TV is doing well with the reruns of CSI and seems to want to go into that direction of having popular yet recent shows as reruns in primetime instead of having the WWE on Monday nights.

USA Networks, the former home of the WWE on cable, now looks to be the frontrunner to have Monday Night RAW and other bogus WWE weekend shows. I would suggest otherwise, however, unless the WWE takes a lower money offer (and they probably will, given Spike TV's smaller demand to keep the WWE). USA Networks is now tied in with NBC, as they are both owned by the same companies. Together, they are quite serious about programming lately. The Sunday Night Football and Monday Night Football television contracts are coming up shortly... Reports suggested that USA Networks/NBC would seriously bid for those NFL games, and rightfully so. NFL games draw larger ratings than wrestling and can be thus used to pimp out other shows. Why do you think CBS and FOX have paid so much to host AFC and NFC games? Do you see how much they shove programming down your throats?

With that being said, USA Networks might not be interested in bringing the WWE back. USA Networks does NOT need RAW, anyway, to boost the network's ratings. According to Zap2it.com, a television ratings news source, USA Networks ranks SECOND behind only TNT and barely getting edged out as the top ranked cable network. While the WWE could boost the numbers on Monday Nights, the ad revenue for USA Networks, I assume, are doing quite well without the WWE. In the ratings battle, TNT was #1 and TBS was #3... Both of those networks were ones who turned down the WWE already, while FX has been on the rise with their original programming and stronger use of the FOX programming library.

The WWE is in a rough spot right now. Without Spike TV (and probably the rest of Viacom's cable channels) wanting them back and TBS, TNT, and FX wanting no part of them, the WWE has no grounds for bargaining a good deal for the company. The problem with the WWE, as well, is the fact that the show's content is NOT suitable for highpaying advertisers. The war with Parents Television Council has hurt the WWE, in addition to the already bad image pro wrestling has had for years. In addition to this, demographic studies based on income have hurt the WWE as well. WWE's primary viewership is with young teenage males or males 18-24... let's face it, not the most rich class out there. At that age, you don't have a high paying job or you're struggling through college. That's why cheaper ads litter WWE's advertising, such as video game ads, anti-smoking ads, and even RC cola at one point...

I honestly don't see USA Networks really wanting the WWE. USA Networks got the WWE in its prime and the WWE has lost many advertisers since that time and has lost just a little under half of their audience back then. Basically, USA Networks is getting a "damaged goods" WWE as compared to what the fed used to be. Then again, it could be cheap programming for USA Networks, in theory, and the WWE would be more likely to submit to Dog Shows and US Open demands than ever (I'm thinking USA Networks no longer has the US Open?).

This comes in the wake of rumors that UPN may drop Smackdown as well, at least within a year or two. UPN is restructuring its approach to programming, too, and they, too, realize the bust of the WWE's high ratings to low advertising revenues. In addition, Smackdown takes up 2 hours of Thursday Primetime, which many suggest could be used for 2, 3, or 4 separate shows during 8 pm to 10 pm.

The WWE needs television programming to survive. Now, more than ever, a WWE 24/7 cable network sounds like a good idea.

-The latest on the whole Matt Hardy/Edge/Lita "love triangle" comes from Matt Hardy himself. On Monday morning, Matt called Adam Copeland (otherwise known as Edge) as "feces". Ouch. Note that Hardy was rather slick calling Edge by his real name, thereby detaching any WWE link to the real life situation. Hardy later added that Copeland (or feces)'s track record "speaks for itself". While I understand Matt's anger and I'm glad he's showing fans the distinction of real life and television life, he's still airing dirty laundry in public by resorting to namecalling. Say what you want about Edge... It takes TWO people to have an affair. Lita could have simply said "no, I don't want to screw you on the side Edge". Instead, she said yes. It's Lita who ended the relationship by deciding that she'd see someone else, not Edge or Adam Copeland. She could have simply said "no".

