Welcome back to the Wrath of Tito. Why no Tuesday edition? Well, I've come home for the week and picked up a few extra hours at work and I have been studying for finals next week. I just didn't have the time on Tuesday or Wednesday to write one. But hey, I did produce a column for Monday, so it's ok for me to skip a Tuesday column.

The news I laughed at was about Dave Batista from 1wrestling. Not bashing the site, but the sources who provided the news. You see, many newsletters and websites have insider sources within the company that are very likely to be the most disgruntled employees in the WWE. Take, for instance, a midcarder who has been in the WWE for years and has yet to get his so-called main event push. Then, a big developmental wrestler, such as Batista, or someone from another federation, like the WCW roster of 2001 comes in, takes up some critical television time, and that pisses off the wrestlers who have been in the WWE for years.

Therefore, you'll see reports surface about Batista getting "cocky" or a big head backstage. Hey, didn't the same exact thing happen to Brock Lesnar as he was getting his push? YES! Didn't the same thing happen to Tazz when he came into the WWF in early 2000? YES! Didn't the same thing happen to Chris Jericho when he arrived in the WWF in late 1999? YES! Didn't the same thing happen to the younger WCW wrestlers during the Invasion era for simply not saying "hi" to WWE veterans? OH GOD YES! The same thing has been happening to all incoming wrestlers, because lord only knows that by IMPROVING the WWE with something fresh will hurt that wrestler's or wrestlers' "spot".

These same guys crying that Batista has a cocky attitude need to grow up. If you have been in the WWE for years and you haven't got the push, that means there is something wrong with YOU and not the WWE for looking at someone else for television time. It doesn't hurt to step up your game a little bit, maybe concentrate a little harder instead of going through the motions for a paycheck. Guys like Batista and Lesnar have a new look and style of wrestling to offer fans, and they'll get the shot at first. If they fail, then they'll join you in the midcard and bitch about the next wrestler that comes in along with you.

I thought RAW was a good show with an extremely dull main event. Booker T, Chris Jericho, and Rob Van Dam have had so many opportunities to shine at the main event level get flushed down the toilet that they aren't able to maintain their spot. I wonder why? With Booker T, the WWE has denied him any chance to shine against WWE main event wrestlers, despite coming into the WWE as WCW's World Champion. Then, they didn't allow Booker T and Goldust to win the tag titles, despite being insanely over as a tag team. Chris Jericho fought Triple H over hand lotion and Lucy the fucking dog, so I don't need to say more with how Jericho was embarrassed by Triple H. Rob Van Dam went from feuding with Triple H to wrestling in pathetic midcard matches. Hell, all 3 wrestlers were practically wastes in the Elimination Chamber match, as it was mainly centered around the HBK/Triple H feud. The main event 3 way was dull, as the WWE should have hotshotted RVD vs. HBK instead because fans tuned in anyway because it was the RAW after Survivor Series.

But I'm sure Shawn Michaels can't wrestle 2 nights in a row. Understandable. The 3 Minute Warning team is badly screwing up on WWE television. Get them off and tell them to lose weight down at Ohio Valley Wrestling. I really liked Scott Steiner on RAW. He's a fresh personality that RAW was badly needing, and if he remains healthy, he could be something to watch and at least keep the WWE from not going below a 3.5 for a while. RAW did a 3.7 by the way, up a full 0.6 points from last week's embarrassment. I like the effort the WWE is giving to Victoria, but it just isn't connecting to WWE fans. Steven Richards hasn't been on RAW for months now, so how is his appearance with her going to help?

DEVASTATING sitdown Powerbomb by Batista on Kane. I want to see something like that every week, not the same old stale WWE superstars from 1998-1999.

Overall, I'll give the show a [ B- ]. They need to let D'Von and Bubba start wrestling as a tag team to slowly build them up to be a main staple of the RAW tag division. Something needs to be seriously done to boost credibility of wrestlers like Booker T, RVD, and Jericho to put more life into their matches. I seriously didn't miss Triple H this week...

I thought the latest episode of Tough Enough 3 was pretty good. The show had Diamond Dallas Page come in and talk. I still sob in anger at how the WWE blew it with DDP. But he was a good speaker for this group, as he decided to become a wrestler in his late 30's and became a huge superstar based off of hardwork. At his age, more pain came his way and he sucked it up and worked through it. It made lots of sense to see that Nick was cut off the show, while all of the others, aside from Kelly, seem to be dealing with pain well.

