Welcome to the Tuesday/Wednesday edition of the Wrath of Tito. Yes, the column is a bit late. It no longer occurs on early Tuesday morning since I refuse to recap RAW live right now. I'd rather casually watch the show. Secondly, I had a research paper to finish up, which took up most of my Tuesday evening, please and thank you. Today, we'll discuss various issues and I'll give you my RAW thoughts, but not a full blow review. Until that show's creative department improves and when the deserving wrestlers are pushed properly, I won't waste my time on Mondays glued to TNN. Screw that.

I want to personally thank the internet right now. When Crash Holly passed away, I figured I'd get grief through my e-mails and on various message boards. Thankfully, I did not and my thanks goes to everyone for that. Despite my past problems with Crash, I am very sad regarding his death. May he rest in peace.

First thing is first... Do you notice how HIGH the ratings are going since Stephanie McMahon is OFF of Smackdown? The past 3 weeks, we've seen a 3.6, 3.7, and a 3.6. It's WITH Paul Heyman on the show, and WITHOUT Stephanie McMahon. Do you see the coincidence? Do you?!? The less McMahons, the better. For the love of Christ, for ratings and business's sake, let Paul Heyman contribute to the creative team. Smackdown and its roster have SO much potential...

Then again, Kurt Angle could be out with a neck injury again. So much for the quick fix neck surgery. I'm assuming he'll have to go for the full year operation, and possibly then some. The WWE can't afford to lose their BEST superstar. They can't. Nobody in the WWE is even close to Angle on an all around basis. Damn shame if he's out for a year, which I'm assuming could happen.

WWE upset with Mark Henry's push? What the hell can they do? Buy his contract out? Henry is set to have a little under 3 years to go on his contract, making $1 million per year. The WWE doesn't eat contracts, that's lesson one. They'll try to make the most out of Henry, which is why he's being shoved down our throats on RAW, despite Henry clearly not being over.

I caught some recent NWA-TNA, and I thought I was in WCW Thunder HELL! I loved seeing Sting back, though, which is the only positive thing I get out of NWA right now. He fought Jeff Jarrett in a match. By the way, Jarrett was the heel and AJ Styles was the face during my last viewing of the shows. They switched it, thanks to the arrival of Hulk Hogan. More on Hogan, in a moment! Jarrett and Sting went to a Disqualification, reminding me of NWO-Run ins, and after the match, Jeff Jarrett made an announcement: he was going to tag up with Lex Luger.

Ok, let's just forget that Luger is a steroid pusher and is involved with domestic violence. What can Lex Luger bring to a wrestling show that is trying to create a NEW wrestling audience. Lex Luger is soooo 1997, which was his last best year. Since then, his wrestling ability has been heavily exposed and he has aged. NWA-TNA is digging its own grave by bringing in old fossils. With Hogan, I see he's brought in his old WWF buddies in Jimmy Hart and Jim Duggan (I personally mark out for Duggan, but I at least know what decade this is). Nothing like seeing guys popular in the 1980's being brought in to help an upstart federation. Oh wait, that's HURT. And Rick Fucking Steiner?!? You know you've been brought to a low level if you've brought in THAT guy.

With continued ignorance, I will continue my refusal to buy NWA-TNA shows on PPV. Until they buy a clue, I won't buy a Pay Per View. Pure and simple.

RAW, RAW, RAW... All you need is RAW. Well, no you don't. Still a crappy show. Every meaningful wrestler has been demolished by Triple H or depushed to show any motivation in that ring now. A good example of a lack of motivation was RVD vs. Christian... La Resistance vs. Hurricane/SHIT was decent. Both teams need to work on more tag team chemistry. The women's match was awful. I told a friend, before the match, that Terri's dress would get ripped off at some point during the match. I've seen too much WWE television over the past 15 years of my life. Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels lacked a spark until the end. I will note, though, that Michaels looks to be in incredible shape lately. I wonder if his back is holding up, too?

The Kane and Shane dinner segment was so lame. It's an egofuck for Shane McMahon to talk like a big man against Kane. This feud is seriously destroying Kane's credibility, although Triple H probably already destroyed it a while ago. Dudleys vs. Steiner/Henry was pitiful. Duds are going through the motions, while Steiner is old and Henry has no talent. By the way, I was annoyed by the excessive run-ins on Monday night. Highlight of the Night: seeing Michael Cole and Tazz hyping Survivor Series matches for the Smackdown roster. Booker T and Chris Jericho have had better nights. Then again, with Triple H always on top, why give a shit? I wouldn't.

Our final match was Goldberg vs. Batista. Goldberg isn't selling the "shattered ankle", and he shouldn't. The angle is ridiculous and has totally sabotaged the Goldberg title reign. The match sucked as expected and had a predictable finish with the Triple H run in. The RAW roster's part in Survivor Series is going to suck ass... I actually watched all of RAW this week, for I hate watching the Philadelphia Eagles play. Nothing against them, but Andy Reed's style of play is soooo boring! I give this show a [ C- ] (C Minus).

My quick predictions for Survivor Series:

-Vince McMahon over the Undertaker
-Bill Goldberg over Triple H (since December's Pay Per View IS a RAW Pay Per View)
-Team Lesnar over Team Angle
-Team Austin over Team Bischoff
-Lita over Molly Holly
-Tajiri over Jamie Noble

I'm out like a lightbulb....

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