Instead, she didn't. Now while Edge is going to feel the wrath of a divorce lawyer, I won't fault him one bit. I would have preferred that he divorced "Lisa" and then went after Lita, but instead, he's breaking the tradition saying "I do" at the alter. (Note from Tito: Read Edge's book! Yes, he was married to Sean Morley or Val Venis's sister, but he divorced her in 2003 while recovering from neck surgery. He later met a female named Lisa, whom he apparently married sometime in 2004. Just clearing that up, for many thought Edge was still married to Morley's sister.) If anything, I fault Lita for simply not breaking her relationship with Matt before having an affair with Edge. Instead, it leaves Matt Hardy with a broken heart for 6 years invested of his life and bitterness he'll never lose. Then again, after 6 years of a relationship, Matt and Lita were NOT even engaged to begin with and maybe that's what Lita was looking for but never received from Matt? I don't know...

But what I do know and predict is that Matt Hardy's WWE career is in jeopardy for continually airing out dirty laundry in public. I like the guy, too, and it breaks my heart to predict that his WWE days may be over. I met Hardy in November of 2002 at an autograph signing and found him to be a very nice guy (Torrie Wilson was also at the autograph signing and she's STUNNING in person). If anything, Matt should approach WWE management about the situation and how it can be handled backstage before we get a Matt Hardy/Adam Copeland fistfight that would be very embarrassing for the WWE.

-I'm excited to see Juventud Guerrera, Psicosis, and Super Crazy in the WWE... All 3 have dazzling moves and are incredibly flashy wrestlers. I'm assuming they'll all go to Smackdown, given the significant inner-city Hispanic audience that watches UPN. Of the 3, I'd say that Psicosis is the best. He's got some size to him, which is unlike most former WCW cruiserweights. Plus, that top rope leg drop is a serious thing of beauty and a legit finishing move. Super Crazy is good but from what I've seen of him, he's all spots. I'm curious to know what he's learned since his ECW days and his spotfests are fun when the spots are hit correctly without error. Juvy is good overall but the WWE must hope and pray that his outside of the ring personal demons don't catch up to him. He's the same guy who went crazy on ecstasy during a WCW Australian tour. Hopefully, his personal problems have been cleaned up before entering the WWE. Time will tell... I'm at least excited to see Psicosis, as Juvy and Crazy are more or less bonuses...

-In an interview on JimmyVan.com, Chris Jericho stated that his WWE contract expires in 8 Months, meaning if you did the math, we're looking at sometime in November. If I were NWA-TNA, I would make a serious offer for Chris Jericho and feature him for 2006. I'm assuming that once Jericho's contract expires, he has 90 days of a no-compete clause. I would suggest that NWA-TNA would be a better place for Jericho. Why? Respect. Simply put, look at Ron Killings, of all people. TNA has found a way to turn this guy's career around when it was thought to be lost, thanks to WWE ignorance. Jericho, though, has a long pedigree of being in ECW, WCW, and WWE... he's the first unified champion and in my opinion, most fans believe he's getting screwed by the booking and backstage politics.

Jericho would fit in perfectly in TNA. Jericho loves to use the ringropes... there are 6 instead of 4 ropes to use in NWA-TNA! In addition, Jericho requires some time off from the road for his Fozzy stuff and other outside projects, such as appearing on various VH1 shows. TNA has a very easy road schedule, as most wrestlers are able to take independent gigs with whomever they choose. With the WWE, he'll get a downside guarantee, but how happy can you be when you've got to job to a green Muhammad Hassan or never be in the World Title hunt after being the first unified champion? Why not go for personal satisfaction of getting respect again as a wrestler and why not go for a change of scenary? In my opinion, Jericho would be crazy to not give TNA some consideration once 8 months comes up.

-Interesting that Paul Heyman is now helping out with Ohio Valley Wrestling... He's there to help wrestlers with their mic skills, which is a legit concern with recent WWE call-ups. Just look at the terrible mic skills of Shelton Benjamin to prove that fact, even though he's not a recent call-up. As for any animosity towards Jim Cornette... I doubt there's any. If anything, they were working the crowds with their acted hatred during the Midnight Express wars. It's wrestling, folks, as wrestlers and personalities work fans all of the time. I would suggest that Cornette's appearance during the WWF/ECW angle of 1997 suggests otherwise with regards to historical hatred between Heyman and Cornette. In fact, I would suggest that the two get along well and highly respect each other. Those two working together, in my opinion, will greatly benefit the OVW process.