Kelly should have been cut as well. She's been sitting out with a "back injury" and only participating in certain drills. She's done that for about a week now and that's far worse than Nick just sitting out for a day or 2 with an arm injury. She's not going to improve, and in my opinion, she just does not look like she'd make a good wrestler anyway. Neither could Jamie, who seems to madly in love with John. Someone was a tad jealous of John's girlfriend coming over, eh?

Oh man, what a nutjob Scott is. First, he wanted to offer John $2,000 for his guest invitation, and then, when trying to call the "girl of his dreams", she said "no". Why? This is a girl Scott met like 4 years ago, who was probably just someone nice to him in high school. He wanted to invite her to the house and eventually ask her for marriage! What a dumbass! The WWE certainly does not need such stupidity in their locker rooms.

I think that John has one of the spots wrapped up, no doubt. As for the other... Well, I don't think the ladies will win it, so no need to worry about them. I thought Matt sealed his fate by revealing that he has tendonitis in BOTH of his knees during a camera interview. Dumbass. I don't really know who will get the other spot...

Let's review Smackdown already.


The first match of the night was Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble. Wow, they finally meet! Well, not really, as the match was somewhat short and Rey Mysterio somewhat dominated. I guess by wrestling in the main events, Rey is "above" the Cruiserweight division? This is despite the fact that Noble has held the title for so long, right? The finish of this match was simply AWESOME. It goes to show you that Rey-Rey has been well worth bringing in all along. He deserves a raise!

I love how the WWE builds fake rooms to do "big guy throws little guy throw wall" spots. This was the case in Brock throwing Mattitude through the wall.

Next match was Billy Kidman vs. Tajiri. Typical WWE cruiserweight match. Nothing flashy, but it didn't suck. WWE needs to have something innovative to spark this division like it once sparked WCW in 1996.

Decent bout between Chavo Guerrero and Chris Benoit. Again, you could put together anybody from Survivor Series's 3 Way Tag match in a singles match and it will always be at least watchable.

Boy, I just can't get into the Big Show as a World Champion, no matter how good the Paul Heyman interviews are.

Kurt Angle vs. Eddie Guerrero was pretty good, as again, these guys can always perform well with roughly anybody. The match, though, was roughly equivalent of the match they had about a month ago or so? I do like how the team of Benoit/Angle are able to change between being faces one moment and heels the next.

Wedding angles should be extinguished from WWE television forever!

John Cena was beat, once again, by Rikishi. Oh bore me until it kills me! Then, Bull Buchanan comes out and attacks Rikishi. Oh boy, Buchanan is back to fail again in the WWE. No matter how much you retrain him, he'll still lack the personality and charisma to make a difference in the WWE.

The main event was Edge vs. the Big Show. The WWE failed badly at Survivor Series. Instead of sending the Big Show to Smackdown, they could have went with a well prepared Edge to feud with Brock Lesnar. Instead, Vince McMahon needed to jack off over seeing wrestlers above 6 foot 5 in the ring against each other, one more time, and in the end, it left Brock with a rib injury that will take time to heal. And with that, Brock lost his first match to the Big Show, a wrestler who is very lazy and has been stinking up RAW for months. The WWE blew it! So what else is new? Edge gave great effort towards the Big Fatass. I like the WWE's idea of trading off success. Edge almost had the Big Show beat after the spear, but in the end, it was the Big Show who hit 3 chokeslams on Edge. Brock would run in and hit another impressive F5.

LAST WORD: I seriously think that the WWE is willing to do anything to HURT their product instead of IMPROVE when talking about the long run. The Big Show as a World Champion is an absolute joke. The rest of the show was just going along, like a usual Smackdown but without that extra special match that the shows seem to have these days. Eddie vs. Angle was good, but not great. I'll give this show a [ C+ ] (C Plus), citing that there's great room for improvement, namely with the Big Show. Just wait, Mark Henry is coming back in a few weeks from his ankle injury, so we'll smell the ratings with Rikishi, Big Show, and Mark Henry dominating the better wrestlers of Smackdown!

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