The daily columnist turned evil has returned! Welcome back to another delightful edition of the WRATH OF TITO. We've got the usual craziness this week, as I'll review RAW, talk about anything that comes to mind in pro wrestling, and whatever else. It's fun to just have ONE DAY to worry about writing now, as I never thought it could be that much fun. Plus, doing live television show reviews are rather fun, as you can rant about the most minor details.

On the Valley Wrestling Federation website, I did an interview there in which I talked about their fed, WWE, backyard wrestling, my columns, and other topics. You may view this quality interview done by Mr. Rob Features at In case anybody ever wonders, I'm open to do any kind of interview online, as I'm not afraid to talk about anything and I'll straight shoot with you if needed.

Looking around, I saw that several ECW hardcores were extremely upset about Mike Awesome receiving a release by the WWE. While I liked Awesome from his work in ECW and SOME of the stuff he did in WCW (hated that 70's guy), I can understand why the WWE released him. For Awesome to really look good, he needs a guy smaller than him who is willing to take a beating for an evening. His best matches were against Tanaka and Spike Dudley, two guys who were willing to feel pain for a few days. Nobody in the WWE, at least mostly, is willing to take a stiff powerbomb. This hurts Awesome because it's his style, and the WWE's style is much slower than he's used to working and intended to never seriously hurt another wrestlers because of the downside guarantee situation.

Horace Hogan and Shawn Stasiak are just terrible. Stasiak lacks a good and stable mind to use his athletic ability in a good way, while Horace Hogan has made a living being Hogan's nephew, despite any good results, ever. I can easily see why they were released. All I can say is if you're wrestling on Velocity or Heat AND if you were a former ECW or WCW wrestler after 2001, you're very much doomed for a release. But of course, many of the sluggish WWE stars from the "Sports Entertainment" era of 1998 and 1999 are still around, stinking up the place. Go figure.

I heard that the PWI 500 is out. I'll look around and immediately pick that up for my convenience, and hopefully comment on that next week. I've seen the list on the Message Boards (in the general Wrestling section), and I've got a few opinions on that. HOWEVER, I'd like to read their reasons for certain positions on the list before seriously commenting on it.

One thing I forgot to say last week. Did you see last week's Confidential, the one with the segment on Rene Dupree, a 19-20 year old developmental signing by the WWE? They talked with him, showing his workouts, etc. He's a very disciplined individual, who is in great shape and is said to be improving in the developmental system, which is said to take 3 years to complete. From what I saw, Dupree looks quite impressive. Why I'm bringing this up is stemming from a situation I had with an idiot internet reporter, who copied and pasted my compiled news one day about how the WWE signed Dupree and said something like "they sign this guy, yet they look over Big Vito or Christopher Daniels". If you saw that piece, you'll see that Dupree has a LOT of potential in the business and COULD be a better long run business decision than signing an independent sensation or a former WCW/ECW wrestler. Besides, isn't the WWE releasing several former ECW/WCW wrestlers lately? Daniels is just too small for the WWE to care about him, and also, his wrestling style just isn't what the WWE wants right now. They'd rather group a young kid to be the future of their company for many years to come. I agree with the WWE here.

Funny comments about the WWE changing the wrestling style of the undercard, not allowing its wrestlers to throw too many punches or kicks. While I agree that less kicks and punches are a GOOD THING, the simple fact that it was done was because of the many punches and kicks thrown in the main event. Gee, who wrestles mostly in the main events? Oh yeah, Triple H and the Undertaker! I guess the WWE wants to make punches or kicks look more meaningful, given that they are about 75% of the offense of those 2 "main eventers".

You can call me a bastard for saying this, but I seriously don't mind WWE television without Kevin Nash, especially since he was supposed to receive a huge main event push down our throats before the fateful quad injury. I just laugh at the updated commentaries he does, knowing that he's a man in his 40's, trying to recover from a injury that puts out or cripples most people. Someone should check Kevin Nash's eyes. Why? They are brown, meaning he's full of shit!!!

While I think the "brand extension" is a complete joke anymore, especially with RAW inventing their own World Champion, I believe that newly created tag titles on Smackdown would be fun. Rumor has it that they want Angle and Benoit to form a very dominant tag team, although Benoit and Guerrero are a perfectly fine tag team (but I'd seriously push Guerrero in singles while the iron is hot). It would be really nice if the WWE set up a Smackdown to be dedicated to the tag team tournament. It could be like the famous Tuesday Nitro where Lance Storm won a very-fun-to-watch United States title tournament. But just imagine what it could do for the many OVW wrestlers on Smackdown. Cena might not become something in singles right now, but imagine if he formed a hot tag team with another wrestler. See where I'm going? This could be a good thing, although pushing other titles instead of creating new ones should be a priority (*cough*Cruiserweight title*cough*).

