Let's get ready to PDC!!! Well, first off, I want to say Happy Labor day to everyone! This is my last real day off before I get to go back to college. Yay. Anyways, how could a Labor Day be without some wrestling? Well, he have plenty of it. Everyone in the East, like myself, can enjoy no head to head competition with the Monday Night shows. That's great, but 5 straight hours of wrestling. Oh my, but it's all good. Just have to stay up a little later, and I have an early class tomorrow. Can't wait. Enough of this, on to the PDC.


-Tonight could be Nitro's final chance at savaging ratings. NO head to head competition with RAW out East, so they must come up big. Also, there is NO Monday Night Football to contend with. Although I'm a tennis fan, there will be NO competition from the US Open, which is bumping RAW back in a later timeslot for the East. Seize the opportunity WCW. This is a perfect time to put on a blockbuster show. Tonight, Scott Steiner and Bret Hart return to Nitro. This could generate interest. I have heard weak rumors that there might be a possible Hogan vs. Hart main event, but I'm not sure if WCW will let that match go. If it were to happen, Bret Hart would most likely win because A) he deserves it, and B) to attract viewers. Hopefully, the Hummer driver gets revealed, because I'm tired of being confused everyweek about. Plain and simple. WCW, don't mess this up!! If you mess this up, there will probably be no more chances to make any ground up. Don't drop the ball tonight WCW!!

-Well, as a follow-up to my 'WCW.com is Horrible' segment which you can read by clicking HERE, I really haven't seen any change in WCW.com. Why doesn't WCW realize that the internet does matter in wrestling. I looked at the hot 100, and it showed me that many independent sites get way more hits than WCW.com. That can't be good for WCW.com, as it should be much better than it is. Yes, I probably sound annoying arguing about WCW.com, but just look at it. It takes forever to load, has crappy news, multimedia isn't updated, and it only focuses around a few stars. WCW.com can be much better, as they can have exclusive news and rumor killers first before anyone else. Heck, they have Bob Ryder, one of the best in the business working for them, but it still lacks news. Why not do something WCW? Well, if you hate WCW.com like I do, drop them a line by CLICKING HERE and tell them you want a much better site than they currently have. Tell them you want great news, updated multimedia, quicker loading times, and more superstar profiles.


-What on earth will happen on RAW. Well, I think it will be watered down since it's late. They saw how it only attracted 4.2's last week, so they will probably take it easy this week. Probably some hype for Smackdown again. WWF better put on a strong RAW next week, as they return to their normal timeslot for the East. They need a strong show to continue the domination that they have on Mondays, and steal any thunder Nitro creates this week.

-When on Earth is Stone Cold returning to WWF programming? Well, Jim Ross hinted that he might have something to do with this upcoming Smackdown. But, if you read those dirty WebTV RAW previews, you might think otherwise. I'm not sure if Stone Cold would return to this week's RAW, since it's at a later time. Of course, he'll show up on Smackdown...like everything else good that happens. Does anyone keep seeing a pattern? Anyways, it's very hard to say, if he returns this Monday or Thursday, that he would be wrestling. Maybe an interview or so. He's very banged up right now.

@Dry news day today, but good thing the Monday Night shows are around the corner. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night impressions, grades, and Phat Stats©. Look for this column tomorrow afternoon. :)

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