-I saw the Christy Hemme pictorial on Playboy... I think she looks good naked, but not Playboy good. I mean, if I were single and found her naked in my bed, I wouldn't turn her down, no doubt. However, when it comes to being Playboy hot, Christy Hemme is not. Her body looks good but not great. Her chest looks a bit too fake and that arch she has on her lower back fails to make her appear sexy at times, such as the picture where she's standing in the tub. In addition to her body parts, I found that she lacks a good face. Maybe it's the shitty smile the photographers made her do, I don't know? She's definitely bangable, as I've said before, but she's NOT Playboy hot. Someone like Trish Stratus, Torrie Wilson, possibly Jackie Gayday, and probably Stacy Keibler are Playboy hot... Hemme is a nice piece of ass, but I guarantee that she'd get turned down for a monthly centerfold without the WWE's backing.

SMACKDOWN THOUGHTS: The show started off with JBL's cabinet trashing Cena's spinning US Title via pyro. How that fire didn't burn anybody is quite amazing. Destroying Cena's precious title is pretty mean to do, taking a page out of Mr. Perfect smashing Hogan's belt back in the day. Booker T vs. Heidenreich was so hard to watch. At least Booker T won, which makes me believe that John Cena will get a DQ result against Heidenreich next week (basing this on the repetitive nature of the WWE that had Batista beating Snisky via DQ after Snitsky lost to Shelton Benjamin). Teddy Long ordering around Carlito is rather humerous. Carlito was told to find the Undertaker and later got him. Good to see that Smackdown will host the contract signing, just as RAW hosted the Batista contract signing a few weeks ago. Give them the Wrestlemania rub!

Nothing like watching Luther Reigns vs. Mark Jindrak to ZERO crowd response. Ohhh, Mark Jindrak has a knockout punch! Big deal! What can either man do after this stupid feud? Later in the night, John Cena was pissed off about the title, insomuch that he went out to the ring to express his anger. Teddy Long, holla holla, came out to calm Cena down. Eventually, Cena said Teddy wasn't on his side and FU dropped him. This was LAME, for Teddy is actually a face executive. In addition, while John Cena is popular, his actions aren't exactly drawing more fans in ala Steve Austin in 1998. It goes to show you that Cena, while popular with the current fanbase, isn't drawing new fans to watch WWE programming. Cena needs to be more of himself rather than stealing someone else's stuff. Cena was ejected from the building for his actions...

Funny stuff from Kurt Angle, as he continues with the HBK theme and challenges a local to a ladder match for his gold medal. Angle easily won and then talked while sitting on the top of the ladder. I thought that was a pretty cool way to cut a promo, with great camera work. Angle then mentioned HBK's tagging with Marty Jannetty and then his break-up. Angle then said he's wrestling Marty Jannetty next week on Smackdown! I was intrigued but even more now that I've seen Marty wrestle on RAW. I don't know how well the Big Show vs. Akebono match will go over at Wrestlemania, but we'll see. I actually really like Big Show's stuff since joining the Smackdown roster in late 2002... JBL/Jordan vs. Rey Mysterio/Eddie Guerrero was a good tag match, although I don't understand why JBL/Jordan would want to disqualify themselves. Didn't they brag about holding all of the championships beforehand? Oh, and Cena returned from his building ejection to go after JBL. Wow, didn't see that one coming!

Last word on Smackdown: A mess on the midcard and the show wasn't much to look at with regards to the matches. The HBK-Angle showdown hype is the only thing worthwhile on Smackdown right now. [ D+ ] is the grade this show gets. Who is writing this crap lately?

NWA-TNA IMPACT THOUGHTS: Are you guys proud of me? Thanks to you, the readers, I'm giving NWA-TNA another shot... I'm somewhat scared, though, based on THIS show. It was a Pay Per View hype show and let me suggest that it didn't get me to by the show (hence no Destination X review). Now, I'm not good with names yet so I'm using a report's names as reference. First off, it was refreshing to hear Mike Tenay's voice again. A lone reason why I was loyal to WCW Thunder was to hear him commentate. However, I do NOT like Don West... he's too loud and obnoxious and tends to dominate the commentary with how loud he can be. TNA seems to have better video production than when I last saw them, and they started off with a nice video package of DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett to get me up to date their storyline, visually.

