The big bad Tito daddy is back with another installment, albeit bonus edition, of the Wrath of Tito. I'm in the "mood", late at night here, to write about Survivor Series, therefore, this column was produced. It was quite an interesting event, for several reasons, which I'll get to in a moment.

I really liked Confidential this week. I don't normally watch that show, but in trying to tape Velocity to see the taping of the show I was at, my stupid ass set the timer for 11-12, not 10-11. Oh well. Scott Steiner had a good, brief interview. But the real "meat and potatoes" of the show was the Kurt Angle and Bubba Ray Dudley segments. Kurt Angle had a segment where he was talking heavily about amateur wrestling and transitions to professional wrestling. Many Olympic hopeful wrestlers were interviewed in the piece and Angle gave a lot of knowledge to fans about the sport of amateur wrestling. Secondly, Bubba Ray had something where WWE cameras followed him around for a week, showing us how grueling his schedule is. He left what looked to be a television taping around 10:15 pm one night, meaning he left before the show was over. He clearly did it so that he didn't have to drive across Pennsylvania in the middle of the night, which is very understandable. But I always remember that Triple H once had a speech with the WWE wrestlers about not getting pushes or fame because they didn't take the time to stick around for all of the matches on the television show. BUBBA RAY DUDLEY! CAUGHT ON TAPE!!! Well, I seriously doubt that Triple H has to make those long drives, unlike WWE midcarders like Bubba.

Tough Enough 3 is beginning to prove that 2 males will win the competition. Rebekah left the show to be with her mother, who was unfortunately losing her home. That's quite understandable for Rebekah to leave during this time, but wouldn't Tough Enough allow her to take time off to be with her mother here? They let Maven be with his mother or aunt when she was sick for a significant amount of time, so why not Rebekah? Well, maybe she decided that she wouldn't be able to shake off the stress of this or something? John is a pretty good bet to win this competition. Funny how Kevin Dunn and Big said that John "does nothing for me" when John was part of the original Tough Enough 2 twenty-five, but now that he has a chance, he's beginning to shine. The fact that he's a gymnist should provide some innovation once John learns the basics of wrestling, and lord knows the WWE needs some variation in their product. I see Kelly getting cut soon, while Jamie will either quit or get cut for being a little crazy.

Ok, enough of this, let's review Survivor Series!


First match of the night was the Tables Elimination match between Bubba, Spike, and Jeff "don't smear my make-up" Hardy versus 3 Minute Warning and Rico. I love how the rules of the Tables matches change each time it's done. It was an extended version of the repetitive forumla known as the Tables match, but watchable. I don't really like what I'm seeing from 3 Minute Warning, though, as they just seem to clumsy in that ring. At least that's how I see them. Dudleys/Hardy won after my dream came true: D'Von Dudley came in and reunited the Dudley Boyz!! HELL F'N YEAH! It's about damn time that someone noticed that neither Dudley was going no where on their own, so reuniting them is the best thing you could possibly do for the duo. Just forget that one Pay Per View where D'Von and Batista jumped Bubba... ERASE IT FROM YOUR MEMORY!!! But screw that. The Dudley Boyz are back and RAW has an extra tag team in the house.

Next, it was Billy Kidman vs. Jamie Noble. Good Cruiserweight bout between the two, with some good near falls. Satisfying, but I heavily question the finish. Now, I personally like Billy Kidman and always have from his WCW days. I think he's a good wrestler and hardly ever gives you a bad match. However, I question why the WWE would give him the Cruiserweight title. WWE fans aren't catching on to him, and with that being said, the Cruiserweight title looks to become a staple of Velocity. At least with Noble, fans react to him, which allowed him to have some Smackdown appearances.

Another funny backstage segment between Benoit and Angle.

Victoria beat Trish Stratus for the Women's title. I thought the match had some good effort, but if you're aiming to go "hardcore", do something more than fire extinguishers and trashcans. That's what made the Hardcore title division extremely stale, aside from the many ridiculous title changes. I don't see what giving the title to Victoria will do for business, but this Women's division just isn't working. Time to realize that and pack it up, just like the WWE did in the early 1990's when the Women's division was failing then, too.

