Welcome to the Tuesday edition of the WRATH of TITO! Today, we'll review RAW and whatnot, which is what I always do for Tuesdays, which I have been doing for over 4 years now here at Lordsofpain.net, and I'm very proud of that.

I take it nobody else has the Confidential DVD? Usually when I review something, I'll get an opinion of what a reader thought about the said multimedia that was reviewed. Not this time. I just had specific questions about the content of the DVD. Strange. I take it that this DVD isn't selling very well? From what I've heard off hand, some of the recent DVDs just aren't selling well these days from the WWE. I guess that's why large collections of WWE or WCW stuff isn't released because it wouldn't make any money with today's WWE crowd. That's a shame, especially with that LARGE video library that the WWE has.

And speaking of videos... Several of you have expressed interest in my video collection, which I mentioned about possibly selling. I've got a crapload of WWE, WCW, ECW, and other kind of wrestling videos that I just don't watch and probably won't ever watch again. Sure, I liked the Kurt Angle video or some of the Austin videos, but will I watch them over and over again? No. They just take up space in my room and collect dust. That's unfortunate, given that I've put a lot of money into that collection or I've received several of those videos as gifts. But I don't watch them. So here's my collection:

WWE/WWF Tapes:
Razor Ramon
NWO: Back in Black
Bret 'the Hitman' Hart
Eve of Destruction
Three Faces of Foley
Kurt Angle: It's True, It's True
WWF Come Get Some
TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs
Hardy Boyz: Leap of Faith
Best of Survivor Series: 1987-1997
Wrestlemania 3
Stone Cold Steve Austin: What?
WWF's Funniest Moments
Before they were WWF Superstars
Degeneration X
Best of RAW Volume 2
Best of RAW Volume 3
Chris Jericho: Break the Walls Down
Austin vs. McMahon
Triple H and Chyna: It's Our Time
WWF Hardcore
The Rock: The People's Champ
Survivor Series 1991(I might keep that)

WCW Tapes:
DDP: Feel the Bang
NWO 4 Life
The Best of Starrcade
Slamboree 1996
Superbrawl 1998
Spring Stampede 1999
Hog Wild 1996

ECW Tapes:
Extreme Evolution
Path of Destruction
Deep Impact
Hardcore History
Barely Legal
Best of Cactus Jack
Best of the Dudley Boyz

Misc. Tapes:
ICP's Stranglemania
Wild World of Sports - Bloopers: The Best of Wrestling
Exposed! Pro Wrestling's Greatest Secrets

That's a shitload of tapes, and I'm not selling them individually. Someone make me a nice offer I can't refuse, and I'll send you this whole collection, and I'm sure it will be costly to ship this sombitch. Let me know if you're interested in this decent sized VHS library that has been kept in good condition. I'm too lazy to put them on Ebay for the moment.

The man called Sting was on No Holds Barred Radio and he said that he has not "closed the door on working for the WWE". That's great to hear. And to be honest with you, Sting would be the best WCW pick up since the original WCW Invasion. Ric Flair was good in the beginning, but now he's a second fiddle member of a stable. Nash is injured, Hall is a drunk, and Steiner is in bad cardiovascular shape. Now granted, Hogan is working out well, but he disappeared there for a while and hurt Smackdown's ratings as champion (his hyped title match with Chris Jericho remains the lowest rated Smackdown at 2.9). With Sting, he's still in great shape for his age (42 or 43 now? 41? 44?) and his style won't get him hurt and he won't be out of breath, like Steiner. Plus, he remains the BIGGEST FACE that WCW has ever had.

I mean, all of the old WCW fans loved the guy. Sting NEVER went to the WWE, thereby making him a unique product to the WWE, much like Bill Goldberg, who also never went to the WWE. Which brings me to my point... why bother with Bill Goldberg? If he's going to ask for $3 to $4 Million for 2 appearances in the WWE, Wrestlemania and Backlash, then I'm sure you could get the Stinger at a better price, and in the long run, you'll have a better worker and someone who isn't afraid to put over talent (ask Vader, DDP, Booker T, Bret Hart, Bill Goldberg, and many others). I think his Crow gimmick would work well with the WWE, too.

He's definitely worth it. Therefore, instead of rallying support for the signing of Bill Goldberg, how about Sting? Spread the word!

I read Steve Austin's interview from RAW magazine. Some very gracious individual typed it up, but I won't link it because I don't want WWE's copyright department screaming at LoP for another thing (and I won't tell anybody where it is through e-mails). But anyway, I like what he said about refusing to do the match with Brock Lesnar. He said that he was only against it because nobody in the creative department built up the feud. That RAW match was only thought up on the weekend before RAW, instead of preparing for this big match up for several weeks or even months. I agree with Austin there. But at least give 2 weeks notice...

By the way, in Tito news, I apologize for not updating my Columns Archive. The last time I updated was the last time I was in this dorm in 2002, before I went home from school around Thanksgiving. I worked my ass off during the Christmas break, and I've been busy here at school. You see, I'm a graduate assistant, and the department decided to give everyone office hours. Well, our offices don't have computers for the moment, but they will soon. I'm counting on that to catch up on all HTML stuff. OR, I could just find one evening where I could sit down and update it. I know some readers have problems accessing LoP sometimes or can't read my columns when say the server is down, but understand I manually update my archives, and that takes time. I'll get to it eventually.

On to the WRATH!!!


Nice of the WWE production guys to start the show in Spanish. But hey, nobody's perfect.