First match was Raven/Abyss vs. Cassidy Riley and Mikey Batts. Abyss looks like Kane and Mankind wrapped into one! The match was quick, as Raven and Abyss cleaned house (what's with the dress, Raven, and why the excessive tattoos?), and afterward, Jeff Hardy came on the screen and cut his usual threatening promo with that thick North Carolina accent. I'd be scared of that, too (sarcasm). In the ring we go as the self-proclaimed "King of the Mountain", Jeff Jarrett, comes to the ring for an interview. King of the Mountain? What's the mountain made of, shit? After the usual boring Jarrett interview, DDP showed up in the crowd. It's been 2 and a half years since DDP was injured. I'm happy to see DDP back in wrestling, given the way that the WWE treated him. I don't see how Jarrett's guitar shots in WCW could contribute to neck injuries later suffered in the WWE, but whatever!

Why doesn't NWA-TNA start calling Michael Shane as Shane Michaels? Jesus, is that not hard to do instead of just "Michael"? How about Michael Shayne? Nothing like seeing an office as a back of a pick up truck. It's getting harder and harder to see Dusty Rhodes on television. So many fossils exist on the TNA roster, which is a reason I've never watched regularly. Not a bad bout between Chris Sabin and Christopher Daniels... Too short, though, but the finish was slick with Daniels using the referee to help him win. Backstage, Konnan and the "Outlaw" Billy Gunn face off verbally. This led to BG James (or formerly Road Dogg) to break it up, thus using former WWE success as a TNA storyline. Funny thing is that the WWE doesn't want either Gunn or Dogg on their roster, so why should TNA hype up that they used to be a tag team? "Outlaw" would later pretty much squash Sonny Siaki in an one on one encounter, which was hard to watch. Billy just looks flat in the ring. He just hit power move after power move and added no in-ring charisma or psychology in between. Why NWA-TNA signed him, ooooooh, I just don't know. I can imagine that Nash vs. Gunn was quite hard to watch at Destination X.

Just when I thought more fossils couldn't show up on NWA-TNA, the fucking Harris Brothers come out for a match! Oh my God! They destroyed Buck Quackermain and Lex Lovett in a very short match. Where are these great so-called matches that NWA-TNA fans have been telling me about? I've been given crap for this show, like squash matches, short matches, or matches featuring dinosaurs that the WWE won't even take. Kevin Nash was talking to Dusty backstage... Nash should try to look like the Russian in the movie, the Punisher, instead of once again trying to grow out the locks. Next, it was Sharkboy vs. David Young. I was happy to see Sharkboy, but unhappy to see yet another short match. Where are the good matches?!? Lance Hoyt vs. Apolo the last match, and that bout was littered with Kid Kash interference. After the match, as Monty Brown (who has the "star look" too him... I'd love to see him wrestle a match), Trytan, a new debuting wrestler, hinted that he was coming out of the entrance. Brown ran to the entrance only to find that Trytan magically appeared in the ring. Oh, how WWE-like, and the show ended there. Quite the terrible cliffhanger to end an lackluster show.

Last word on TNA Impact: Thus far, based on this show, I am NOT impressed by NWA-TNA. I didn't see a show with new stars as the main focus, although they were there. I saw a show with Billy Gunn, Harris Brothers, Jeff Jarrett, Dusty Rhodes, Kevin Nash, and many others that do not draw me in as a wrestling fan. In fact, many of these guys make me want to tune out immediately. If I wanted to see dinosaurs, I'll go to a museum. If I wanted to a place with things that suck, I'll go to a vacuum cleaner store. This show sucked and I saw better from Smackdown this week, sadly enough: [ D ].

-NO Surreal Life 4 recap this week, for VH1, once again, pre-empted the show without announcement. They featured a Celebrity Fit Club marathon all day long and through SL4's timeslot. That's 3 times that VH1 has not announced pre-emption for Surreal Life. Do they expect that show to achieve ratings or what? Those pre-emptions are costing them, too, as it's very clear that Knight and Curry become a couple and that Flavor Flav and Brigette Nielson's relationship was a total work, given that Nielson just married her Italian fiance. Good work, VH1. I can tell you're owned by the same corporation who owns Spike TV now (Viacom).

Let's get RAW...


