WWF Superstars Report
Tito Ortiz 3/20/2000
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Note from Tito: Yes, this report is a bit late. I would have INSTANT Superstars report, but I slept in by accident today, so I could only do the PDC this morning, so I taped Superstars, and here we are!

WWF Promo thingy, and the Superstars intro plays. I really love the intro theme for Superstars. Kevin Kelly is your host, although we NEVER see him throughout the show. Kelly talks about what will be on today's show, as the highlights of the McMahons/Rock/Big Show/Triple H will be on later, along with a tour of Big Show's house, and Chyna behind the scenes at Pacific Blue.

First of, Kelly talks about Crash Holly, and then it proceeds to show the RAW airport scene, and the Smackdown Funtime scene.


Radical highlights are shown, as Kelly discusses Eddy Guererro's elbow injury, and how he's probably faking it right now. Shows Eddy's interference in the Rios match against Malenko from RAW, and they then show the Tazz/Jericho vs. Backlund/Angle match from Smackdown, as Chris Benoit came down. Kelly helps my questioning by saying that Benoit is hungry for WWF gold! Back to the topic of Eddy's injury, as he helped Malenko defeat Grandmaster Sex-ay on Smackdown. Chyna ran down in that match, so Kelly discusses her. They then talk about Too Cool and Rikishi, as they will be on the April issue of WWF Magazine. Kelly hypes the Scotty Too Hotty vs. Essa Rios match on Heat, which already happened since this report is just a little late.


Back, and they show the SAME highlights of Mae Young/Moolah that they did from Livewire! Argh! He then discusses how evil Terri has been, and they then show the Edge/Christian vs. Dudley Boyz from Smackdown, and they then move to Hardys vs. Radicals from Smackdown..same as Livewire yesterday!!


Kelly goes over Wrestlemania Sign Contest. He then discusses how the King of the Ring sold out in 5 minutes at Boston's Fleet Center, which again from yesterday, that information is disputed.

Big Show House Tour. I must say, Big Show has a damn nice house!! I thought he was making only a cool million a year, as that house had to have cost him way more than he makes every year. Of course, including endorsements and merchandise, I'd say the Show makes around 3 million a year. Whatever. It looks very great inside, with beautiful wood carvings. It was originally two houses, but it was adjoined by a ballroom, and now it's Big Show's one house. The Ballroom has a ceiling that was handpainted, which took six months to do. Big Show said that it looked like water damage when he first saw it. HA! They then show Big Show's "toys". Shows his 1971 Super V automobile, as he gets off on the horsepower and everything else about the car. They then show his motorcycle, which has an airbrushed portrait on the side of it. You can see more of this in this month's RAW magazine, which has Chyna on the cover.


Discusses the Rock, and his rough road to Wrestlemania. Shows the LONG interview from Smackdown. More Wrestlemania main event hype, and a WWF Axess promo.


Kelly talks about Chyna on 3rd Rock from the Sun, and how she will be guest starring on the season finale. Tonight, she will be on Pacific Blue(which already aired as you read this report). Shows the behind the scenes from that very show, which was on a previous Superstars I do believe. Mario Lopez talks about how tough Chyna really is. Jim Davidson talks about how much fun it was working with her. Shanna Moakler laughs about how Chyna would beat up all of the men. They show how a lot of her fighting stunts were done, and what not.

They mention the Rock's appearance on the Today show from Friday, and they show clips of the Rock on Saturday Night Live. Oh yes, you don't want to miss next week's Superstars! Next week, Behind the Scenes at Saturday Night Live with the Rock, which already has me pumped for next week's report. Kelly says that Road Dogg and Ivory will be on MTV's Spring Break. You know I'll be watching that crap stuff.


Snickers Slam of the Week: Same as Livewire...the highlights of the Big Show vs. Rock match from RAW.

Show's more of the Vince highlights, and Kelly hypes some possible wars on RAW with Rock/Vince, Stephanie/Triple H, and Big Show/Shane. Shows all of the matches booked from that LONG interview from Smackdown, which was the same from Livewire!

Heat Hype, although it already happened as I'm writing this report.

Essa Rios vs. Scotty Too Hotty

A "RUMORED" debut of Trish Stratus


I remember seeing this show yesterday when it was called Livewire.

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