WCW Thunder Results 4/29/99
Mr. Tito (April 29, 1999)
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Wait a second, Mr. Tito doing Thunder Results?

Show starts off with highlights of Flair in the asylum. Everyone is dancing, including the doctors. One nurse is rather large(muscular).

Thunder Opening Theme Starts..

Tenay welcomes us saying we are live from Penn State. They show more highlights of Flair, including many contract signings, parts of the Nash match, Piper conflicts, and more mental hospital highlights.

Back to live thunder. Fireworks everywhere! Goldberg, DDP, and Nash are announced to be here. Shows Larry and Mike Tenay talking. Tenay looks like he enjoys doing Thunder. Tenay starts off by saying that "sources" are saying that Flair will be at Nitro Monday. Curt Hennig comes out to wrestle, and he stares down Larry for wearing a Penn State sweater. Booker T comes out for a good pop.

Curt Hennig vs. Booker T
The match starts off very slow, with Booker playing the crowd.


Back with Hennig in control. Booker T would move the ref out of the way for a fistfight. Hennig gets back in control, until Booker gets back with some offense until Hennig drops him on the ropes. Hennig hits him with a low blow. Booker T vs. Rick Steiner is announce for Slamboree. Crowd starts chanting "Hennig Sucks". HEnnig is really tearing up Booker now. Hennig starts using the ropes for leverage on a sleeper hold, until Booker starts "Hulking Up". Booker with some offense, until Hennig nails him with a pile driver. Booker comes back, and gives him a series of kicks. Booker signals the end, and he climbs the ropes. Stevie Ray comes out, and slap jacks Hennig. Ref sees it, and Hennig wins! Booker T and Stevie Ray have a small argument, and Stevie yells at the camera on his way out. WINNER: Hennig by DQ

Back to Larry and Tenay. Tenay plugs hotline, and he announces that Goldberg will fight Meng tonight. DDP and Nash are said to be there again. Plugs Nitro Girl commerical.

Back, and Nash promo is shown. Tenay hypes Slamboree again. Hak comes out with Chastity. Hak gets on the mic and says he's the most hardcore in WCW. Talks crap on Bigelow, and says his match with Raven and Bam Bam was the most violent match ever in WCW. Says he beat down Goldberg at Panama Beach. Hak asks Chastity who should he fight today. Hak wants a BIG opponent. She suggests Big Sexy, and Hak agrees, saying only if he is man enough.

Booker T and Steiner are shown fighting backstage. Tenay hypes up Saturday's QVC special.


Goldberg promo. Back to Thunder, and Tenay announces Sting vs. Goldberg at Slamboree. Buff come out, looking like Scott Steiner. Buff's looking large tonight. Grabs mic, and talks crap on Big Poppa Pump. Talks crap on the state of Michigan, and imitates BPP. Funny stuff. Rips on his interviews, as well as his jail time. Talks about fighting Steiner at Slamboree, and imitated Steiner some more. Poses, then leaves the ring.

Jerry Flynn vs. Stevie Ray
Flynn comes out, and and Stevie Ray comes out along with Vince, Norton, Horace, and Bryan Adams. Flynn with the early offense, and Stevie tries to fight back, but Flynn answers him with an ankle lock. Flynn gets him into an armbreaker, but Horance comes in when Vince distracts the ref, and breaks the hold. Flynn's on the outside now, and the NWO Black and White beats him down. It's announced that Nash accepted Hak's challenge! Stevie is in total control now, but Flynn comes back with some kicks and chops. NWO jumps on the apron, only for Flynn to kick them off, but Stevie Ray big boots him, and nails him with the FlapJack, and 1, 2, 3. Winner: Stevie Ray

Tenay hypes Saturday Night...claims there is a new look.

{Yet another commercial}

Nash vs. Hak
Hak comes out with Chastity, and he comes out with a whip(?) and his cane, and he puts a table and a ladder into the ring. Nash comes out, and goes after Hak. Nash pounds him for some early offense, and Hak then gets pounded in the corner. Nash sidewalk slams Hak on the ladder!! Nash then picks up the ladder, and hits Hak with it a few times, and then sets it up in the corner, and throws Hak into the ladder. Nash sets up a table in a corner, but a reversal happens and Nash goes into the table. Hak starts caning Nash, and he canes him in the head as well. Go Hak! More caning from Hak, and another head shot too. Hak puts ladder on Nash, and he goes on the outside, and does a flip over the ropes onto Nash. He then elbows the Nash, who still has the ladder on him. Hak hits Nash with the ladder, but he gets distracted by the crowd, and then Nash canes him. Hak retaliates, and canes Nash back. Hak continues to cane Nash,a nd he then does a diving summersault of the top rope with the ladder on Nash, but Nash kicks out of the pin. Hak continues to pound Nash, until Nash starts fighting back. Chastity tries to spray Nash with the fire extinguisher, but Nash sees her and takes it away and sprays Hak who was setting up a table. Nash Jacknifes him, and Nash pins him. Great match!!! Winner: Kevin Nash

Tenay hypes QVC special on Saturday, again!!


Back, and Mene Gene is in the ring. Bam Bam comes out for an interview. He talks about tradition. Crowd is booing him badly. Talks about growing up with DDP in New Jersey, and he then challenges DDP for a match later.
Credit Card promo.