RAW started off with a very interesting segment... It was Chris Jericho's Highlight Reel which featured the biggest Metrosexual of all time, Randy Orton, as the guest. Orton talked more about the Undertaker and about the contract signing this Thursday, as well as his successes of 2004, barely giving him a reaction from the crowd. On my speakers, I heard some slight cheers from female fans with a mix of heavy boos from the rest of the audience. But remember, guys, Orton is sooooooooo over that he was worthy of getting the title for a few weeks last year. WHATEVER! Jericho actually had a surprise for Orton, as it would be the man who wrestled Undertaker at Wrestlemania 8. My memory was shot at the moment who fought the Undertaker at that even and then Jake "the Snake" Roberts came out... I fucking marked out! The Snake looks a bit rough these days but it's amazing, to say the least, that he's still alive after heavy alcohol and substance abuse. In addition, it's good to see that the WWE and Roberts are on good terms, as the Snake was scapegoated for the famous "Pillman pulling a gun out on Steve Austin" segment back in early 1997, I believe. Roberts was one of the best talkers in the business, as well as an overall worker, and it's a shame that the excesses of the road ruined his WWF career when it was hot. He ripped Orton for "biting off more than he could chew" and wanted to teach a lesson to Orton. He went for the snake but Orton stopped him. Roberts then attacked Orton and delivered the famous Snake clothesline, the usual set up for the DDT. Roberts couldn't hit the DDT, though, as Orton hit the predictable RKO. Great segment, but only because of a WWE legend who should be more worthy of the Hall of Fame than Randy's dad, Bob Orton.

Nice job by the WWE building up Benoit vs. HHH by showing clips of last year's Wrestlemania 20 match. It's just too bad the WWE hasn't done anything significant with Benoit since Summerslam 2004 (even though Benoit put over Batista nicely a few months ago).

Next, we had a handicap match between Tyson Tomko/Christian vs. Kane. Kane actually won this match, pinning Tomko this time, as this completely shoots down Christian as someone who even has a remote chance of winning the 6 way match at Wrestlemania. What the hell did Christian do to deserve this role on the RAW roster? He's something of a veteran for being on the WWE roster since late 1998... At least Kane is winning matches, though, as he may be more disrespected on the roster than Christian. At least Christian wasn't called a necrophiliac or had to feud with Shane McMahon...

Funny segments backstage with Ric Flair pumping up Gene Snitsky... Flair is one of the funniest instigators of all time. Flair was great backstage all night with his segments with Snitsky, HHH, and even a confrontation with Batista. Whoooo!

More backstage stuff with Lita and Christy Hemme "training". Lita enlisted the help of Tajiri and William Regal and the second Regal held up the pad, I knew what was coming. Tajiri kicked the pad and then Regal turned to Hemme to kick the pad... after a few weak kicks, Regal got in Hemme's face to try harder. She did, but missed the padding and kicked Regal in the nuts. Lita approved, even though Trish Stratus doesn't have nuts to kick in the first place. Somewhat funny segment with Regal and Tajiri, especially with Regal suggesting that Tajiri "only reads the articles" when asking for a Hemme Playboy autograph. But a predictable finish and the realization that Christy Hemme is WRESTLING Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania 21 soon set in.

Backstage, Shawn Michaels was in his locker room when Marty Jannetty walked in! Jannetty looked to be in excellent shape, probably completely clean from his past demons and working out again. I believe I heard that Michaels helped Jannetty become a "born again" Christian as well? Can't remember... But anyway, Michaels suggested that Jannetty shouldn't just debut on Smackdown, for he should reunite the Rockers for a one night only performance here on RAW. HBK set up a match with Eric Bischoff against La Resistance for a match. Excellent! Nice use of nostalgia last night by the WWE. Good to see the WWE starting to really embrace their past lately.

I can't complain about Edge vs. Shelton Benjamin match. Before the match even started, Edge attacked Benjamin insomuch that Shelton was asked by the referee if he could even start the match! A dazed Benjamin wanted to start the match, and Edge kept going. Eventually, Benjamin fought his way back to make it a competitive match. Nice little set up with the Edge attack, though, as it not only made Edge seem like more of a bad guy, but made Benjamin look like a gutsy champion. After a referee bump and some interference by Chris Jericho, Shelton Benjamin scored the win against Edge. I'm all for adding credibility to the IC champion. Good match.