Our first segment after the RAW opening theme was Test and Stacy coming out to the ring, demanding an apology from Chris Jericho. Eventually, Jericho came out for a war of words, and Christian then jumped Test. Test made a babyface come back to NO POP WHATSOEVER. Are you hearing that, WWE?!?!? Do you see that you shouldn't be pushing a heatless, uncharismatic slug like Test???? But hey, they'll keep pushing those Testiclez because when you're losing money, you forget how to make money. Proof of the lack of Test pop was when Kane showed up on the Titan-tron for the next segment.

Duuuuuuddde! A RVD and Kane segment. Looks like the WWE is hyping another de-masking of Kane. Of course, you can't unmask Kane because he'll look like a wrestling dentist. 3 Minute Warning vs. the Dudley Boyz. Guess what? Rico was your special guest referee. Sloppy match until Rico finished it with a quick count. Then, all of the Dudleys get revenge in the end. I feel as though I've seen this kind of match a million times on RAW.

Eric Bischoff was out all night looking for Steve Austin. If you're going to hype that he COULD be on the show, you're taking a chance of disappointing fans in the long run.

Tommy Dreamer hits the ring, expecting to wrestle someone. However, the 4-H comes down, and Orton, Flair, Triple H, and Batista beat the living shite out of Dreamer. Triple H then gets on the mic and speaks. I thought it was a good promo, but the crowd disagreed with dead silence. There's just not much to cheer about on the RAW product, as if you have a hot tag team, they'll get broken up before they can ever get big, for example.

Next, it's a Women's match to more dead silence from the crowd. Soooo much to cheer for here. What the hell was Molly wearing? Is she pregnant or something? Nice of the WWE to put 2 heels in the ring for the Women's division, a division in which a heel vs. face encounter doesn't even get cheered. Average women's match here. Victoria beat Molly Holly, and afterward, Jazz came down and attacked Holly. This build up between Jazz and Victoria is going to draw money, you know. Yeah, another heel vs. heel encounter. The WWE never learns, and they'll never learn to stop shoving this embarrassing division down our throats. By the way, why is there no mention or hatred between Jazz and her former boyfriend Steven Richards? Great creative team in the WWE, never filling in the storyline holes.

Booker T/Goldust vs. William Regal/Lance Storm was our next match. See what Austin is talking about in RAW magazine? No build up for a World Tag Title match. This match lacked heat because nobody believes that Goldust and Booker will win the titles. Plus, they don't care to bo Regal and Storm because they are a very shitty tag team. Booker T and Goldust lost after they accidentally hit each other, and they say goodbye. Yeah, that makes sense. You don't care to push Booker T as a singles wrestler, yet you break up the best face team in the business.

Rob Van Dam vs. Kane was next. Not bad in its early goings. The crowd is a little into it now, as the Booker T/Goldust salute got them fired up. The bout ended in a clusterfuck disqualification when Jeff Hardy came in and pushed RVD off the top rope. Then, Kane squashed Hardy afterward, as even a heel Hardy still gets pounded on. Then, Shawn Michaels comes in. I liked what HBK said, even mentioning Marty Janetty getting thrown through the barbershop window (HBK said it was 15 years ago?). Then, Jeff Hardy gets superkicked after trying to talk. Not bad, but Jeff Hardy is too wasted to even bother right now. Damn shame.

Next, it was D'Lo vs. Maven. Who in the hell is booking the matches tonight? Poor match selection tonight, brother. Dead crowd again. I don't know what the WWE wants to do with Maven, but that broken leg certainly hurt his momentum. Hey, what happened to his storyline relationship with Torrie Wilson? Wow, another storyline gap. Teddy Long is looking in great shape lately. Looks like his skinny old self again, only completely bald. I miss the days of Doom in WCW. Great times, great times. Simmons and Reed were a great tag team in their day. Did I tell you this match went no where? D'Lo wins, and I don't care. At least D'Lo is getting a chance to show the potential he may have had in 1998 or whenever. Don't shout "Down with the Brown", shout "Peanut Head!".

Do all bars in Texas look the same? Devastating shot to the head with the beer mug!

Meanwhile, Orton and Batista jump Goldust backstage, take him to the arena, and throw him into an electrical circuit box. Yay, another fucking injury angle by the WWE. What if, for example, another Owen Hart incident happens? Huh? What then? Worked injuries like this makes me ashamed to be a wrestling fan at times. Get rid of these God-damn soap opera writers, for the love of Christ!

Now, it's our main event of Scott Steiner vs. Chris Jericho. Good lord, this better be a miracle match or this show is completely in the shitter. Oh my gosh, Steiner is botching moves and getting a little stiff in that ring. Poor Jericho, the most under-appreciated wrestler on the RAW roster. He has so much to give. Great character, great energy in the ring... Steiner could barely get the smaller Jericho up for a powerbomb. Steiner wins the match, thus providing us with another terrible Pay Per View match between 2 injured and slow wrestlers with too much muscle mass.

It seems as though this has been the shortest 30 days ever. Backstage, Vince McMahon threatens to fire Bischoff and Morley, and that ends this terrible show.

LAST WORD: Thank God I taped this show tonight so that I could fast foward through the commercials, because I don't think I could have been sane for 2 hours. Oh my gosh, this was one of the worst displays of wrestling I've ever seen. Terrible, terrible matches, and poorly booked I might add. Victoria vs. Molly? Maven vs. D'Lo? And hell, we had another injury angle, and we keep pushing guys who suck so much they'd look bad on Mtv Heat (Test). This show gets a [ D ] in my book. I'm starting to like the stable of HHH, Flair, Orton, and Batista, as it's helping Orton and Batista, rightfully so, but damn, guys like Chris Jericho, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Goldust get crapped on week after week. We go to 2-3 for the good show/bad show ratio, and this was the worst RAW of 2003 thus far.

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