{Commercial, again!}

Back, and a stupid WCW Motorsports segment comes on. BUT, Eddie Guererro is on it. Nice to see you back Eddie. Back to Live Thunder.

Meng vs. Bill Goldberg
Meng comes out. Goldberg comes out to a decent pop. They lock up, but Goldberg overpowers him. Meng then slams him, no effect, Golberg then slam Meng, no effect, but Goldberg clotheslines Meng. Meng then gets control of the match with powermoves and eyerakes. Golberg then powerslams him, but Meng comes back with some cheap shots. Meng nails Goldberg with a sidekick, and then a reversal is done by Goldberg, and he kicks Meng. He then spears Meng, Jackhammer, Goldberg is your winner! Winner: Bill Goldberg

Tenay Plugs Hotline and Nitro Girls web page, debuting right after Nitro.
Secret WCW Society? Promo

{Yet another freakin' commercial}

Back, and Mean Gene is out, yet again. DDP comes out, and Gene addresses him about the challenge. DDP would then brag about his performance at Nitro, thanks Jodi Hamilton, Jake the Snake Roberts, and Dusty Rhodes for his success, and he thanks all of the people who see him with the title and get sick from seeing him as champ. DDP tells everyone to jump of the DDP bandwagon, Self High Five! DDP would then accept Bam Bam's challenge.
Another QVC Goldberg promo for Saturday.
Slamboree Promo.


Back, and the announcers are talking about DDP vs. Bam Bamm.

Disciple vs. Macho Man.
Disciple comes out. Macho Man comes out with Madusa, Miss Madness, and Gorgeous George. Gorgeous George looked great tonight..damn!! Anyways, Macho took early control of the match, but that leads to no where. A lock up happens, and Macho takes control again. They had to lock up again, and Macho takes control once again. The crowd really loves George. Disciple is really getting pounded now. Disciple, probably out of boredom, starts to punch back. Disciple is really giving it to Macho now, but Savage throws him outside, where Disciple blocks his attempt to slam his face into the guard rail, and he slams Macho into it. The ladies start attacking the Disciple, and Madusa kicked him really hard. They throw him into the ring, and Macho gives him a very hard top rope elbow drop. 1, 2, 3...Macho wins. After the match, the ladies and Macho celebrate, and the crowd is loving it. Winner Macho Man

Movies for Guys Who Like Movies is plugged.

{Yet another Commercial}

DDP vs. Bam Bam Bigelo
Bam Bam comes back with a large plastic garbage can filled with weapons. DDP comes out. DDP and Bam Bam start off by trading blows, but Bam Bam knocks DDP out of the ring with a big right hand. DDP comes back in, and Bam Bam slams him on the ropes. DDP goes to the outside for a breather. Bam Bam, when DDP comes back into the ring, continues the offense, and attempts to set him up for a powerbomb, and DDP tries to get out of it, but ends up getting dropped on the ropes. They both go outside, and start hitting each other with the weapons.

{A damn commercial break in the middle of the main event}

Back, and they are now by the Thunder entrance. Bam Bam hits DDP with a cooler, and he sets up a table, puts DDP on it, tries to jump of a platform on to him, but DDP gets out of the way. DDP hits Bam Bam with a catering tray, and he hits him with a table as well. DDP throws him into the safety rail many times, and then hits him with a mop. Bam Bam reverses DDP into the big plastic trash can. Bam Bam picks it up, and throws it on DDP. Bam Bam then hits DDP with a little metal trash can, and then the two get back into the ring after Bam Bam tried to pin DDP on the outside. Bam Bam with a flying headbutt off the top rope, and he then hits a sidewalk slam on DDP. DDP is kicking out of everything. DDP gets a spinning headscissor takeover on Bam Bam, and starts some offense. A nice spinning DDT is executed by DDP, but Bam Bam is also kicking out of every pin. Bam Bam gets some offense, but DDP ends that by giving him a low blow. Bam Bam would later get some offense again, and he attempts the Greetings from Ashbury, but DDP nails him with the Diamond Cutter. DDP is too hurt to cover him at the moment, but while he's down, Macho comes out and elbows Bam Bam. ????? DDP gets the pin, and the win. What's going on? Winner: Diamond Dallas Page

Tenay Hypes Nitro at the very end.

Thunder Review

-Well, this Thunder was rather good in my books. The Hak and Kevin Nash match was very good, and the Bam Bam vs. DDP match was good too, but the Macho Man involvement is very confusing. It was nice to see Curt Hennig back to the ring. I'm surprised that Macho needed help to beat the Disciple. I only wish it was around 1989 for that match. Beefcake vs. Macho would have been a match back then. One thing I didn't like though, was the constant talk about Nitro and Slamboree. I know they need to do that a little, but every match was filled with it. That bugged me. But overall it was a good show, especially for a Thunder. This week's Thunder recieves a Tito grade of


for it's good matches. Hak vs. Nash was a great match, and I'm glad to see that Hak didn't get his ass kicked by Nash. DDP vs. Bam Bam was a good match, but confusing. Anyways, good show.

@Well, that's my Thunder report. I hope I did a good job. I'll have the Phat Daily Column ready for tomorrow. Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.


Mr. Tito 1999

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