Welcome to another edition of the Wrath of Tito. That makes 2 in a row for yours truly. If you haven't noticed, the Wrath has been coming at you twice during this holiday season, once to review RAW and once to review Smackdown. Then, you'll get the lovely bonus Wrath when a Pay Per View happens. Almost like being daily... well, not really, but I'm giving some effort with my time off.

I honestly don't have much to say today, other than I like the POSSIBLE Wrestlemania card. I really hope that the WWE signs Bill Goldberg to a short term deal, especially if it's just for Wrestlemania. Look at the rumored card:

-Rock vs. Goldberg
-Vince McMahon vs. Hulk Hogan
-Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle
-Triple H vs. Scott Steiner
-Shawn Michaels vs. Kevin Nash

By the way, Nash and Michaels will be fighting in a Wrestlemania 8 years after their first Wrestlemania bout. It only seems like yesterday that they fought each other, although their match was overshadowed by Lawrence Taylor vs. Bam Bam Bigelow. Of course, in 2003, it's doubtful that HBK could carry an even more crippled Kevin Nash to any watchable matches. Just talking about Kevin Nash, he's almost ready to return, folks. If you thought that having the Big Show, Albert, or the Undertaker getting shoved down your throat was bad, wait until the WWE pushes Nash to death. Nash is making high six-figures for his role in the WWE, thereby making him just for a push in Vince's mind. So keep that in mind.

On to the RAW review.


Many fans are wondering what is up with my RAW columns lately? Well, before, I wrote them live as the show happened. Here at home, I write them after I see the show, as I can't see the television where I'm at. That's why less details or length occurs.

First match of the night was Test and Trish Stratus vs. Victoria and Steven Richards. Test is a face? By the way, Victoria should have wore the tights she had on tonight at the Pay Per View instead of the tan tights she wore. She looked good tonight. The match actually had the hot Orlando crowd going. Wasn't too bad. It's good to see that Richards is now getting regular RAW time.

Eric Bischoff announced that last night was Triple H appreciation night. How many shows have been that in this year?

Ass Cream jokes aren't funny. Who in this world would actually produce a product called Ass Cream?

Maven vs. Chris Nowinski was as green of a match as you could find. It was like watching wrestling in slow motion. It goes to show you that they definitely need more training before remaining on television any longer. Other wrestlers, even at their size, are much faster in that ring. Maven and Nowinski are so sloooooow. Lots of weardown moves by Nowinski, showing that he fully doesn't know what he's doing. I mean, I've seen worse, but I could clearly see that they need more training before putting on a match. Every WWE wrestler has had at least 2-3 years of seasoning before getting on television, whereas Nowinski and Maven have had half-assed training for one year.

Shawn Michaels would come out, challenge Triple H again... but Chris Jericho comes out and rants on HBK. Excellent. See, this is how you use HBK now that he's fought the Game 3 times now. Let him put on performances with Jericho, Rob Van Dam, or even Jeff Hardy for that matter. HBK has a lot of influence over several WWE wrestlers, so why not have the wrestlers who grew up watching HBK take on their idol? It makes sense to me.

Next, it was Goldust vs. Christian. Decent little match here. Christian gets the victory over Goldust, cheaply, but it makes me wonder if there's any singles potential for Christian in the future. Some say he needs to get bigger, although we've seen with certain wrestler that if you pack muscle onto a small frame, it could be very dangerous.

3 Minute Warning and Batista vs. Kane and Rob Van Dam was next. Before this match, Rob Van Dam talked in a backstage segment and I laughed at how corny it was. Dude....... Once again, the 3 Minute Warning is embarrassed, despite having a clear advantage in a handicap match. That's what you get for hurting the guy who creates the finishes of matches (Pat Patterson). If you're going to job these guys out on television because of that, then just get rid of them. Quit wasting their time in the WWE and quit wasting the fans' time.

Dudleys vs. Regal/Storm was next. The tag match bored me, as I found Monday Night Football to be more entertaining on my other television. Regal and Storm won, once again, to a very quiet pop from the crowd. I thought the WWE measures crowd noise in terms of pushing wrestlers? Oh wait, if that was the case, then Booker T/Goldust would have been champions long ago. My bad.

Jeff Hardy vs. D'Lo Brown was next, as I guess this was a Heat rematch? Who watches Heat? Thank you. Not a bad match, whatsoever. Crowd was dead, though, as neither guy has any credibility at this point. Poor D'Lo went into the WWE doghouse for the Droz injury and when D'Lo was injured himself for a while, he's been in the Heat jailcell for a long time. He'll probably be cut soon, unfortunately for him. The WWE should order Jeff Hardy on how his image should look. Tell him to put on some weight, get a tan, and take away all of his hair dyes, body paint, and clothes from 1998. Give that boy a new image and see if he gets motivated to care again.

Oh by the way, the WWE is pushing the race card, again, as D'Lo blamed the botched referee call because he's black. Why, why, why?!?!?

Back in the parking lot, Stacy and Test talk about an ad for Bod. I hate those commercials, "I want your Bod". For a while, Carmike Cinemas had that commercial going before every movie in my area. Cheap way to get an extra dollar from a sponsor. Bod looks like window cleaner. As Test and Stacy walk away, Raven looks on. Well, he's done his time on Heat, so let's see if the WWE can use him well on RAW again. Maybe they should go rent some old ECW videos to see what a vicious character that Raven can be and try that for a change.

Next match was Chris Jericho vs. Booker T. I've seen these two wrestle many times on RAW lately that I couldn't really get into this match. The match wasn't bad, though, but ended with a run in to hype next week's Tag Team showdown. I'll be damned if the WWE gives the titles back to Jericho and Christian next week. I wouldn't doubt it, given the large amounts of crack that the RAW writers smoke before every show.

The final segment of the night was a celebration of Triple H, but was interrupted by Scott Steiner. I liked this segment, with one exception. Triple H started mentioning names of who he's beat in the WWE. Guys like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, the Rock, Undertaker, and Kurt Angle. He shouldn't have mentioned Kurt Angle. That just buries the Smackdown or Undisputed champion. The WWE did the right thing by announcing Steiner vs. Triple H this early.

LAST WORD: Not a bad show whatsoever, and probably the best RAW, overall, in a few weeks. Nothing too embarrassing, while the interviews and segments were solid. No standout matches, but nothing insulting. I'll give this show a [ B- ] (B minus), noting that there's still a lot of work and improvement to do on the RAW roster. At least they are pushing Steiner, the fresh face, and let's hope he doesn't become Triple H bitch #737464664.

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