PDC is the name, and straight Monday Night shooting is my game. Did Nitro put up a super show in effort to capture some loyal WWF viewers? Did anyone, meaning more younger viewers, stay up to watch RAW this Monday? Well, we'll find out when the ratings come in later today, and I'll have them in the column tomorrow. So until then, you'll have to settle for the Monday Night Impressions. On to the PDC.


Why? That's all I have to say. Why. WCW missed it's opportunity completely Monday. To me, they are in trouble now, as I highly doubt any hardcore WWF fan would stop watching RAW for this week's show. A few things were decent, like the Luchadore match, the Bret Hart return, Benoit vs. Malenko, and the final cage match was ok. But other things, like no-heat midcard matches. The crowd, to me, was quiet through all of those weak midcard matches. When you have Spadea vs. Krajicek for the USA US Open coverage(which they aren't too popular to attract ratings anyways), no Monday Night Football, and no RAW is WAR in head to head competition in the East, why wouldn't you have the most stacked card of all time to attract new viewers? Sure, some matches were ok to watch, but to someone who loves the WWF angles, they are just going to go back to watching RAW next week when it comes back to it's timeslot. It seems that WCW has become very lazy, and they really don't care about ratings anymore. Ratings equal more revenue, and wouldn't that be nice to pay those extremely high contracts? I really doubt that Million dollar giveaway will attract viewers. I doubt you could pay me a million dollars to sit through another edition like this. I also thought it was horrible at the end with cutting it off when Luger and Sting were going at it. It makes no sense, just like it makes no sense to bust your balls to put on a supershow without any competition!!! Just for dropping the ball on a great opportunity, I'm giving Nitro an big fat


for it's lack of effort to attract new viewers. Since Nitro didn't put much effort into their show, I won't bother putting any effort into Phat Stats a nice organized impressions. WCW doesn't deserve it.


USA will get some phonecalls about last night's show- I'm sure the phone at USA network is ringing off the hook for some of the things RAW had last night. Stuff like Jackie taking a major ass kicking by Jeff Jarrett, Mark Henry's escort with the VERY short skirt, the women's hardcore match, the sledge hammer, and especially Bob Holly's Karen Carpenter comments will get them some phone calls. As for Bob Holly, he called one of the Hardy's Karen Carpenter when he wanted one of them to get on the scale. For those who don't know who she was, please click HERE. She struggled with anorexia, and eventually died from heart failure caused by anorexia. That comment was too wrong by Bob Holly, and I'm sure somebody will get yelled at for that comment. Also, the women played a large role, but for very lewd reasons. Jacquelyn got hammered by Jeff Jarrett. One could say 'yeah, if she wants to wrestle the men, she should be treated like a man'. True, but Jarrett really pounded her, and after the match he destroyed her with a guitar shot. That's wrong. Also, Ivory and Torri both wrestled in the back with G-strings completely exposed, and Torri's breast was also showing through her wet bra. Good thing it was late at night for the East for that match, or it would have given a parent a heart attack. Also, I don't really think that was a skirt worn one of Mark Henry's escorts. That was more like a tight t-shirt. No complaints from me, but I'm sure the WWF will get it for this night.

Kane in the spotlight!- Wow, is Kane getting pushed? First, he gets pounded by Triple H with a damn sledge hammer, and then he comes back and clears Chyna, Shane, and Triple H in the ring when the show ends. I was thinking that X-Pac would run down and turn on Kane since he didn't show up earlier, and then join Triple H. Oh well, maybe it will be on Smackdown. I hope Kane is getting pushed, because he deserves the world title more than anyone in the WWF for jobbing willingly to any wrestler.

An Apology- Yes, I gotta speak on this! Lately, and many of you keep insisting that Smackdown isn't the #1 show for the WWF, I've been a bitch about this whole Smackdown ordeal. Why? Just look at tonight. Many wrestlers kept saying 'we'll settle this on Smackdown' or 'I challenge you to a match on Smackdown'. Also, Jim Ross kept hinting the return of Stone Cold on Smackdown. You see why I keep complaining? Maybe I never realize that maybe they are having better shows on Smackdown because RAW is on at a later time in the East. Also, maybe the WWF is just beefing up the shows to get viewers since it's new. I'm just furious because I can't see Smackdown everyweek, and everyone keeps telling me what a great show it is. I'm a little shakey on the WWF lately because I can't see the show since the major stuff is on there lately. For everyone, I apologize for constantly complaining about this, but if you didn't have a good wrestling show that everyone else is watching, I'm sure you would understand.

