Well, well, well...tis I, the quintessential stud muffin, Mr. Tito. Welcome back to the PDC. Nothing like a good holiday weekend, and then followed by returning to college. Yay. Can't wait. Anyways, we are going into a week that will make or break WCW. This week is their opportunity. Enough nonsense, on to the PDC.


-I just heard that things are really smooth between Lex Luger and Sting. Since Luger has returned, he has rekindled his friendship with Sting, which was lost when became a reborn Christian and confessed his sins to his wife who incidentally told everyone else's wife. The friendship, which was reportedly one of the best friendships in wrestling, became shakey. I suppose it's 'water under the bridge' now, which is good because Luger and Sting are a great team. Hey, wouldn't it be interesting if it was Sting stabbing Hogan in the back instead of Hogan stabbing Sting in the back. Have Luger turn heel as well, and you have a brand spanking new heel duo. That would be interesting.

-I swear, WCW Worldwide is the biggest joke! I haven't seen that show in ages, but all it has is stupid Nitro highlights from 2 weeks ago! That's pathetic! How can you expect the fans to be into your shows when they think what happened two weeks ago is current? Come on WCW, think! Shotgun or whatever(I think Jakked or Metal?) the hell it's called has current shows. So WCW, why not have current highlights in Worldwide? Are you that lazy?

-Oh wow. Nitro will not only have the return of Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner, but it will also feature the return of Bret 'the Hitman' Hart. If they are used correctly, they might be able to steal some Thunder from the RAW that's put on a later time for the Eastern viewers. WCW must do something BIG this Nitro. I truly think that this could be their very last chance at seizing ratings. Have NO garbage matches. Have all high profiled midcarders or main eventers only, have hardly any screwjobs or run ins, and try to do something new that has never been done to spice things up for a change.

-Wow. According to Micasa, Eric Bischoff has the dude who writes for Oz on his list for writers to hire to create storylines for WCW. If you don't have HBO or aren't familiar with Oz, it's a show set in a prison. I recently started watching this stuff, and it's compelling to say the least. I'd be scared of WCW if they brought some crazy ideas into their programs like Oz does. I'm sure that strange stuff would attract some interest, but I don't see it happening.


-It's very hard to see if the Lightweight division will ever come back. Everyone who got to enjoy watching Smackdown saw that Triple H beat down Gillberg. Does Gillberg's return mean that the Lightweight division is coming back? It's doubtful, FOR THE MOMENT. The WWF wasn't too enthused with the weak reaction that Taka got when he came down to the ring, or the crowd reaction when he hit any move.

-Many are suggesting that X-Pac will turn heel very soon! Is the WWF playing off his recent lawsuit, since he was reportedly going crazy on the guy he supposively attacked? NO. Right now, the WWF thinks that the face X-Pac is wore out, and turning him face would refresh his character, and they might just put him with Triple H and HBK to create a heel Cliq. I hope so, although I love X-Pac and Kane together. The word is that X-Pac could turn on Kane to side with the Undertaker. The WWF is getting off on how the Big Show is slowly starting to shine with the Undertaker, so it would help X-Pac as well.

@That's it for today. Nothing like a good slow news day, but I'd like to think I made something of it. Oh well. Key Reminder: starting Tuesday, I will be back in college full time. Therefore, I won't be able to do the columns as much during late night. Many have wrote in thanking me for producing a column so that they can wake up early in the morning and read it. Well, now I can only do that on certain days. Many of the columns will be produced in the afternoon now. Thanks for reading by the way, as I highly appreciate it!

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