Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, I'm all situated here at Athens.............Ohio, United States of America, also known as Ohio University, so it's a go for today's column. I wasn't sure of the computer set up here, so that's why I thought I could miss today's column. Besides, how on earth could I miss the Monday Night Hype issue of the PDC??


-Nitro Hype-

WARGAMES 2000 is Russo's attempt at stealing some WWF viewers this week.....and let me tell you, if it's done right, it could be a damn great idea! Hopefully, the performers in the match give it their all and make it an awesome match. Here are your teams:

NWRUSSO: Kevin Nash, Vince Russo, Scott Steiner, and Jeff Jarrett

Dubya Ce Dubya: Sting, the Cat, Bill Goldberg, and Booker T

This is indeed an interesting line up of wrestlers, for both teams. Who can really take a bump here to make the match spectacular? Now I'm not wishing that these guys kill themselves, but crazy matches like these are remembered for nasty bumps on the cage.

I also wonder about Bill Goldberg. This is a different kind of match for him to deal with. These other guys have wrestled cage matches more than once in their career, but not Goldberg. Besides, as someone who is so injury prone and just cautious of what he does in the ring, things could get interesting. Plus, it's not like Steiner and Nash are cautious either. I don't see the risks on them either.

Then again, Sting will get a stunt double to take his bumps.

I'm really expecting for Vince Russo to "take one for the team". He's probably going to kill himself off of some crazy bump. He's a very desparate man right now, so it's very likely he'd do it just to attract viewers. Plus, it would be a great way to gain respect for Russo in the locker room.

Whatever happens, I hope for an awesome Wargames for Nitro.


-RAW Hype-

For us East Coasters, it's another 11 pm RAW is War tonight. Ugh. It really hurts when your classes start the next morning. Oh well, the WWF should expect another hot night, as NFL football, featuring the Super Bowl Champs of the 1999-2000 season, Rams, take on the Broncos, the 1997-1998 and 1998-1999 Superbowl champs, Monday Night Football will be ending around 12 or so. Expect a hot 12-1 hour for the WWF, as football viewers will flip around, and find some wrasslin' to watch. By the way, I'm going with the Rams to win this Monday Night Game. :)

Expect some more controversy over how Triple H got into jail for domestic violence. A few indivduals have questioned the WWF's move on how Stephanie was telling the officers she was ok. That doesn't matter. If someone reports a guy, for this example, Triple H, they don't care what the wife says when they arrest the male who has possibly hit her. Officers in real life would think that she's just covering up for him, possibly fearing for her life OR that the guy and girl made up, but the man still hit her.

Also, we'll see more with Chyna and Triple H, as Chyna will probably come to console Triple H again. Eddie will get mad, and Triple H and Kurt Angle will continue to put him over. GREAT STUFF!

Kurt Angle will continue his evil ways, and try to steal Stephanie away from Triple H. Angle was just spectacular with the mic and acting last week.

For the whole show, just expect the continuation of the angles they did on RAW/Smackdown.


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