Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Now that I'm loaded on caffeine from breakfast, it's time to look back at the Monday Night War. Again for this week, the US Open just had to take the WWF's spot this week. That means WCW was free....well, that Rams vs. Broncos game was mighty tempting. Ratings will come out later today, but until then, let's look at the shows.


Before we recap, let's take a little trip through history, shall we?

-Tito's Time Machine-

First Russo Era, one of the last Shows
Here we go to the night that featured strange comebacks by Tito Santana, George 'the Animal' Steele, and Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka. Jeff Jarrett was supposed to fight Chris Benoit(remember him WCW?) in a thriple threat theater(which Jarrett struggled to pronounce). Terry Funk decided to screw the 'chosen one' by making him fight legends. It was the whole show, and it provided for a very entertaining program. It was one of Russo's best ratings during that time.
Thunder Battle Royal
This show, I believe, was just before a WCW Pay Per View, and I think this was just a few weeks after Russo's return. Anyway, there was crazy qualifying matches, with no referees. It provided a great and intense battle royal, where the Macho Man made an one night only return. It did excellent in the ratings for a Thunder, and cheered as the best Thunder ever!
US Title Tournament on Tuesday NitroThis show was horribly advertised by Nitro, but yet the finals of the tournament and the main event supermatches, one being Goldberg vs. Scott Steiner, drew a great rating. Easily, the best Nitro of the year, and one of the bests period.

Back to Present

What did that have to do with anything? WCW theme shows work when Russo is in charge; at least from these 3 cases. So did this Wargames 2000 match do the job?

Let me say this: who put all of the dinosaurs in the cage? This was NOT a good show, as you had wrestlers who could barely move anyway, let alone make a Triple Cage match look good. The qualifying matches were ridiculous, as the booking was very bad for each. What the hell, Vampiro and Muta can't easily destroy Sting? Booker T can't make his brother, Stevie Ray, look good if he tried.

And what was with Russo and Kevin Nash? How the hell was the ending a swerve on how Nash and Russo didn't like each other? Their acting dissention did NOT screw Booker T, Kronic, Goldberg, or Sting. That just didn't make any damn sense whatsoever.

Then you have the Natural Born Thrillers playing DO YOUR FAVORITE WWF MOVES when they attacked the Cat.

Poor Lance Storm was angling tonight, with Major Gunns. Hey Storm, that is NOT fat in those things. You just can't burn off silicon like you can for fat.

At least a certain rap group didn't happen to win the Tag Titles. Also, since when did Kronic become the Acolytes?

The true brightspot of Nitro was Bill Goldberg during his match against Shane Douglas. He was whipping out some intense moves, and he somewhat returned to his old form from 1998, maybe better.

NITRO Phat Stats

Matches: 7
Clean Wins: 5
Screwjobs: 2
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0

Last Word: Ugh, this was a sloppy show. When you have a 3 tier cage match next time WCW, find some good and young performers for it. I'm giving Nitro a


for the very poorly booked show, plus, it just goes to prove that the Dinosaurs still can draw these days. Maybe that's why it would be better for them to be extinct. Rams vs. Broncos was a damn good game, so I'm going to predict a 3.3 rating.


Do you realize how long the opening segment of RAW was? A good 26 minutes folks. Hell, I only found his interview worth while when Test went off, and seemed threatening for the first time in his life. However, Test just couldn't do it in the ring. He looked terrible versus Triple H, as HHH had to "try" to carry the big man in probably his most important match. Then again, Prince Albert ran in during the whole match, but still.

Mama-Cita....Eddie Guerrero is your new Intercontinental Champ, but that's his second title Jerry Lawler, not his first gold. Of course, I don't consider the European Title a belt with all of that colored shit on the front. You knew this would happen, as Chyna will have doubts about her man Eddie. She will now lean more towards the Game-ahhh again.

Oh God, don't let Val Venis......I mean Mr. Wrestling 4( Wrestle Palooza Audio Show) ever handle the mic again. His speech was so annoying to watch, as I've never seen anybody try to talk with their hands so much as he did. Gee, I wonder if he's going to turn in the future....

Man, that stuff with Mideon is very messed up. I'm sure the PTC is calling a few sponsors as you read this column. Hey, who let the Bossman out of his cage...I mean Jakked/Heat circuit?

Good main event for RAW, as The New Age Edge/Christian retain the titles again! Gee, looks like we'll have another 4 way match at a Pay Per View. Yuck!

RAW Phat Stats

Matches: 8
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 3
Disqualifications: 1
No Contests: 0

Last Word: Pretty solid show by the WWF, especially considering a great chunk of their audience were watching late at night. It's a shame Stone Cold wasn't there, but the WWF wanted to spike their ratings, so that takes it away from the A-range. I'll give this show a good


for a good effort late at night with a portion of the audience watching late. I predict a 4.5 rating for this show due to the Monday Night Football game, which was awesome!!!

Fatal 4 Way or 3 Way Dances in the WWF???

Is it just me, or has the WWF product, especially their Pay Per Views, been very diluted by multiple wrestler main events? Seriously, as it's a big trend of the WWF now. It all started, really, at last year's Summerslam, where a Triple H one on one match with Stone Cold was ruined when Mick Foley was added to the match(that was Stone Cold's fault, as he refused to put over Triple H). The WWF kept doing it from there, and then they got the idea to try it at Wrestlemania 2000.

The Fatal 4 Way was born, and ugh, it was terrible for the main event at Wrestlemania! Big Show was barely in there, Mick Foley was shamefully eliminated, and Triple H and the Rock wrestled the same kind of brawl as previous matches.

At Summerslam, we had Triple H and Kurt Angle and the Rock go at it, again, diluting the main event. It wasn't a bad match, given the angle between Kurt and Triple H, but a one on one match is much better...which is my point. Now, we have Kane vs. Rock vs. Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit.

Just look at the recent singles matches for main events. Rock vs. Triple H(Stone Cold returned), the Ironman match between Triple H and Rock, Rock vs. Benoit, and so forth. The one on one matches had great drama, and each of the one on one main event matches were considered the match of the year by fans.

Maybe it's just me?


@That's all for today's column. Thanks for reading, and just chill.......till the next episode!

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