Welcome to an all-new edition of the WRATH OF TITO. Today, we'll discuss random topics, along with my very first DVD review, ever! I bought Best of Confidential Volume 1. Tito is in the 21st Century! But honestly, I wasn't going to spend over $300 on a DVD player a few years ago. That's just ridiculous. Here in 2003, the technology is cheaper than ever, and you can find good prices on DVDs, and not only that, the DVD players. You can find a good working one for $60, easily.

What I like best about the DVD player is the capability to play Video CDs, or burned CD-Rs with .mpeg files on them. You can have a field day on Kazaa and watch them on a DVD player. I downloaded many of Conan's Triumph videos, along with some rare stuff that I've been looking to have for a while, such as a personal favorite Donald Duck cartoon where Donald fought his 3 nephews in a snow battle. Ah, life is good...

Many wrestling fans are extremely upset over Vince McMahon placing blame on Edge for his in ring work against Albert, which you could say is another way of saying that Edge is partially to blame. Ugh. Albert is garbage. Look at him! He's a bald sasquatch with piercings everywhere. He's clearly out of shape, with the lack of muscle tone and the belly hanging over his tights. Before he ever fought Edge, the crowds didn't care for him. They never have. Albert is the equivalent to Bull Buchanan, Raven, and Justin Credible, and you can make great cases that the 3 released wrestlers are better than Albert. Yet he still remains on the roster and is up for his yearly push to anger us all. NOBODY, and I mean NOBODY can produce a good match with Albert these days. Albert's only success was with Kane in a match, and that was Kane going balls-out in that match to make it a good big guy match.

I ask that Vince McMahon get in that ring with Albert and see how good he can make him look. Albert is just a fat stiff that has no drawing power, nor will he ever. Unless he drops weight or turns it into muscle, shaves his body, get new tights, and gets a shot in the ass with some charisma, he's completely worthless in the WWE. But hey, let's keep him around and affect others, like Edge. Edge's main event status, or close to it, will now dwindle because he couldn't make a fat piece of shit look good in the ring. That's funny, because he has good matches with other people.

But what does Vince care? He has a monopoly, and he does what he wants. He won't say he's wrong for trying to push Albert, nor will he admit that Albert is a talentless piece of shit like everyone else thinks. Never. Vince still makes a profit from wrestling here in 2003, so what does he care? Damn it, will some federation give the WWE some competition?!? Actually, I believe this is impossible. The WWE product is hurting wrestling's name in the television market from its filthy storylines, and thus it will hurt any other federation's chances of getting a cable deal. The WWE is in a strong position as the top promotion, that is, until a few years when the Viacom deal expires, which should be interesting.

1wrestling reported that rumors about a Steve Austin vs. Rock Wrestlemania 19 match could happen. That's probably a second option if the WWE can't reach a deal with Bill Goldberg. It's hard to say in this day and age if Rock vs. Austin can draw again as a Wrestlemania headliner. I do, however, believe that it could get interesting if Rock is officially a heel now. At Wrestlemania 17, disaster struck when the WWE tried to make the fan favorite Steve Austin into a heel and the overexposed, at the time, Rock as the face. Plus, you must have well written storylines, which I question could be hard to produce with the ignorant writers in the WWE these days.

Time to review my first ever wrestling DVD!!!!!

Mr. Tito's Phat DVD Review

-Best of Confidential, Volume 1-

I personally love to read 411wrestling.com's DVD reviews, so hey, why not review this DVD just like them!

The Film
Not necessarily a "film", but whatever.

Firstly, FINGER OF SHAME to the WWE for running ads before the DVD menu comes up. That's totally arrogant of them, and it's a hassle to fast foward through that shit. I have a bad feeling that this trend will continue for future DVDs in movies, such as previews for upcoming films and whatnot. But damn, it's annoying to see it for the first time, and the WWE runs a good 4 ads before you get to the menu.

You get to the menu, and you have the option to play all 12 Confidential segments at once, choose them chapter by chapter, or choose the "extras". All the while, you get a repetitive loop of the Confidential theme. I'll admit, I LOVE that theme, and I guess this DVD technology makes it even clearer.

As for the segments themselves. Some are great to watch, and some are half-assed. Many of the segments were cut in half, such as the Heenan, Steve Austin, Bret Hart/HBK, and the British Bulldog parts. On Confidential, they took up 2 parts of the show, yet the WWE is a cheap-ass to only show the first parts. Parts like the Bulldog segment seem to be only a few minutes long before it's over. Same with Heenan. Why shorten them?

The segments are well done, yes, but the WWE should have included both parts of certain areas. I didn't see a few of them, such as the WCW title one. I was amazed that the WWE would bring up Goldberg in those discussions. I was proud of Ric Flair saying that he wondered what would happen if Sting did business with Vince McMahon.

Overall, it's good, but only keeping the first part of some segments is a big negative on this DVD.

Video Quality
Ummmmm... It looked clear enough to me? I guess it transferred well, but then again, I didn't tape all of the Confidentials to notice any quality. I guess I didn't any blurs? Looks good to me, brother.

Audio Quality
I suppose it's in Dolby or whatever it's called? It sounds good to me, and the beat on the Confidential theme rules! I guess it could be surround sound, too? To hell if I know!

Special Features
You get 4 classic bouts here to match the content of the video. First, you get Jimmy Snuka vs. Ray Stevens. Snuka is in tremendous shape in this match, while Ray Stevens is in his final years of his career. Not bad. Next, you get the AWESOME Summerslam bout between British Bulldog and Bret Hart. Your second Bret Hart match was Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels from Survivor Series 1997, where Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart. Then, we go to the Final Nitro ever, where Booker T fought Scott Steiner for the WCW title. I'm glad to have Bulldog vs. Bret Hart on video now.

Easter Eggs? Unless I'm the freakin' Easter Bunny, I couldn't pull any eggs out of my ass for this DVD. Of course, I'm not too talented with the remote control.

Film: 5.0
Video: Looks great
Sound: Sounds Fantastic
Special Features: 7.0

LAST WORD: For what could have been a great DVD, the WWE half-assed it like they do with everything lately. A little effort will sell extra DVDs, but like with most things in the WWE, effort is lost and the product turns out weaker. I'll give this very first Tito DVD a [ C ]. The WWE can certainly do better with Volume 2. At least I got a mini Hogan bobblehead out of the deal.

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