Wow, I haven't seen Heat in a while. This show impressed me with a few allusions to moves or endings in the WWF's sure to look for those. On to the Heat Results!

ANNOUNCERS: Micheal Cole and Kevin Kelly...these two savages would discuss so many things that weren't involved with the matches on hand. Talked about upcoming RAW, Wrestlemania 2000 the video game, Survivor Series, and Stone Cold's condition.

WWF Intro..

Shows Kaienti in the back getting coffee. Bradshaw comes to get some, and he bumps into Funaki, thus spilling his coffee on him. Bradshaw laughs as Kaienti curses at him in Japanese. Bradshaw would turn his back to walk away only to have Kaienti attack him.

Heat intro

Val Venis comes out with Stan Stasiak for some kind of tag match. Val Venis gets on the mic and says "Helloooo Skanks!", and then the Headbangers come down.

Match #1: Val Venis and Stan Stasiak vs. Headbangers
Mosh starts the match with Venis. Both go back and forth on the offense. Thrasher gets tagged in to help put a double flap jack on Venis. That sign guy is shown walking around in the crowd with his "World Wide Filth" sign. Val gets on the offense on Thrasher, and he would eventually miss an elbow off the top rope. Mosh gets tagged in to take on both Val and Stasiak. Everyone is in the ring, and Thrasher would accidentally clothesline Mosh. Mosh almost gets pinned but Thrasher saves it. Val Venis would get thrown out of the ring, and the Headbangers would put Stasiak in the stagedive! Headbangers get the win. After the match, Val Venis attacked Stasiak..blaming him for the loss.
Winners: Mosh and Thrasher

D'Lo vs. Devon Dudley is announced for later on.

Goes to the back where Bradshaw is complaining to Farooq about how Kaienti attacked him. Farooq just laughs at him. Funny stuff. Bradshaw was saying how it was around 11 of them attacking him.

Titan Tron Live promo from Jakks.


Back. Steve Blackman comes out. Then Mideon comes out with half of his face painted.

Match #2 Mideon vs. Steve Blackman
They trade blows early, with Blackman giving kicks to the mid section and Mideon swinging punches. Mideon would get on the offensive with using various chokes on Blackman. Mideon would miss some wierd double-axehandle-splash or whatever he tried, and Blackman attacks! Blackman hits a strange Belly to Belly suplex, and cradles Mideon for the win.
Winner: Steve Blackman

Back in the back again, as the Acolytes are looking under small objects for Kaienti. Farooq rips on Bradshaw some more.


WWF REWIND: Shows Triple H and Vince brawling from Monday Night RAW.

Rakishi Fatu comes out, as this is the first time that I've seen Fatu in his new gimmick. Damn he got bigger! He's fighting Tracey Smothers tonight, who I really wish would go back to ECW and join the Full Blooded Italians again.

Match #3 Tracey Smothers vs. Rakishi Fatu
Traded lefts and rights in the beginning, but Fatu was overpowering. Fatu smashes Smothers with King Kong Bundy's avalanche, and then nails him with Yokozuna's finisher! Fatu powerslams Smothers, and then hits him with the Canadian Earthquake's move! Smothers some how comes back, but Fatu put him in a powerslam hold, and he then slammed him just like Bam Bam's Greetings from Ashbury(sp?) Park move. 1, 2, 3! Fatu looks better from the last time I saw him..when he tried to make a difference!
Winner: Rakishi Fatu

Acolytes are shown, again, looking for Kaienti until a Japanese woman walks up to them. She says that the Kaienti challenges them to a wrestling match..but there must be no BRAWLING. Poor girl couldn't say brawling if she tried. That means it MUST be a technical wrestling match. Acolytes accept. promo


Back. Pacific Blue Plug to keep those guys at USA happy.

Shows ALL of the highlights from the Acolytes from earlier tonight.

Next up, is a one on one interview with Arnold Swartzenegger. They showed clips from his Smackdown interview, a few greeting with other wrestlers backstage, and then back to the one on one. Arnold seemed to be very happy working with the WWF. He enjoyed the tremendous fan support at Smackdown, and he said that all of it was fun. Showed more Smackdown highlights.

They then interview Gabrial Byrne, who I guess is the villian in End of Days. He said that he told Arnold not to be afraid of what seemed like monsters in Kane or the Undertaker. He said that everyone thinks they are badasses when they really weren't. That bastard.

Back to Arnold, as he promoted his movie more in the one on one. He said that he didn't do a movie for so long because he was unsure of doing the right movie for himself. He wanted his return to movies after I think from heart surgery to be huge.

WWF the Music: Volume 4 promo.

Shows WWF 2000 commercial. I must say that it was easily one of the best commercials of all time. It featured the Rock complaining on how the video game Rock was stealing his moves and stuff. It was hilarious! The Video game Rock told the real Rock to know his role, and shut his mouth...or something like that. They then show a scene where the Rock was on the shitter, with Santa in the next one at a bathroom. The Rock told him off..haha.

Commercials! Promo.

D'Lo comes out.

WWF Heat is brought to you by Magic Cards, Burger King, and Snickers!!!!!

Devon Dudley comes out with his brother Buh Buh.

Match #4 Devon Dudley vs. D'Lo Brown
They both move around the ring, testing each other out, until Devon hit D'Lo with a good Belly to Belly suplex. Devon would then get hit with a sweet neckbreaker after Devon missed a move. D'Lo was on the offensive until he gets thrown over the top rope. Buh Buh would attack D'Lo on the outside, and also, Buh Buh tells off the crowd. Devon would take a foot to the face when charging at D'Lo who's in the corner. D'Lo tried some move off the top, only to get nailed by Devon. Buh Buh Ray would tell off Micheal Cole. Funny stuff. Back to the action, as D'Lo tries a roll up, Devon kicks out, and Devon gets up and clotheslines D'Lo! Next up, we have a Double Clothesline!! D'Lo must have got the better of it, as he hits Devon with a sidekick. Next, the D'Lo leg I love that move! Devon would do a powerbomb when D'Lo was trying some kind of Lou Thez press? Devon can't produce results with the powerbomb, and D'Lo hits him with a sky-high..that's how they called that move. Buh Buh pulled Devon to the outside, and D'Lo would climb the top rope to jump on both of them. D'Lo is back in the ring, as he tries to bring Devon back into the ring with a suplex. Then...shades of Rick Rude vs. the Ultimate Warrior at Wrestlemaina 5 happened as Buh Buh grabbed D'Lo's leg during the suplex, and held it down for Devon to get the win.
Winner: Devon Dudley

Shows Acolytes trying to mat wrestle in the back, with Farooq laughing at how serious Bradshaw is about it.


Back. Shows Survivor Series highlights of the whole Stone Cold/Triple Threat Match. Shows Hightlights from RAW, and Smackdown as well.

RAW Hype! Acolytes vs. Kaienti is next! Show the Japanese woman presenting the challenge clip again.

Commercial..last one..thank God!

Acolytes come out. Sweet new music too!

Kaienti comes out next with new music of their own..but it sucks! They wave their Japanese flags to piss the crowd off as they come down.

Match #5 Acolytes vs. Kaienti in a "technical wrestling only" match
Farooq starts with Funaki, as Farooq tries various holds. Farooq tags in Bradshaw, and he immediately nails Funaki with a clothesline from hell!! It's now all out Chaos, as the Acolytes literally kill the Kaienti. They hit them with chairs, off the top rop inverted slams, Dominators, and a few powerbombs to say the least. Ref DQs them for not being technical.
Winners: Kaienti via DQ

The End.

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