Ain't nothing like Chunder baby, today's PDC is gonna be crazy. It's WCW day! Yipee! Horray! Today, we will discuss Thunder, that wonderful show, WCW issues, always an easy topic to discuss, and finally, the Jackson 5, because knowing your ABCs is a good thing. So without anymore of an introduction, on to the PDC!


-Thunder Thoughts-

Although the Bret Hart 'shoot' was indeed a work, it was one of the better ones that I've heard. It actually sounded truthful, and I bet it fooled those without the luxury of wrestling internet news. Of course, he did slightly mention beating Vince McMahon in it, as he agreed not to before. He did make an excellent point during his interview, which makes a lot of sense why he protects Vince Russo: Russo was the only one giving him World Title Shots. Good God, how truthful that was. Bischoff with Hogan making him scream 'who's your daddy?', never let Bret Hart have a chance on top, but Russo did. Of course, Russo turned Bret heel with the NWO 2000 and ruined him, so we can't give Russo that much credit.

Ok, let's look at something here. Both 3 Count and the Filthy Animals are two very talented, but yet smaller teams. Usually, they can make their opponents look very good. However, we had the no-selling Kronic and the untalented Harris Boys facing each. Ugh!! Thank God WCW is making these guys face at the Pay Per View against each other because it will A) provide for a good bathroom/pizza run break and B) it will show the bookers how terrible these teams are when they stink up the place against each other.

Whooo! My Sting beat the Juggalo Championshit Wrestling World Champ, Vampiro! I was rubbing that in with Mr. Juggalo today, who was crying for the loss. I will give ICP credit though.... they do make pretty good announcers. Of course, I'm not sure how they'd be for a whole night and not just one match. Hopefully, Sting and the Great Muta just feud with each other and let the Juggalos be in their own world.

Poor team Canada...they had to get destroyed by Goldberg. Yeah, that kinda takes the credibility out of your US Champ when Goldberg destroys you in moments. Did anybody notice how stiff Goldberg was going with Lance Storm though? Damn that's bullshit, as Storm currently has injured ribs!

Oh my God, I can't believe what they are doing with Mike Awesome. Does anybody in WCW realize what a talented wrestler this guy truly is???

-Ratings Analysis-


First Hour: 3.2
Second Hour: 4.0
Composite: 3.6

Good God, that second hour is excellent! That was against an awesome first hour of Monday Night Football, pitting the Rams vs. Broncos(great game!). That shows that when you go the extra effort, the ratings will show. I proved that with the Time Machine the other day with the Battle Royal Thunder, the old timers vs. Jarrett Nitro, and US title tourney were success because they were different from the usual interview-angle-match schedule that many other shows follow.

Did this give WCW a boost? Time will only tell. If Thunder gets higher than a 2.5, then we can say WCW has something to build off of. The real test, however, will be the return of Monday Night RAW to the regular time slot for the East Coast. It should be interesting to see if WCW is willing to go the extra effort against some stiffer cometition.


WCW officially said that Time Warner execs were the ones refusing to use Scott Hall for the finish to Nitro this past Monday. Well, all I can say is GOOD. Lord knows we don't need drunken Scott Hall ruining his life, once again, as a part of the wrestling business. No matter how many chance you give Hallcoholic, he'll ALWAYS mess up. In fact, I'm happy for people like Brad Siegal keeping out worthless guys like Hall out of the WCW locker room. Scott Hall is trouble, and until he has someone watching him 24-7 to stop his problems, he will NOT get better.

Good God, if you haven't seen the figures for Thunder at Texas A&M yet, then you should hide. According to Keller, only 1,745 people paid to see the show!!! That's on a University no less, and only 1,745 paid to see that show!!!!!!!!!! Oh my God, that's terrible for WCW. Jaymz, who writes that educational column entitled Dead Bodies Everywhere, was there with free tickets and he said the arena was empty in many parts. Yep, WCW better hope that Wargames 2000 will draw back fans.

Vince Russo is said to be hurt lately from recent action in the ring. Gee, maybe that's a clue for him to not try to kill himself in the ring and possibly stay out of the ring completely. Guys like Russo, the McMahons, and many more non wrestlers need to realize that they are not professionals. Funny, because that's what wrestlers say about Backyard Wrestlers, but yet their bosses are allowed to perform untrained.

Any talk of suspending Bill Goldberg for his actions yet? NO! Lord knows WCW can't punish their poster boy!

The Jackson 5

5. Scott Steiner- It somewhat seems that Steiner is actually listening to bookers for once in his life, and that's good enough to make this list. Plus, he showed up on Thunder for once!

4. Booker T- Booker T had the hard task of making his brother look decent. Now that's hard to do, almost impossible in fact. How could one brother be very talented and not the other? Oh well. Booker T was the first to get the title this Monday at Wargames, but he eventually lost it. Booker T took Thunder off to rest that ailing, does Nash show up on Thunder anymore? No.

3. Jeff Jarrett- Poor Jarrett didn't have just one guy to work with this time in the 3 tier cage. You'll have that. Thank God Jarrett ruined Awesome's stupid skit!

2. Sting- Good week for Sting, as he defeated Vampiro cleanly in a hard fought match on Thunder, and he wrestled decent in Wargames 2000. It should be known that Sting was never a strong specialty match guy, so that won't be held against him. Also, he defeated both Muta and Vampiro, also on Nitro...rather quickly too.

1. Bill Goldberg- Ugh, I hate doing this, but Bill Goldberg looked very good this week. Although he acted invincible, you can't deny those awesome moves on the Natural Born Thrillers Monday Night. Hey, he did sell the Steiner Recliner this week, as I bet he had no choice though. Please make him less invulnerable though.

You mean to tell me that the World Champ and Wargames 2000 winner Kevin Nash isn't here? Anybody who plays politics and buys too many pairs of kneepads won't make this list, thank you.

Wreslte Palooza Audio Show!

@That's all for today. I'll be back with an odd version of WWF Day since I no longer get Smackdown, since this campus doesn't have UPN! Damn it!!! Livewire looks really good right now. I'll see you tomorrow.

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