Rest In Peace Brian Hilderbrand, who was known to us all as Mark Curtis, referee in WCW. He will be missed......

It's PDC time! That's right, welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Finally, the Monday Night ratings are in. Took them long enough! Nah, holidays always hold them back. Oh well. Anyways, let's see how the shows faired this week. So on to the PDC!

Ratings Analysis

Nitro, without any football, RAW, and only US Open tennis to contend with.

First Hour: 3.8
Second Hour: 4.2
Third Hour: 4.4
Composite: 4.1333333

RAW is 11 pm on Eastern Times

First Hour: 4.6
Second Hour: 4.2
Composite: 4.4

-Alrighty, Nitro did improve themselves this week, but ONLY by 0.1. That's horrible, considering that they had NO competition besides US Open tennis which pulled a 1.6. Ok, I've heard the excuse that this weekend was a holiday, so Nitro didn't excell in the ratings. It's somewhat believable, but I still don't buy it. This is Labor Day night, where everyone is getting home in the evening. Before they go to sleep before school the next day, they will tune into some wrestling or even Monday Night Football which was a force last week vs. Nitro. Well, no Monday Night Football, so what can WCW say? They had the opportunity with no other sports or events besides the US Open going on, and they didn't put up super ratings. They had decent midcard wrestling matches, but those matches featured mid-carders which get no heat at all. They also continued their usual confusing angles, as well as a garbage ending with Sid coming down during the Malenko vs. Benoit match. If they put on a spectacular show, then you would see higher ratings later in the show. That didn't happen. All I can say is that WCW just missed their last chance at ever gaining ground on Monday Night Ratings. WWF might as well make Smackdown their #1 show because there is better competition on Thursdays. WCW better start using that million dollars to buy a clue.


-Many are wondering what on earth was the reason for Sid coming down during the Benoit vs. Malenko match during Nitro. That match was easily the best on Nitro, and fans, even true WCW marks, are F'N pissed about Sid coming down. Why did that happen? Well, some reports have said that Benoit and Malenko refused to lose for that match, and the result was Sid coming down to interfere. That's not the case. Benoit and Malenko are close friends, and I'm sure they wouldn't mind losing to each other(if it was true, that's not a friendship). Sid coming down was most likely a booking mistake, which WCW is trying to escape by giving Benoit a title shot next Monday. This pretty much sums up that Benoit will lose the US title at Fall Brawl.

-I keep hearing about a KISS/WCW pay per view. Basically, this whole deal with KISS and WCW was leading to this. Whether it will be a hit or not is something to look foward to, but early indications, like KISS's live performance on Nitro not drawing higher ratings would prove that it wouldn't be a large success. Many are wondering why the Demon wasn't around this past Monday. Well, that was yet another poor booking mistake. Instead of giving a wrestling debut or at least an angle with the Demon, they had many no-heat mid-card matches instead.


-Whoa. According to Micasa from Keller, there will now be an six way dance between Kane, Rock, Undertaker, Big Show, Mankind, and Triple H for the World Title. That's going to hurt the complexity of the WWF's pay per view, as you are taking all of the top wrestlers and putting them into one match. I have heard rumors that Stone Cold might be referee, but it's uncertain because he might not show up on Smackdown. Triple H will be doomed to lose the World Title this match, and my money is on the Rock walking out with the title. The others don't seem to as over as the Rock right now, who has become by far and away the WWF's top draw now. I hope Unforgiven can hurry up and make some matches without the six in the main event, or it's going to be a long undercard.

-It seems that Ken Shamrock will put Chris Jericho over in some capacity, since Ken Shamrock is very due to begin training for UFC. He will put him over, as the WWF knows his career is dwindling. Heck, Lucas even stated a few weeks ago that Ken Shamrock will never recieve a title shot since he's leaving for UFC. That's a shame to see Shamrock leave. Not to bash UFC at all, because those guys are great, but the WWF would be best for Shamrock. He has a family to worry about, and the WWF is less strain on the body, and much more money. He should think of his future, and not what he used to love doing..and that's been years since he's been there.

@That's it for today's edition. So until the next edition, just chill.

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