Next, it was the Rockers vs. La Resistance. The Rockers came out to their classic music and you can tell that Marty Jannetty was loving every moment of his WWE return. I was marking out... Fun match to watch here as the Rockers showed actual fluidity as a tag team with great doubleteam moves. The crowd was into this match, too, chanting "Marty" at one point. Michaels acted as the "face in peril" here and Jannetty got the hot tag. Jannetty hit the classic Rocker dropper on Grenier and Michaels would soon hit a superkick Conway to enable Jannetty to score the pin. Classic moment that will definitely give Marty Jannetty a fighter's chance against Kurt Angle this week on Smackdown, at least in the fans' eyes. Jannetty, based on this one match, looked quite capable in the ring and may be worthy of getting picked up by the WWE... Just don't give him Al Snow as a tag team partner...

Backstage, a Diva Contest loser now named "Terri Runnels 2005" interviewed Trish Stratus. Stratus had the crowd going with the "I'm going to eat Christy Hemme alive" line... Amazing... the crowd actually reacts to Trish Stratus and not Hemme. Any takers on who the Los Angeles fans will cheer for at Wrestlemania? After a while, Trish gets sick of the Diva Contest loser and beats her up as a message to the Diva Contest winner, Christy Hemme. That was a nice touch as well as being fun to see.

Chris Benoit vs. Triple H was a pretty strong bout and was possibly going to be a WWE Match of the Year candidate, so far, if the match wasn't riddled with interference at the end. At this point, I didn't have too much of a problem with HHH getting his win back from Benoit. Why? HHH tapped out to Benoit twice last year and Benoit had his run as champion. I wanted to see one of my favorite wrestlers of all time win the World Title at least once and in 2004, I got my wish. I have the DVD to prove it. I was actually surprised at how cheap HHH's victory over Benoit was here, though. Triple H had to resort to Flair's distractions to get him out of submission holds while a low blow was used to set up the Pedigree. Maybe HHH respects Benoit? I'd hope so, as Benoit rejuvenated HHH in 2004 to at least show effort in the ring. I would have went for a more clean victory by HHH, but to HHH's credit, he acted like a heel in cheating to win, something I mentioned last week or 2 weeks ago.

The "When Harry Met Sally" parody was a bit odd. I'm not sure how many present-day WWE fans even know that movie. The same goes for the Undertaker-Dirty Harry parody that aired last week. Funny stuff, though, with Linda McMahon saying "I'll have what she's having" line. Classic!

Wasted and lame Muhammad Hassan talking segment. What is he even doing for Wrestlemania 21? I laugh if he's wrestling Hogan... LAUGH!

Backstage, Snitsky ran into Lita... Snitsky said "it wasn't over" between them. Maybe Snitsky ought to tag up with Matt Hardy?

The main event was Gene Snitsky vs. Batista in what I felt was a damaging match to Batista. The match wasn't much, as Snitsky is limited and heavier for Batista to throw around. HOWEVER, this match should have ended with Batista getting the clean win. After all, Shelton Benjamin defeated Snitsky cleanly a few weeks ago, so why shouldn't the #1 contender for the World Title do so as well? Flair and HHH hit the ring for a disqualification and Flair, Snitsky, and HHH all threatened to give Batista a massive beatdown. That's when Kane saved the day, of all people... Yeah, he has heat with Snitsky, but their feud was blown off. It seemed ackward that Kane was helping Batista. Afterward, HHH declared that his "pick your poison" match for Batista would be against Kane. Kane vs. Batista next week on RAW... This match and conclusion did NO favors for Batista, as his stock has seemed to have dropped since the contract signing... just slightly. The main face should be getting clean wins over hosses, not disqualification results. Bad booking to end what WAS a strong show.

LAST WORD: This was potentially a great show, maybe even an A+, had the main event been booked better. However, Batista, the #1 contender for Wrestlemania, cannot even get a win over a guy who lost to the Intercontinental Champion cleanly. What a shame... Great wrestling this week, for a change, and a nice set up for Smackdown with Jannetty's return. I can't wait for Angle vs. Jannetty, and I could never imagine ever saying that in my entire life! Nice use of nostalgia and good matches warrant a grade of an [ A- ] (A minus). The midcard needs some work and the WWE creative team needs to get off the crack with regards to Batista. How can you build up a guy so well before his face turn and then tear him down after his face turn? Fascinating.

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