Next, it was our UNDISPUTED title match between the Big Show and Brock Lesnar. I hate how the WWE has named their 2 world titles the "WWE World Title" and the "World Heavyweight Championship". Match was kept short, which was short, but it seemed like it was too early in the card. It wouldn't have hurt the Elimination Chamber's crowd reaction, but oh well. Lesnar looked good with some powermoves, with some nice suplexes and whatnot. Lesnar would go on to hit the DEVASTATING F5, which looked great. He very much had Lesnar up without much struggle. Then, my prediction that I discussed for about 3 weeks now came true, as Paul Heyman turned on Brock Lesnar and helped the Big Show win the "WWE World Title". What a fucking joke. I have to wonder if this was a last minute decision due to the fact that Lesnar needs time off to heal his ribs. But the Big Show? The same guy who refuses to lose weight, especially because he's a lazy bitch? The same guy who busted the last time as World Champion and the same guy who busts push after push after push? There are much more deserving wrestlers out there, and they could have had a DQ finish and have a Benoit, an Angle, an Eddie Guerrero, or Edge win the title and then defend it between each other to make World Title matches meaningful again. BUT HEAVEN FORBID WE DO ANYTHING BETTER FOR THE FANS!

And you know what's going to happen with the Big Show as champion? Who do you think will come back and instantly feud with the Show for that title? Yep, are you ready to shell out dollars for Armageddon, headlined by Big Show vs. the Undertaker? I'm sure not. When the Big Show totally busts as a champion again, it's time for the WWE to realize that their investment isn't panning out and that they could make up the lost revenue from his high contracted salary by improving the television show's quality with better wrestlers holding the title belt.

3 Way Tag Match between Guerreros, Edge/Mysterio, and Angle/Benoit was yet another successful wrestling match. Is it so hard to keep the World Title away from one of these guys? Hey, I have no problem with great tag action, in fact, I've enjoyed seeing these guys fight over these titles. The Smackdown Tag Titles actually mean something. HOWEVER, the best wrestlers on a show should be fighting over the prize that the best wrestlers on a show go for: the World Title. More Angle vs. Benoit fights look to be happening. That feud does need a break.

Christopher Nowinski and Matt Hardy came out and did cheap heat for the New York crowd, and then the man came out... Scott Steiner came out to a now awesome siren entrance, and beat the living shite out of Hardy and Nowinski, both wrestlers who seem to be unfortunately on the receiving end of ALL beatdowns. Steiner acted like a face here, making me wonder if he's going to be on RAW and go after the top heel, Triple H, in somewhat of a dream feud? I don't know, but I liked the debut of Steiner. That catch phrase will work in the WWE.

*Yawn* at RNN.

The Elimination Chamber... I thought it was pretty good. I liked the cage structure, as the round cage was enclosed by chains and I liked the steel that was level with the ring for the wrestlers to get slammed on. I thought Shawn Michaels looked good taking bumps and had another good win on a Pay Per View. I do have many gripes about the logic of this match. Firstly, what the fuck were Booker T, Kane, Rob Van Dam, and Chris Jericho even doing in that match? They were so wasted and were clearly pawns for the Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels feud. I thought the idea of the Elimination Chamber was good, but it was a Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H in disguise, with the other 4 wrestlers getting a heaping #2 crapped on them. It's total bullshit, and all 4 of those wrestlers lost credibility by being wasted space in that match.

But what I really don't get is why Shawn Michaels was made World Champion. Why? In his 2nd match in 4 years, he wins the World Title? Does that make any sense to you? Sure, he was a great champion in his day and sure, he was a great wrestler back then too. But this is 2002 and he's no HBK before the back injury. Booker T, Rob Van Dam, Kane, and Chris Jericho have taken their losses and continue to work hard on a daily basis. Why can't they ever be rewarded? By getting eliminated early, before HBK and HHH, the 4 wrestlers are in big trouble if the WWE ever tries to push them to the world title again.

LAST WORD: Who booked these finishes? The Guerreros win was the only sensible title change, while all of the rest is highly questionable. Kidman isn't connecting to WWE fans, Victoria is still an unknown to fans, the Big Show is a big fat slob and won't make it as a champion, again, and Shawn Michaels isn't a full time wrestler to have a World Title. I'm assuming that Triple H will get a rematch with HBK tomorrow night on RAW? This show had its share of good matches, but the finishes weren't there, and in fact, could be ruining the company even further. I'll give this show a [ B ] (B) for good wrestling but bad decisions regarding finishes.

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