Oh, how about some SMACKDOWN thoughts? I actually watched the show this week, so I can comment on it instead of interpretting results. Rikishi still sucks and it's about time someone backstage overlooks the pop he receives for the stinkface to notice he doesn't help business overall. The Bikini Contest was an absolute joke. For one, Nidia and Torrie are probably two of the hottest ladies in the WWE right now, and I don't mind seeing them in bikinis. HOWEVER, the segment was straight out of 1998-1999 Hell, as the WWE needs to realize that antics from that era will NOT draw ratings here in 2002. Secondly, Billy and Chuck as judges to prove that they're heterosexuals? Please. You'll need to do a lot more work, especially on Billy Gunn, to prove that these guys are straight. Funny how the WWE wants to prove that they are straight for the fans to cheer for them. Actually, the fans still don't cheer, as the noise machines were clearly on for anything they did. Billy thinks that Chuck's ass is a Chinese restaurant, and when Gunn orders, he always gets the Poo-Poo platter.

Gotta love the Bloodhound Gang! Anyway, Smackdown featured 2 VERY GOOD matches on the card. First, it was Eddie vs. Edge in a damn good DQ match, where the crowd was fully into it. Edge is good, but he never has any good matches outside of guys like Guerrero or Angle. Guerrero is the man, simply put. He's taken Edge and Rob Van Dam to their best matches this year and it's a testement to his abilities. Push him further!! Secondly, it was Chris Benoit vs. Rey Misterio vs. Kurt Angle. Great main event. Didn't I just say a few weeks ago that Angle, Benoit, and Guerrero are the great reasons to watch this show? They carry everything, yet the Undertaker, the oldest fart in the business, keeps on getting pushed at the top, despite some of the worst matches of 2002.

On the show, Dawn Marie hinted at challenging Torrie Wilson to a bikini match. Huh? Dawn Marie is up there with the most worthless role in the WWE, ever. What does she do? She doesn't even have a place on Smackdown most of the time, and her character goes from being a legal assistant to Stephanie's personal assistant to someone in revealing business clothes who just so happens to participate in Lingerie contests. Her value as a hot chick isn't even there, as the fans don't know her to much as they'd know Torrie, Stacy, or even Terri. Just make her a valet for someone. That easy.

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And finally before I rant on RAW, which is coming on soon... Congrats to The Path of Rage for winning the 2nd annual LoP Fantasy Baseball League title. His team was tough all year around, and major props go to him for being on top of the long baseball season. Great job!

Time to rip apart RAW! Whooo!!!


I'm sorry, but I just can't get into Star Trek: the Next Generation. The only Star Treks I've liked are several of the early movies and some of the old shows done in the 1960's or 1970's. I somewhat became bored with Enterprise after a while, to which I haven't watched it since last winter. I recommend viewing Wrath of Khan, Search for Spock, and the Final Frontier for the best Star Trek movies.

Eric Bischoff and Lita are in the ring. 3 minutes? Ok, that was cruel. I was guessing that Bischoff was about to reveal Monday Night Football spoilers, but instead, he was promising how good RAW will be with 3 title matches. Odd, it looks like the WWE is going to give the RAW World Title some credibility by merging it with the Intercontinental title. Lita's looking good. "Lita, you little bitch!" LOL @ Bischoff's response to Lita's statement about how she liked Smackdown better than RAW. Oh no!! Lita is talking! Run!!!! 3 minute time, but Jeff Hardy is there to make the big save. Well, no, because he's a skinny jobber. Booker T and Goldust make the save, thereby hyping their match for later on. Man, that use of Jeff Hardy was so great. Alright, we get the match off the get!

Booker T/Goldust vs. the 3 Minute Boyz was the first match of the night. Nice early sidekick by Booker T. Rosie may be fat, but Ross said he was close to 400 pounds. 350 at most because he's somewhat short. The crowd was all over Rico. Ahem, he's still a manager. Hey, is that a tag rope I see there? Holy crap! The tag rope is a simple string on each corner which a tag wrestler is supposed to hold. The distance of the rope is how far a tag wrestler can move to get a tag from his partner. The last time I remember a tag rope was in 1992, where Sid and Hulk Hogan took on Flair and the Undertaker on a Friday or Saturday night wrestling special. I can remember Sid wrapping the rope around his arm, as he was relaxing and refusing to accept the tag from Hogan, thereby setting up Wrestlemania 8. Crowd is into this match, cheering for anything Booker T and Goldust do. These guys weren't worthy to beat Lance Storm and Christian a while back? The WWE missed the opportunity to push these guys to the titles back then. Rosie came in a little too late there, when he was supposed to make the save from Booker T pinning his partner. Oh my, the 3 Minute Boyz beat Booker T and Goldust and cleanly. Hey, if you gotta put over a new team, the best way to do it is cleanly.

Denver and Baltimore are playing on ABC now. The Broncos really need to throw to Shannon Sharpe. Not that I'm criticizing their coaching, but I have Sharpe on one of my Fantasy Football team and I like winning.

The 3 Minute Warning?

Christian and Lance Storm argue over their loss last week. Oh my, Chris Jericho versus Triple H at No Mercy? He's fighting Kane later, so let's see who will fight Triple H at No Mercy. Face vs. Face or Face vs. Heel? Triple H has had his way with each wrestler in his lifetime. "What can I say? Chicks dig the mask!". HAHAHA! Now that's funny.

