Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Ah yes, EC F'N W! I've got your impressions, grade, and Phat Stats© which are lean, mean, buffed, and jacked!!!!! Anyways, other goodies as well. So sit back, relax, and on to the PDC.


Taz match. Wow. That's all I have to say. Those two were hitting each other very hard, and they both put on some stiff moves on one another. That was the quickest Tazmission I've ever seen! Great finish to an excellent match.

Joel Gertner color commentator. Well, he will be missed talking trash in the ring, but he no longer has a team to talk for. Anyways, I hope he's as lewd commentating as he has been announcing. Joel and Joey Styles should make a good team.

Too many UPCOMING EVENTS segments. Ok, one upcoming event thingy is alright, but why do it twice?!? That was torture to sit through a second time. I guess they really want you to come to their shows!

Kevin Nash all over ECW. Too many Kevin Nash monster truck game commercials on TNN. Oh yeah, gotta love how they are blowing steam up your ass by stating on the hotline hype that Kevin Nash might have something to do with ECW. Please. Don't try to grab any attention or anything.

Already repetition. Rob Van Dam vs. Jerry Lynn is already overexposed. Sure, last week was a great match. Seeing something similar next week won't be as fun. Maybe Jerry will eventually win that TV title, and Rob Van Dam can Vandaminator Taz for the World Title.

Buh Buh has great talent. Wow, the moves Buh Buh Ray put on everyone really impressed me. That full nelson slam type move made my eyes get big. His moves really look good on that bouncy ring. Hopefully, he can show his talent in the WWF.

ECW embarassed by the WWF for having their titles handed to Vince? Hell no! ECW is already embarassed by when The Dudley Boys already showing up on Smackdown. Then, they show up on ECW television, win the titles, and state they will give the belts up when they enter the WWF. Didn't they already do that? Kinda poor planning on ECW's part.

Impact Players. I wasn't much for that Rob Zombie/Impact Players segment. Have them wrestle someone, not talk or show highlights. Besides, those two from those highlights seem to be wrestlers that give bumps, not take them.

Raven Returns!Good finish, as I'm impressed with Tommy Dreamer wrestling with 2 ruptured discs in his back. Nice return by Raven, but didn't Tommy Dreamer defeat Raven in a 'Loser Leaves ECW' Match when I was able to watch it? I think so. Raven looks so stupid with that facepaint by the way.

ECW Phat Stats

Matches: 4
Clean Wins: 4
Screwjobs: 0
No Contests: 0
Disqualifications: 0
HA! See any pattern here? No 'No Contests'! No DQ!

====$$Well, the 4 matches this evening is what helped make this show watchable. If those matches sucked, oh my, what impressions you would get. I could have done without that second upcoming event promo, as well as the many Anarchy Rules and Kevin Nash Monster Truck game commercials. Oh well, gotta make money somehow. I'll give this show a lovely grade of an


for this week. Keep up the good work ECW, and welcome back Raven!

Wrestling Stuff

-Well, Smackdown pulled a 5.3 this week. Hey, that's down from last week! Hmm, maybe people are already beginning to lose interest. You would figure since RAW was late last Monday, fans would catch Smackdown if they didn't see RAW to catch up. Didn't happen! Just imagine when the hit shows which nail 20 ratings start doing new shows. If they think Monday Night Football is competition, they haven't seen nothing yet! Besides, doesn't RAW get higher ratings than Smackdown? Why yes it does, so why on earth is the WWF making Smackdown it's #1 show? That's stiffing USA, fans like me without UPN, and the important competition on Mondays. Oh well, I've always got Thunder to watch..........................

-Thunder pulled off a 1.9 this week in opposition of Smackdown. This can't be good news for WCW, but 1.9 for a secondary show on a Thursday isn't that bad. I've seen much worse, like the ratings that WCW Saturday Night gets(yecch!). Anyways, Chunder better beef up it's line up once that dirty Must See TV crap starts, or this show will really suffer with Smackdown, now the WWF's #1 show, around.

-According to Jim Ross, Stone Cold will return to ring action in mid-October, and he quite possibly show up on Smackdown this Thursday, not RAW Monday(see my point yet?). I keep hearing more and more rumors about Stone Cold not getting along with WWF management at the moment. They seem to be disagreeing on many issues, especially who he fights. Stone Cold, now at the top, doesn't want any opportunists to get any popularity from wrestling him. He sounds like he works for WCW now.

@That's it for today. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the support. Until the next column, just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, OPINIONATED, signing off!

Happy Birtyday Ryan McGavock!

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