Welcome to another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I would have whipped up a column yesterday, but I just had a blank stare at the computer while I was typing my introduction. I've had a long week of lost sleep and oddly enough, piles of homework to fucking do in my first week to start the Fall Quarter at college. It happens.

It was nice of many DVD owners to point out that I forgot a match in my ECW Hardcore History video review. I guess they just overlooked the fact that I put (VHS) by the video's title in the review. This point was made for my "FINGER OF SHAME" thing about the Rob Van Dam picture on the back cover of the video's box. Well, it's true for the VHS version, and Pioneer could have just simply replaced RVD's picture with another wrestler instead. However, they didn't, hence the confusion on anyone who wasn't aware of the DVD's match content when looking at the picture. It's still false advertising on the VHS version of Hardcore History. Thank you.

But when will I give into DVD? Not until the technology for DVD becomes better and cheaper. It took many years for the Compact Disc to improve its technology to become a reliable form of multimedia, as I suspect it will do the same for DVD. I also have a feeling that VHS video prices on newer material will begin to really rise soon, which was the same thing that happened with cassettes. Once cassettes saw a price hike, while CD technology was getting better, I gave into that. So once the same situation occurs with DVDs and VHS videos, I'll probably give in.

However, with movies and whatnot, I don't purchase them as much as I do with music. The only videos that I purchase are wrestling ones, while I get my movies off of premium cable networks, such as HBO, Showtime, and Starz. I don't care to rent much, either, since I actually see a good bit of films in the theaters with Mrs. Tito each month. I mainly use the VCR to watch wrestling tapes or to view anything that I recorded off the television to watch at a later time.

Therefore, a DVD player is nearly worthless to me unless you can record of the television, really. I don't really think I'd buy one just to view just wrestling DVD's, or at least not yet. Besides, I doubt I'll be buying many wrestling videos, anyway, since the recent WWF ones have been poor, with too much shilling towards the main eventers. ECW ones are the only videos that I have any interest in right now.

I did, however, buy one more video to review very soon. I couldn't resist my urges, and after watching (and laughing) some of the taped shows that the VWF sent me, I gave in and bought Best of Backyard Wrestling: Volume 2 to review for a future edition of the PDC. It's like the video was speaking to me, anyway, whenever I was in my local Sam Goody or Suncoast Video stores. Look for that in the near future... maybe Monday? Possibly Sunday.

Other than that, I don't know what media there is to review. I'll probably get the "Tough Enough" soundtrack, and I think I'm going to aim for getting some books out of the way, like Mick Foley's latest book, which I REALLY want to read. I just wish I had time and an actual salary to look over all of this stuff. I guess it's too bad that I have to work and go to school.

Week in Review is now on.

Weird week for the WWF, time wise. First, RAW was on a holiday, Labor Day. That provided a very low rating of a 4.6, which is the lowest since the Rock's return, I think? You could blame the holiday, but I blame week after week of lame sports entertainment and overexposure of Steve Austin as well. Because Smackdown took away some precious viewers from the PUSSY Mtv Video Music Awards last year, Viacom used their muscle to put Smackdown on Tuesday instead of its regular Thursday. However, this provided for a LIVE Smackdown, which was good. The show's rating was much weaker in the Tuesday slot, which I thought could have been from poor promoting on the WWF's part about the one time switch. It's like that one year when the NBA playoffs pre-empted WCW, and none of their fans knew anything about it. Tuesday's Smackdown scored a 3.4 in the ratings.

The WWF made a BAD mistake in signing KroniK. They'll pay for it in the long-run, because Bryan Adams and Brian Clarke are nothing but cancers to a locker room. Back in WCW, they were refusing to job to wrestlers, left and right, especially when they held the Tag Titles. Even worse, they came to the WWF because the Undertaker is quite close to Adams. That presents a problem because the 'Taker will use his stroke to help Kronic, and this comes at a time when the Undertaker isn't exactly liked by other WWF workers, these days, for his refusal to put over other talent. Also, how long will it take the Parents Television Council (PTC) to notice that the WWF has a team named Kronic? I'm sure that the PTC would remind the WWF's advertisers that the product that's sponsored has a drug reference of a tag team on its roster.

Lots of weird talent moves this week. First off, Billy Silverman QUIT the WWF this week, probably after putting up with the WWF's arrogance about their main event guys or McMahons. He was a fine referee. Sean O'Haire will be getting sent to a WWF developmental territory. He certainly needs it, after not showing the flash he had in WCW. Oh wait, he was actually allowed to do offense in WCW, as opposed to the WWF, where he must act weak, just like anyone who came from WCW. Oh well, at least Chuck Palumbo is appreciated, and should be getting something of a singles angle shortly. Finally, the WWF signed Paisley, and she'll be heading down to the OVW for training. It was said that Paisley was beginning to gain a certain "knack" for wrestling, for the time she spent at the Power Plant, as opposed to the other WCW valets. Good for her that she's been signed by the WWF.

