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Welcome everyone, back to the column that packs a punch daily..... it's the Phat Daily Column. (Applaud) There are no Pay Per Views to hype, damn it, and there won't be any next week, either. Hmm, what to do, what to do?

It was interesting to see Venus Williams just manhandle her sister, Serena, in the US Open Finals this year. Venus seemed to have that intimidation factor against her younger sister, which is understandable. So why the hell did I bring this up right now? Besides laughing at the WWF for being pre-empted by the US Open for so many years (and dogshows, too), did you notice the major hype for a match featuring the sisters? It was all over the newspapers and talked about on all of the television networks.

In wrestling, many of the feuds featuring brother vs. brother, the real life ones, have added an extra drama that you just don't get in any other kind of match or feud. The biggest example of this was the Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart feud that went on during 1994. Their match at Wrestlemania 10 will always remain to be one of the best opening matches ever, and the crowd was totally into it because of the real life situation presented. In a much smaller case, the Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy match for the Hardcore title a while back was a thriller! It was on a Smackdown, I believe, and it was nothing but drama unfolding.

Hell, even the made up brother vs. brother feuds have interest. Undertaker vs. Kane was a good feud in 1997-1998, and the current Edge and Christian break up is strong because of the family implications. It amazes me that this method isn't tried more, but if they would ever totally over do it, everyone in the WWF would be related some how. Could we go for the WVWF, the West Virginia Wrestling Federation? Ok, I'm just poking fun at West Virginia since they beat my college, Ohio University, in football yesterday.

Oh! Speaking of football, check out my NFL Predictions by Clicking Here. Those who know me, know that Mr. Tito is a BIG NFL mark. I'm a die-hard 49ers fan, and a big Fantasy Football player. I'm currently in a league where I won $100 and a big trophy, last year, by taking 1st place against some fierce competition. Hopefully, my team can repeat and lay the smackdown on the other teams. With the NFL predictions, I'll try to do this every week, unless I get a bad negative reaction to it or if it becomes a burden on my time.

I think I'll do my Best of Backyard Wrestling Volume 2 video review tomorrow. If anyone knows Rick Mahr, the man who is behind this video, or Nightmare, a wrestler from the video, please let them know that I'm reviewing their stuff tomorrow, if you will.....

Oh darn. I missed WWF Excess for the 3rd straight week. Even with Booker T on the show, I could really care less to watch that show. Give me a reason, like WRESTLING MATCHES to watch it, and I will. I might catch Mtv Heat, though, to see the Bookerman there and to catch Tajiri vs. Tommy Dreamer as well. Hell, Kanyon vs. Scotty 2 Hotty and Chuck Palumbo vs. Spike Dudley looks good, too. Hmmmm...

But in reality, I don't watch Excess because I really feel that I don't have to. Easy as that. The WWF is filtering any questions sent to the wrestlers, and eventually, they'll run out of interesting guests and it will slowly become a shilling show for anything that Austin or the Rock did on Smackdown or RAW. It's probably that already, but I could really care less to tune in and actually view it. In my opinion, Smackdown and RAW are the only 2 shows that matter to me, and they are the only 2 shows that aim towards a Pay Per View.

I just find it totally hilarious that the WWF is still considering doing a split product with the WWF and the Alliance having their own shows. What a joke. Doesn't the WWF just see that they've already burned up plenty of the WWF vs. ECW/WCW dream matches, along with trashing any credibility of the WCW/ECW wrestlers? The Alliance wrestlers hardly get any heat from the fans, with only a few exceptions. I bet you that the WWF will ship at least 2 of their big stars to the new Alliance show, which is quite stupid.

I just can't believe that the WWF just ruined what could have been a savior angle for their promotion. The WWF vs. ECW/WCW angle could have been MEGA-huge, but the WWF let politics and egos dominate decisions made towards this whole angle. Because of that, Alliance members look like a joke and are only pawns for Steve Austin right now. So sad. I'm sure Eric Bischoff is laughing right now, because he actually made the most of a potentially great angle, the New World Order, while the WWF can't even figure out how to do the interpromotional feud correctly.

Oh well. It's just millions of dollars up in the air, along with any doors opening for any competition to rise up and bite the WWF in the ass, just like WCW did in 1996. No big deal, right?

And Finally, what's up with Jerry Lawler?? It just seems as though his life gets worse and worse, and his good cousin, Honky Tonk Man, is making sure to mention it, too. There's an eye opener of a picture on Honky Tonk Man's site (, I think) about Lawler's soon-to-be ex-wife, the Kat, and Lawler seems to be very regretful for ever leaving the great job at the WWF. This mess just gets worse by the week, and I hope that things get better for Lawler.

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