Lance Storm comes out to some great music, and he fought Randy Orton. I like how Orton circles arond the crowd, giving them high fives. Nobody does that anymore. Crowd unfortunately went silent after some faint "USA" chants. You can clearly hear what the wrestlers are saying here and that's sad. WWE announcers don't care too much about this match, either. Nice cross-body by Orton, and the crowd goes mute after that. I guess it pays to have a storyline between these two or to introduce Randy Orton better? Orton got the surprise pin in this match, and it took the crowd several moments to realize what just happened. After the match, Christian got on the mic and does what he does best.

Oh no! A second mach with Orton. Randy Orton vs. Christian was next. Crowd is a little louder, given that Orton just beat the first Unamerican and that Christian ripped on the crowd a little bit beforehand. Orton blew his finishing spot with Christian, and repeated the move to beat Christian. Weak crowd response for Orton and a not so impressive 2 matches here. It seems like Orton lacks something to take him to the next level, which is why he ended up on Velocity after his debut on Smackdown.

Another Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show match? Now that's very funny! I'm starting to laugh at the downfall of Jeff Hardy. Don't know why. Ric Flair promised Bischoff "results" for later on. Ok...

Strange promo for Rob Van Dam shown. I can't believe the WWE has avoided to mention RVD's film credits yet, althought they were HBO B-movies.

Big Show vs. Jeff Hardy was next. Two wrestlers who don't keep themselves in good shape in that ring right now! The best thing about Jeff Hardy is when Scott Keith rips on him for the hankerchiefs he has in his back pocket. It's said that they are for hidden messages to anybody who wants to meet Jeff Hardy after the event, whatever sex it may be. Jackie is a referee again. Great use of money there! Well, she did do a live count with the crowd, which is never done. OHHHHHH!!! Jeff Hardy is sooooooooooo in the main event for beating the Big Show, via count out. Please. Quit wasting our time with protected finishes or anything that does nothing for neither wrestler.

Hmmm, Booker T vs. Chris Jericho... that would work.

Bubba Ray Dudley would finally get his RAW World Title match against Triple H. After weeks of hype, let's see how this will deliver. Too bad the WWE never let Bubba talk when he was a bad guy. Kind of a slower paced match, as that's what you get with Cripple H these days. But the crowd is totally into it, as that's what happens when you slowly build up a match. The WWE should compare this build up to the quick push of Randy Orton, whom the fans don't recognize. Match ended with Flair distracting Bubba, thereby finishing the match with a pedigree. Kane vs. Jericho is the main event?

Victoria attacked Trish Stratus backstage. They still haven't properly introduced Victoria to the fans yet. God, the WWE writers suck balls.

The unknown Victoria fought Trish Stratus for the Women's title. The tights she had on last week were nice, but the black and orange ones look straight out of the 1980's. Trish looks to be wrestling in street clothes... well, street clothes to her. It looks it! The WWE uses the brutal Disqualification to get the point across that Victoria is a DANGEROUS woman. You'll have to do more than that.

SPIN THE WHEEL!! MAKE THE DEAL!! RAW roulette wheel? Gotta love the cheap ratings ploy. They should add "Judy Bagwell on a Forklift" to that wheel for the types of matches they can have.

Man, the WWE is trying to push Orton to the moon. Pushes mean nothing when the crowd won't react.

I bet it was Triple H's dream to style and profile, hence the Flair alliance.

Next match was William Regal/Test vs. Rob Van Dam/Tommy Dreamer. Look where RVD is after fighting for the World Title at the last Pay Per View. That's all I need to say. Regal always does that half nelson slam to RVD. RVD is pretty over here in Houston. Did I yet to mention that Tommy Dreamer is the man for marrying Beulah? I liked the finish of this match, which had Dreamer getting out of the Pumphandle and Test getting kicked then rolled up for the finish. Unamericans self destructing? So what? It's only going to help each wrestler to get out of that lame group.

Man, I really like John Madden and Al Michaels as the Monday Night Football announcing team.

Our main event was Chris Jericho vs. Kane. Ross ripped Monday Night Football by saying "there are no halftimes on RAW", just as the Broncos/Ravens game goes into overtime. Too bad Ross wishes he could call a football game. Flair is helping Jericho here. What if Flair, Triple H, Jericho, and another wrestler formed the 4 Horsemen? Eh, it's hard to say how well that would work here in 2002. Nice how the WWE dogs Monday Night Football for halftime, yet they put on a commercial in the middle of the main event. Dickheads. Not a bad match, although both wrestlers seem to take little breaks in between moves. I guess that's the WWE slow style, trying to tell the story to the whatever amount of fans they have left. Crowd was well into it, and Kane wins another title. Kane vs. Triple H? Remember, that didn't work last summer at a Pay Per View. Always remember the past.

LAST WORD: A so-so show here for me. The opener and main event were good, while the rest in between were either standard or routine. The WWE has no idea how to make their younger wrestlers into stars now, as they focus way too much worrying about how big of a pimp they can make Triple H this week. I'll give this show a


(C plus). RAW and the WWE are in need of some repairs, and failure to address them will only make the company lose more money by the week. But hey, it's not my money, just my time.

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