Finally, the break up of Edge/Christian FINALLY occurred, after a long time of teasing it. There's great worry, however, that Christian's status in the WWF could be greatly affected after his feud with Edge, which I presume will last 2 months. What else can he do? Many have considered him to be too small in size, which is evident in his match against the Rock. He's better off as a tag wrestler, or maybe he could attack the Lightweight division. That's a pipe dream, however, since it doesn't look as though X-Pac will be defending that title much anymore.

Other than that, it's been a slow major news week since Smackdown was live on Tuesday. Usually, a lot of the insider news is held back for spoiler reasons, but not this week. Let's give out some awards.

-Match of the Week-

Rob Van Dam vs. Steve Austin from Smackdown

No match was even close. In a match booked to my surprise, RVD and Austin headlined Smackdown in a weird clashing of styles. Austin is mostly a technical wrestler, and RVD is nothing but a spot machine. The match started with Austin basically beating the shit out of RVD, I guess as somewhat of an intimidation for the Alliance. Hell, Austin even no sold the suplex on the steel ramp to continue pounding on RVD.

Then, out of no where, VANDAMINATOR. This move would actually bust Austin open, but probably at a freak accident. At least I hope so, and I hope that the WWF thinks so, too. After that, RVD tried his 5-Star, which missed. Austin nailed the Stone Cold Stunner, but got cocky. To taunt Kurt Angle, Austin decided to whip on an Ankle Lock on RVD. Then, immediately, Medal hits and Austin becomes distracted. This allows for RVD to score the roll up victory, which is a HUGE win for not only RVD, but for the respect of his work in ECW as well. ECW marks need to see that.

A weird debate has popped up to whether this is a clean win or not. I say it is, for the simple fact that Austin decided to become distracted by the music. It's a tactical error on his part, which he could have avoided. Hence, the roll-up pinning victory is clean because of Austin's own discretion to be distracted. If I was doing the old Phat Stats for Smackdown, I'd mark it as a Clean Win on that condition. Again, it was Austin's choice to become distracted.

-Best Tag Team-

Dudley Boyz

Ok, I'm sick and tired of giving this award to the Dudleys, every week! The WWF's consistant tag teams have dwindled, especially now, since Edge and Christian are through. Dudleys were on two winning teams this week, where they won the #1 contender's spot on RAW, and they won a Six-man match with Booker T, too.

I'm worried that they won't be able to use their #1 contendership, especially since Kronic is now in the WWF. Let's see here... Undertaker has a tag belt, and power backstage. Would he want to defend/lose them to the Dudleys, or a team with one of his closest friends? Thought so.

-Surprise of the Week-

Rob Van Dam's Victory on Smackdown

My jaw dropped when I saw RVD get the win over Austin. I simply couldn't believe it. Somebody better check hell, cause it might have just froze over.

The fact is that RVD is proving to be a model worker for the WWF, instead of the expected headcase because of his attitude back in 1997, where RVD rubbed certain WWF officials the wrong way, I suppose. Not even Chris Benoit or Chris Jericho, with a year or more seniority in the WWF, could get a victory on Austin in a one-on-one match. RVD did, and he just arrived in the WWF a few short months ago. Simply amazing.

-FINGER OF SHAME of the Week-

TNN - The National Network of Arrogance

Since the ECW Hardcore History VHS Rob Van Dam picture isn't of relevance to this week's action, TNN takes the cake for the worst of this week in wrestling. In a recent press release, TNN basically jacked off over their ratings for Labor Day. Now, Labor Day was on a Monday, and that means that the highest rated show on Cable was on, right? No, RAW is WAR hardly got credit for it.

Instead of mentioning their true anchor of the Labor Day programming, TNN was really putting over their Star Trek marathon as the REAL reason for the 160% ratings increase over last year's Labor Day. HA! That's such horseshit! RAW is the real reason why TNN even had an increase in the first place, since RAW was pimping out the Star Trek stuff to begin with, in previous weeks. But does that get any credit? Of course not, because TNN doesn't appreciate the help that the WWF has given to them to keep their station from actually surviving.

When the Viacom contract runs out, the WWF should really look into leaving them for another network, or returning to USA, because Viacom has no real respect for them, whatsoever.

Also with TNN, they badly botched the end of RAW, which helps their FINGER OF SHAME honor, as well.

By the way, did you hear about the opening Michael Jackson concert, where the big Jackson 5 reunion was quite costly for fans? They were asking for $2,500 for really good seats, and at least $45 for the extremely shitty seats. Yikes. I, Michael's brother Tito, tried to tell the King of Pop that his asking price on the tickets were way too high, but he obviously didn't listen. What a dickhead.

5. Chris Jericho - Good as usual.

4. Rhyno - I never, as a wrestling fan, expected Rhyno to be this good in the WWF.

3. Steve Austin - Gladly put over RVD without whining. Undertaker should take note.

2. Rock - Solid, other than the many righthands that he threw.

1. Rob Van Dam - Big win over Austin does it. No need to explain any more with a Wrestler of the Week section, as I about summed it all up in two other awards. Rob Van Dam also was a part of a tag match, where Jericho got a pin over him. It should set up a possible Match of the Night at Unforgiven, with Jericho vs. RVD. Great work RVD, and I hope for continued success.

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