Dudley Boys- I can't wait to see Dudleys vs. Acolytes. That's one to tape, since it will be filled with violence! I was mad when I saw Buh Buh do the interview, and how he was stuttering. Apparently, the WWF told the Dudleys before they came into the WWF not to say anything that would cause the crowd to riot like they have done before in ECW. Plus, ECW fans can take it. They know it was just a joke, but the WWF audience, unless they get ECW Hardcore, would take it more seriously if Buh Buh told off the crowd.

Hardy Jobbers!- All I can say is get out of the Brood Hardys! When you lose to the Holly's, even though they are superheavyweights, cleanly, you should consider doing something to improve yourselves. That is getting rid of Gangrel, who only holds other talent down.

Triple H vs. Mr. Ass- Hey, Triple H is the world champ, and he doesn't mind wrestling Mr. Ass. Well, maybe he shouldn't have. Mr. Ass missed many spots last night, as he completely messed up the Famouser and something off the top rope. Good heel vs. heel match besides that miscommunication.

Other stuff!- Blackman couldn't get heat even if he had crowd noise machines around, Val Venis had me laughing after his comments in the restroom towards Big Show, odd stuff with the Mean Street Posse vs. Stooges and Test with Meat no longer wanting to be Meat, and I doubt Edge and Christian would win the World Titles from Rock and Mankind, unless someone cheated for them.

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 9 <---In 2 hours, not bad
Clean Wins: 6<--very nice. Since Mr. Ass cheated during the main event, I considered the main event a clean win since Triple H finished him cleanly.
Screwjobs: 3
Diqualifications: Not a damn thing
No Contests: Zilch!

======$$Considering this is late night, I will say it was a pretty good show. This show wouldn't be the best one to show to a little one, as it was one of dirtiest RAW's I've seen in a while. But oh well, if you can't take it like Vince McMahon says, just turn the channel. This week's RAW gets a Titograde of a


for a not-so-bad show that was on late at night for us here in the East. Hopefully, RAW returns with lots of heat next week to prove me wrong that it's still WWF's #1 show.

Overall, a long 5 hours of wrestling for me. I only wish the first 3 hours were better, because that would have been great.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-According to Dave Meltzer through Calvin Martin, Eric Bischoff was very pissed at the WCW booker who booked the Saturn vs. Sid match. I didn't realize it when I read the results until now about that ending Sid's streak, although they shamelessly continue it. Eric Bischoff was furious about this, and almost fired the booker. Hey Bischoff, if you were actually at the Thunder event, maybe you could have prevented that crap from happening you lazy president! I'm glad it happened, because Bischoff deserved it. (Notice the proper credit, unlike many news reports that I saw with this news yesterday without it.)

-Doh, I keep forgetting to mention something about this. WCW will be releasing a CD later this fall, but you expect it to be themes? Well, according to Al Isaacs last week, the CD will NOT contain themes, but a compilation of various artists. Ok, well it will have 'God of Thunder' by KISS and the ICP theme that Vampiro has. Oh yeah, it also has 'Crush Em' by Megadeth, but if you listened closely last night, Goldberg came down to his old theme. That's garbage, as I get off on themes. Oh well, can't have everything you want from WCW.

-With ECW becoming big with the new TV deal, it seems that a few wrestlers want to come back to where they sold out on. Hak, who used to known as the Sandman there, has expressed lately, as many reported, that he wanted to come back to ECW because he's not to thrilled in WCW since they have pretty much ended Hardcore style matches. Recently, I saw in a Paul Heyman interview(I forget where, sorry), that Heyman would NOT welcome back Hak or Jim Fullington or Sandman. He didn't like how he left ECW, plus Hak wouldn't want to come back if it weren't for the new television deal. As for Raven, he left peacefully and he gave notice when he left. Raven needed a payoff for his hardwork that he does in wrestling, so that's why he left ECW. He truly missed ECW, and for the past year he's always wanted to come back. Besides, the fans, the lockerroom, and Paul Heyman welcomed Raven back when WCW released him. As for Public Enemy...well, I think they are still stuck in WCW even though they want to return to ECW, but in that same Heyman interview, he stated he would never let Public Enemy back in ECW for leaving them without notice and skipping out on shows to put the Dudley Boys over back then.

@That's it for today's column. Please keep in mind that this column is of my opinions, and it's nothing to go crazy about. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and always remember that this column is OPINIONATED.

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