Does anybody know what time it is... it's time for the Wrath of Tito. My apologies, again, for being a day late. I've got too much on my plate right now in terms of work. I'm sure a lot of readers are noticing Chicago (the band) references in my column. Someone at work got me listening to them and I'm hooked!

-I caught parts of Smackdown, but nothing I could really talk or praise. I'm wondering how big of a crowd will watch the Bradshaw vs. Hardcore Holly rematch? ::rolls eyes:: I missed NWA-TNA, once again. My motivation to watch... excuse me, my motivation to ENJOY wrestling just isn't there, thanks to the present conditions of the booking staffs for both NWA-TNA and WWE. Just isn't there...

-For instance, it's a major coincidence that Pat Patterson resigns from the WWE just weeks after joining the RAW roster as a creative consultant. Isn't it ironic, don't ya think? When Patterson joined the RAW roster, he was heavily critical of Triple H's reign of dominance. Usually, main event wrestlers get out of the title loop for a while, but not Triple H, who has had multiple World Title reigns since his return in 2002! He's had FIVE world title reigns since his return in January of 2002, which was one Undisputed title reign and 4 RAW World Title reigns. I'm counting around roughly 18 months of being champion since January 2002 (out of around 34 months). Regardless of the accuracy of what I just said, you can easily suggest that Triple H has been World Champion for more than HALF of his return since 2002. Is it safe to say that?

Now, granted, I like a longtime champion. It adds stability to a title, in addition to credibility. But, it's not like HHH held the belt for 18 straight months. He's had FIVE separate title reigns spanning those months. What does that mean? It means that HHH is always in the title hunt AND that every main event face wrestler must go through him, not another heel (Benoit, Michaels, Goldberg, and Orton know this well). Why can't the WWE elevate another heel? Why must there be one dominant heel and many faces for him to wrestle? Back during 1998-1999, you had Mick Foley and Steve Austin facing heel foes in Undertaker, Kane, Big Show, Triple H, and the Rock. Is it no coincidence that there were more viewers back then? Now, it's HHH versus this guy or HHH versus that guy. SAME SHIT EVERY WEEK, EVERY MONTH, EVERY YEAR!!!!!!!

That was Pat Patterson's criticism. But how dare you criticize Triple H!!! It's not like Pat Patterson has any experience as a booker or wrestler, oh no! Seriously, what nerve of the McMahons to pressure Patterson into resigning just because he offered an honest opinion on how to IMPROVE RAW. It shows the exact mindset of the McMahons in that they only putting on shows to amuse themselves and that their monopoly in the business doesn't open their ears to the fans. Pat Patterson would be a great veteran asset for NWA-TNA, especially on the wrestling product, for they say Patterson is the best finish guy in the business. Just don't put him in as head booker, as you can see from the year 1994 in the WWE while Vince McMahon was on trial for distributing steroids to wrestlers.

This don't criticize the McMahons attitude is getting ridiculous and Patterson's resigning proves how the WWE has become a lost cause with regards to the son-in-law, Triple H. It's proof of what I've been saying all along and I'm getting sick of seeing my opinions becoming fact with the HHH situation in the WWE.

-And to think that the WWE can actually shop around for a new Cable deal. Seriously, what Cable channel would take them after the lower ratings RAW now does (i.e. they have no negotiating power), in addition to wrestling's negative influence on television. The PTC battle AND a study that lower income families mostly watch wrestling has hurt the WWE's ad revenues significiantly, as their ratings don't mean squat if they don't see high ad rates. That's why FX, USA, TNT, TBS, and whatever else will always turn the WWE down. The WWE is best to re-up their deal with Spike TV and re-exist under the same terms, because to be honest, the WWE isn't going to see better deals anywhere else. In addition, the WWE better bear for when UPN cancels their show in a year or two for lower ratings on Thursday nights. I'm sure UPN is frothing at the mouth at what they might do with that 2 hour block on Thursdays.

By the way, this negotiating deal could present an awesome opportunity for NWA-TNA. It's a window to really attack the WWE and maybe offer a cheaper alternative to Spike TV and other cable stations. While I think NWA-TNA has a lot of work to do, this is a nice opportunity to really hurt the WWE. Since NWA-TNA would be cheaper to have, it could LOWER the WWE's current deal or weaken their negotiating strategy. It could help pave the way for legit competition between NWA-TNA and the WWE and possibly make wrestling interesting again.

-I can't say I've advanced any further on WWE Day of Reckoning for the Gamecube. I, however, have picked up Spider-Man 2 for the Cube again and FINALLY beat that game. The damn Mysterio board at the Statue of Liberty gave me problems earlier, insomuch that I stopped playing the game! But damn, is the final fight with Doctor Octopus extremely hard! The Spider sense barely works against him and it's like the guy has 4 extra arms on him or something! I'll get back to Day of Reckoning soon and maybe even briefly review it. I think it's a good game and I recommend it to most wrestling fans.

-It's a new low for the WWE with regards to suggesting that John Cena is out of action due to a bar fight. For one, isn't Cena supposed to be hardcore or street smart? Just ridiculous... they should have had Booker T jump him in the parking lot or something to explain his absence, not toying with the fans' minds as to whether their favorite wrestler was attacked or not in real life.

