Never fear, PDC is here!! Ha, welcome back. For those of you who were wondering where the PDC was on the early morning yesterday, well, it wasn't made yet. I have classes early that morning, so I didn't stay up to make the column, so I made it in the afternoon. You'll be seeing a lot of that, but I will try hard to make the column at some point everyday. This is #165, so I'm closing in on Goldberg(ha). No WCW-WWF ratings due to the holiday weekend. Anyways, on to the PDC.


-This week's ECW on TNN show pulled a 1.025 in the ratings this week, which is up from last week's rating(0.9). This is great news for ECW and TNN, as this shows that the word is beginning to get out a little. It is a shame, however, that the show is at 8 pm on Fridays because many, like myself, go out on Friday Nights. Hey, I wonder if ratings register when you tape it on your VCR using a timer? Anyways, I'm just hoping that the 18 minutes or so of commercials didn't scare anyone away. I'm sure those darn Monster Truck Madness commercials with Kevin Nash is enough to scare someone away. I think with the addition of Raven, who came back to ECW, it will generate some interest. ECW, however, needs to have their tapings recent though. Just take a look at last week. If you didn't know the show was taped, then you would have thought that the Dudleys went to WWF on Smackdown, but then they came back to ECW for the heck of it and they won the World Titles as WWF wrestlers. Oh well. I predict that the ECW show will peak around 2.0 or so, but that's the higher you will get on a Friday Night.


-Yesterday, Lucas confirmed that Stone Cold WILL be at Smackdown in some form this Thursday. It makes me wonder why the WWF is pushing the panic button so early, as they seem to be afraid to run their programs without Stone Cold. WWF should, however, let Stone Cold have his time off. Before he left, he had lots of backstage disputes about booking. The longer he was gone, the long things would cool off. It makes me wonder with his return if anything has been cleared up between Austin and the bookers. If he's not there, then his excuse will be 'well, I was at the music awards'. But Smackdown is taped on if he doesn't show up, it shows a continual strain in the relationship between Stone Cold and the WWF.

-Boy, I got a lot of e-mails about this situation. According to Dave Scherer, Viacom, who owns and runs UPN, has bought out CBS. Oh my, what will that mean? Well, CBS is still a high power station. It's much more powerful than UPN. Also, I think there is some kind of Monopoly rule where no corporation can own more than one television station. Now a coporation can own up to as many cable stations as they like, but since CBS and UPN can be obtained without a cable or satellite hook up, having two stations would mean you are attempting to flood the market. Anyways, this means that Viacom either has to sell or fold UPN. They will most likely sell it, since it can do pretty decent. Whatever happens, you know the new WWF show, which I can't get, could be in jeopardy. With the new management since UPN must be sold, the deal could fall through. Or, think of this. What if Viacom decided to mix UPN and CBS together? Still called CBS, but with a younger approach I suppose. Anyways, and what if Viacom puts Smackdown on CBS? Wow! That would be impressive, as CBS comes to anybody's home, and it would get much higher ratings than on UPN. If that were the case, then CBS would two federations under their thumb. Hey, which is the other you ask? Well, CBS owns TNN..and TNN has ECW. Not a bad deal.

-Speaking of WWF's Lucas, as I watched his news thing for the first time at the computer lab in college, I found myself laughing at the end. He called on EVERYONE, and I do mean EVERYONE to start sending him some top quality rumors for him to prove wrong or true in his online news show everyday! So I figured, why not help the good man. So if you are wondering whether or not a rumor is true or false, then send it to

-Well, I've already read the spoilers for Smackdown, and just so you know, I won't reveal the spoilers in this column. Even though I'm so jealous of you all for being able to watch it, I still will keep the PDC Promise, and that is NO SPOILERS! Anyways, it looks to me like a spectacular show, and I'm mad that I don't get to watch it. Anyways, expect some major stuff to happen. Expect a surprise as well. So enjoy it Thursday night. What will make me laugh is when everyone will be confused on how WWF wrestlers are at the MTV Music Awards and at Smackdown at the same time. Those who don't know that Smackdown is taped will be so confused.


-According to Bob Ryder, WCW has released Ciclope, Damien, Super Calo, Mikey Whipwreck, Swoll, 4x4, and Chase Tatum recently. That's not bad, but I'm very sure they could trim more fat. Maybe they could release those who have been taking long times off for no physical reasons. Nah, that would kill half of the company. WCW has a whole ton of wrestlers that they could release, but if they release a whole lot, who will wrestle Saturday Nights?

-Well, Chastity will be leaving in December when her contract runs out. WCW has stated that they would NOT resign her. They probably feel she's worthless now since Hak is always on the shelf, plus I'm sure they are doing this for public relations. No doubt. I don't think WCW took too kindly of the comments made by various media, like TV Guide, about having an ex-pornstar on their programming. That's a shame, as that was then, and she no longer does that kind of stuff. Hey, why not an ECW return when your contract ends? Notice, that she hasn't been released yet. You would figure WCW would axe her, but I think this 'whoever leaves WCW goes ECW' mentallity has now sunk in for WCW. Besides the jobbers above, WCW is going to be very weary of who gets the release.

-Like everyone else, I too got e-mails about the Sid run-in during the great Benoit vs. Malenko match. That was one of the many reasons I failed Nitro yesterday, and many agreed. WCW knows already that they pissed off fans on that one, so they already tried to heal those Nitro wounds by giving Benoit a World Heavyweight title shot at Nitro next week! Don't get your hopes up, however, as Benoit has 'No Chance in Hell' of winning that world title.

-According to Micasa, it seems that Vampiro and ICP have held off signing long term WCW contract due to horrible booking. That's the way to sock it to WCW, as they do give the trio time on Nitro, but they don't really accomplish much. They are really over with fans, either hated or loved, and Vampiro has so much potential it's ridiculous. ICP is mad because they do a lot of jobbing, and they, at times, get squashed in matches. ICP has worked hard at their wrestling fundamentals lately, so why not let them win once? As for Vampiro, they should book him in some stronger matches. He deserves it, as I feel he is one of the most talented WCW wrestlers there.

@Great day for news!!! Well, hopefully, those darn Monday Night ratings will come in later today. Until the next Phat Daily Column, just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, lean, mean, buffed and jacked, signing off!!

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