Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, it's FRIDAY!!! Today, we will discuss the WWF, and it's many topics and it's many issues. We will also have the wonderful Jackson 5....no, they did NOT reunite yet! I'm talking about the top 5 wrestlers in the WWF for this week. Let's get on to the PDC.


-Smackdown Thoughts-

Yikes! I'm totally screwed for this category now, and just about halfway screwed for the WWF in general. Now that I'm on campus, I no longer get UPN, therefore, I don't get Smackdown down here.

I could have been a dirty trickster and lie that I saw the show, but I just can't do that. So what am I to do? Without Smackdown, it limits my Jackson 5 big time, it almost kills the Show of the Week, and it also has a majority chunk out of this column every Friday. I don't know what to possibly do now?

If you have any ideas for what I could do instead, I'd love to hear them. ECW and WCW are covered, but I'm hurting on the WWF without Smackdown. Yes, I could watch Livewire, but that's a day after I do the 'WWF Day' column.


From the Smackdown Results (ARGH!!!), I can see that X-Pac got the cheap win over Chris Jericho. Now Jericho is way above X-Pac now, which only means that the WWF intends to do something, possibly new, with X-Pac. I say Thank God.

Ever since his awesome arrival in 1998 when he told Eric Bischoff to 'put that in your pipe and smoke it', his career has become lame in the WWF. He helped revolutionize the WWF with his entrance, and he made a good European Champ. After that....well, he fought someone here, fought someone there. He would later start siding with Kane until the WWF got the idea to reform DX.....again.

He would do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for DX, maybe winning some decent tag matches, for several months. The WWF then got the idea to have the 'friendly feud' between himself and the Road Dogg. That's sort of over(not really), and now he gets a big win over Jericho.

So maybe this is the new direction for X-Pac? I don't know about you, but I especially miss Syxx from WCW. That was Sean Waltman(who is X-Pac) at his best because he was a raw and very cocky heel. Now, he has his DX uniform on and he just does the same moves, over and over and over....

Like his good pal, the Road Dogg, something really needs to be done to revitalize his career. He's still under 30(I believe), and maybe he hasn't hit his prime yet. With that being said, maybe the WWF is finally doing something with him that's worth watching anymore, because before, I was tired of seeing the same kicks, bronco buster, and possible X-Factor finish.

How convenient it must have been for the WWF to announce that Stone Cold would be on RAW, and then quickly switch it to Smackdown. Yeah, I know, "technical difficulties". Well anyway, all I can say is THANK GOD HE'S BACK. Like Austin or not, you have to admit he brings that extra kind of energy that the WWF needs to be extra strong. With the current performers, the WWF can either be higher in the ratings or lower. Stone Cold always keeps a consistant number, and with what is said to be a better Stone Cold than he was before his injury, things can only look up for the WWF.

Of course, let's hope that Summerslam 1999 attitude doesn't show up again(he refused to drop the title to Triple H).

Good Lord, Jesse Ventura has agreed to be the moderator of the Smackdown debate between Al Gore and George Dubya Bush. You know, with all of these arguments over where the debates will be held and whatever, why not grow the balls and accept the Smackdown challenge? You might think it's ridiculous Gore and Bush, but do you realize that Smackdown won the 18-34 demographic for adults in ratings last week?

Seriously. What would you rather want to watch if you were a NON wrestling fan? Two guys, in a room, at their stands bitching at each other, or would you want to see those same two guys in front of a HUGE wrestling crowd on one of the successes of television. Good God, the Smackdown debate would be a MUCH larger forum than one of those stupid scheduled debates. Think about it!


First Hour: 4.2
Second Hour: 4.2
Composite: 4.2


Sunday Night Heat: 1.8
Livewire: 1.5
Superstars: 1.4

Blame the low ratings for RAW on a few things. One, it was the day MOST of America was starting school. I was starting college, and I know of many other local schools around here that were as well...on the East Coast. So an 11 to 1 time is bad for that reason. Also, the Monday Night Football game finished just after 12, which probably wore out the attention spans of television viewers. It was a damn good game, which could pound out the excitement of "sports entertainment". Still, Nitro exploded in hour 2, which should keep the WWF on their toes. I'm VERY sure the WWF will bust their asses next week for RAW is WAR to guarantee that they are the show to watch on Mondays.

Both Livewire and Superstars are doing well, which could mean a few things. One, it's showing that the demand for the WWF is up since everyone wants to watch these shows, or two, nobody wants to stay up late anymore, so they watch Livewire and/or Superstars to catch up....which is what I'll have to do now, thanks to this campus not having UPN. Oh, but they can have WB, which gets much lower ratings than UPN now!

WWF Heat dropped, badly, but it wasn't really advertised the way it should have been. US Open tennis screws the WWF again.

Many are suggesting that this delay for the appeal in the USA Networks vs. the WWF case is that USA might have an actual chance now. Well, i wouldn't say that, as good old USA is the channel that is pre-empting the WWF this week, although the WWF is always the ratings leader. That's definately not the case! I just think it's our judicial system, which is always slow on decision. So for those who LOVE WWF on USA, don't get your hopes up.

The Jackson 5

5. Chris Jericho- Good willing competitor, always doing the job when asked. When will he actually get a big win though?

4. Chris Benoit- Always dependable for a great match.

3. Eddie Guerrero- Mamma-Cita! Your NEW Intercontinental champion, and I hear he's leaning back to evil Eddie now. When Eddie Guerrero is in true heel form, you can do wonders with him. Poor WCW never saw the potential when he used to force his nephew to wear "Eddie Guerrero is my Favorite Wrestler" t-shirts, with "Cheat to Win" on the back. Shame, shame, shame.

2. Triple H- Easily manhandled Test on RAW, and from Smackdown, I see that he beat both T&A in a match. Whatever match he wrestles anymore, he works hard to make it look good!

1. The Rock- I applaud the Rock for letting Christian pin him on RAW. It shows you what a honorable man he is, and what a company man he is as well. He's not like those assholes in WCW, like Nash, Goldberg, or Steiner!

@That's all for today. As for UPN, don't worry, I'll rally up some troops here and demand UPN just like I did at home when I didn't have it; I eventually got UPN at home when myself and many others started calling in! Please check out I Know What You Did Last Monday at the Phat Pharm.

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