-Well, my 6th year anniversary as "Mr. Tito" comes up on October 26. I don't know what I'm going to do for that date, whether it's to write a special column or walk away. I don't know? What I do know is that the current situation in the WWE is not motivating me to want to see more WWE programming, and NWA-TNA isn't impressing me that much. I don't know, we'll see. I usually get motivated around Royal Rumble time and it goes through Wrestlemania... but as of right now, I'm an unhappy wrestling fan in general. I just don't care, especially when the McMahons have a HHH-bias, when they make bad decisions like having Carlito as the United States champion in his first match, and not respecting actual good workers or performers in the WWE. I don't know what to do. I know that I'm thankful that Monday Night Football is on during Monday nights and I don't watch Smackdown much, nor do I catch all of the Pay Per Views. We'll see... In addition, the Presidential election is coming up and I got rave reviews for my Bush vs. Gore wrestling match that I did in 2000. I've had ideas in my head on what I'd do for a Bush vs. Kerry wrestling match for this year's election day, but those parody/script style of columns take hours to type up and make (as I insert images in them, usually). I'm a busy man these days and my time is valuable. This is in addition to wrestling not being my cup of tea these days....

Time's a-wasting! On to the RAW review.


The show started off with Stacy Keibler vs. Trish Stratus. Wow, so much for the Stacy push. Trish kicked Stacy's ass, not giving Stacy a chance whatsoever... this was different when Stacy wrestled Molly where it *appeared* she always had a chance to win. After Trish won convincingly, all of the females ran in for a brawl. So instead of Trish vs. Stacy, this was scrapped for an all out female battle where the fans get to choose the outfits the females wrestle in at Taboo Tuesday. Seriously, does anyone care about this Pay Per View or whether their votes will count?

I think it's time for Simon Dean to debut already. WHILE WE'RE YOUNG! Yes, I'm quoting the late Rodney Dangerfield. A word on him, if I may. This man has made me laugh so many times. I'm sure friends of mine and even message board followers can account for what a huge Rodney fan I am. I was a big fan of his while I was little from watching Back to School and Caddyshack, and continued watching him as he did Lady Bugs and Meet Wally Sparks (even a cartoon movie of his called Rover Dangerfield?), in addition to comedy routines and a funny appearance on Friends. I have a CD, many DVDs of his movies, and I even own a talking statue of him. You push a button and he does part of his comedy routine. He used to say "I get no respect". He had my respect from all of the years he has entertained me.

While I'm unfortunately on the death subject, I also want to say something about Christopher Reeve. I grew up enjoying him as Superman. He played a PERFECT Clark Kent and actually looked different from his Superman character. I can see why Lois Lane didn't see the resemblance, whereas other Supermans have failed in this aspect. It's unfortunate that Reeve has been paralyzed from the neck down and his hope and determination to walk again should be admired for years to come. My sincere hope is that his death doesn't turn into a political issue regarding Stem Cell research, which it already has in some aspects... very unfortunate. I recommend that everyone go out and see Superman 1 and Superman 2... please ignore 3 and 4, which had good performances by Reeve, but were poorly put together movies. Then again, how can you top fighting General Zod?

Oh shit, I gotta review RAW. Next, the WWE had Eugene/William Regal vs. La Resistance. The WWE was foolish on this match. William Regal was INSANELY over in his home country and his teaming with Eugene made for a fun tag team. I've never seen William Regal so energized in my life and the WWE should play off of this. They had a GOLDEN opportunity to give Eugene/Regal the World Tag Titles from La Resistance, but they pulled a "Dusty Finish" when Bischoff reversed the title victory. What a crime! It would have been a golden opportunity to do HUGE business the next time the WWE was in town, but instead, the WWE pie-faced British fans once again. The match was restarted and La Resistance won by cheating as well. No reversal, as they should have had Vince McMahon come out and reverse that decision. However, the WWE is short-sighted when it comes to thinking and La Resistance walked out with their titles. FINGER OF SHAME to the WWE for this match.

Good idea with La Resistance, though, wrestling the 2 wrestlers who aren't wrestling Triple H on Tuesday. However, is it easy to predict that Edge will turn on his partner, assuming that Benoit or Michaels wins the match with HHH?

I'm surprised abortion advocates haven't lynched the WWE for some of Gene Snitsky's bragging about killing Lita's baby. Saying "the only thing dead around here is your baby" is rather extreme. I guess the election is taking command of the proper groups who might have a problem with these comments.

The comments pissed off Kane enough to attack the guys wanting to wrestle the next tag match. Poor Val Venis gets the brunt of the attack and is put on a stretcher as Jim Ross put on his Owen Hart voice once again.

Randy Orton comes out to the ring with a very mixed reaction from England fans. The WWE tried very hard to mix his reactions and they turned up the volume on any face cheers he had. However, the fans were CLEARLY behind Ric Flair. Now, I know that England rarely sees Ric Flair. But Randy Orton is the guy the WWE wants to push as the top face, and did so by giving him the World Title through a clean win over Chris Benoit (a big mistake, as it turns out). The loud cheers and chants for Ric Flair were clearly mixed out, and Flair tried his best through a promo to make Orton look championship material. Orton needs a lot of work, Nature Boy, and I'm sure you know it deep down.

Next, we had Chris Jericho vs. Rhyno and then this turned into Chris Jericho/Rhyno vs. Christian/Tyson Tomko. This style of a singles match turning into a tag match has "Paul Heyman" written all over it! Both matches were OK, I suppose... Looks like the WWE wants either Christian or Batista to win the fan voting.

I thoroughly enjoyed the main event of Triple H/Ric Flair/Batista vs. Benoit/Michaels/Edge. Well worked 6 man match. Very nice ending with HBK hitting the Sweet Chin Music, but Edge getting the pin. I don't know how Edge will eventually get a title shot if he's turned heel, that is unless the Taboo Tuesday vote winner gets the World Title from HHH....

LAST WORD: The show seemed much better than usual, thanks to the very hot crowd hailing from England. The match restarts were kind of puzzling, and annoying at the same time. Better wrestling than most shows, even though I think the booking for Taboo Tuesday is a bit questionable. I'll go [ B ] on this show.

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