Welcome back to the one and ONLY Phat Daily Column. Oh my God! No ratings today, as it's delayed by the Labor Day weekend! Oh my God, what am I to do??? Well, we'll improvise, plus, there are a lot of views of last night's shows going around. How about we............

Feedback that Ass up!

That was the best Nitro main event ever! How can you bash it like you did yesterday?

Simple. Look at the performers. Sting, Scott Steiner, Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, and Kronic are guys who are either too old for a match like this or just aren't that innovative anymore to make this kind of match look real good.

Jeff Jarrett did well with DDP, although dumbass David Arquette was involved, but this time around, he only really had Booker T to work with. Even then, they couldn't carry the rest of the guys in the 3 cages.

But the main thing was that it was centered around Kevin Nash, and Kevin Nash only. That so called swerve was not well organized. Their fake dissention did nothing to affect that faces for the match, nor did it fool them.

The only cool thing was that Bret Hart, and NOT Scott Hall, stopped Goldberg from leaving the cage. However, it came from after Goldbore breaking handcuffs which were attached to the ropes. Ugh.

Other sites enjoyed Nitro. Why didn't you?

Well, first off, I don't care what those other sites say. If I did, this would NOT be named Mr. Tito's Phat Daily Column. Plus, I was one of the first to grade the shows on the internet, so we'll leave it at that. Also, we'll see who's right once RAW returns to regular time next Monday.

Let's kick it old school........


-You see that stuff with Bill Goldberg and Evan Karagias? Looks like another example of how WCW needs to grow some balls and enforce something on Goldberg. Here is a guy who did NOT have his pay cut in half during his injury, and a guy who refuses to go along with any booking plans. But oh no, we won't suspend him; although his appearances on television don't show for much on the ratings, now do they?

-Oh joy, Bret Hart will be doing a shoot interview.....SMELL THE RATINGS!!!!!!! WCW really wanted Bretty to shoot on Vince McMahon(if you don't know about this, please watch Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows) about their past. Bret, then, refused. I guess we'll see tonight on Thunder!

Speaking of Chunder, here is a NON Spoiler preview:

Lt. Loco vs. Kwee Wee
3 Count vs. Kronic
Crowbar vs. Shane Douglas
Vampiro vs. Sting
Harris Boyz vs. Filthy Animals
Odd main event that I won't reveal

If you want to read the Spoilers to this show, thanks the man, the myth, the legend, Jaymz, then Click Here.

WCW.com Preview

Vampiro vs. Sting, in what I hope to be the finale of this feud. Both wrestlers could be made better off by advancing to another feud, or at least I'd think so.

Oh joy, David Flair will address the questions of Ric Flair showing up for his wedding this Monday. Maybe Ric Flair will drug up Ms. Hancock and marry her to really make it look like a WWF copy. But like I've said before, Ric is already married in real life, and at least he has some morals to strike down a stupid idea of Russo's.

The Natural Born Thrillers are said to have some kind of surprise. Hopefully, they drop the perfect event to become a true, talented stable.


-Rumors are flying everywhere that Raven will be with Kane, in some way or form. I don't agree with that because Raven could be used in a better way: Perry Saturn. Raven brought out the best in Saturn during their days in WCW, and he could very well do the same for Perry in the WWF. What harm could it do? Just look at Perry now: Terri can't get him over. Of course, it seems as though the fans aren't as much into Terri like they currently are in Stephanie, Lita, or Trish Stratus. Point is that nothing is working for Perry Saturn, and Raven could be a great help.

-Alex Bolzich, who was at RAW the other night, said Steven Regal looked terrible during his Dark Match, but the recent word was that Regal would be coming on television real soon. Ugh. I have never really been impressed with Lord Steve Regal. Many say I'm a "wrasslin" fan, but even guys like Regal who are total ground wrestlers bore me to death. Hey, I hear both Dave Taylor and Bobby Eaton are available.....

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