Ah yes, the wonderful Sunday column. It's the start of a new, fresh week. Everyone gets a clean slate for the new week, so make it count. Well, today is my final PDC, for a while, in the wonderful office in Eastern Ohio........................Ohio, United States of America, as I will be off to a campus with a new office to produce columns everyday. Well, not office, just a new desk and a new computer chair. Anyway, let's discuss this past week in shows.

-No Cigar Shows-

6. Sunday Night Heat- Just another WWF Hype my Pay Per View shows. That's all it was intended to do, and I don't rank those.

5. Nitro- Thinking back, this was really a ridiculous show. Especially the ending. I REALLY want to know how Bret Hart knew Goldberg would be in that exact spot in the desert, and I want to know what Vince Russo had to do with Survivor Series 97 in Montreal(Don't ask me what this is, please rent Bret Hart: Wrestling with Shadows). But this wasn't a bad show, just #5.

4. Thunder- Thunder was like Nitro, only without Goldberg, Sting, or Steiner and without some confusion on certain aspects like Nitro. It's just a shame that the main eventers MUST have Tuesdays off!(That's when it tapes)

3. Monday Night RAW- Good, solid show by the WWF here, following Summerslam. I especially loved the stuff with Eddie Guerrero now getting involved. Talk about working well with talent! The main event of this event made it the superior show on Monday.

2. ECW on TNN- That tag tournament was SPECTACULAR!!! Thanks to that, ECW on TNN was loaded with action. Tajiri, Whipwreck, Lynn, and Tommy Dreamer wrestled their hearts out for this tournament, and made for some brutal shots.

AND THE WINNER IS........... "Lucky", no I'm kidding, AND THE WINNER IS....................

-Show of the Week-

WWF Smackdown: Gee, ECW on TNN had an A for Fridays show, so if this is ahead of that show, then it must be something, right? Indeed, as I declare this the first WWF A+ show in my opinion. The angles were soo well written, and the action was great as well. My theory is that when you mix angles with wrestling, you'll have a great show! Hell, it got a strong 5.0 rating for their great effort, and I couldn't agree more with the rating.

I thought about doing a Jackson 5 for Sundays, covering ALL of wrestling, but it would cause too much conflict to do, and it would create lots of hatemail for those to take it way too seriously. Besides, ECW, WCW, and the WWF are NOT the same wrestling federations. Each have their own talent and their own styles to work with. It's way too hard to rank them based on that.

BUT, I will do this:

-Federation of The Week-

The WWF- Two great shows by the WWF this week, but that's not the real thing going on here. The WWF has issued a challenge for both George W. Bush and Al Gore to accept for a debate on Smackdown. It's going to be very hard for either man to turn down, and it would be great publicity if done. The WWF almost lost ground this week for this new feature by not selling out RAW. Ratings proved to be great, even during the 11pm to 1am hours.

Feedback that Ass Up

Do you think Nitro was successful last Monday?

Well, Thunder only had 2.5, so that kinda shows that not many others were craving WCW wrestling after Monday Night's show. I think their real test will be this Monday, their final unopposed day ever, when they do Wargames 2000. They must produce here, and it must show, or this company could be in deep trouble.

Especially since the cost of producing Nitro will be high, thanks to that 3 tier cage.

Best Tag Team?

I'd have to say Edge/Christian, although my feel is that they will become another New Age Outlaw team, where they will keep the belts forever in a federation loaded with Tag Teams. Besides, if you want a great column on tag teams, then CLICK HERE.

Favorite Wrestler as of RIGHT NOW?

Definately Tajiri. With his awesome submission holds(Octopus and T-Rantula), good arial moves, the green myst, the kicks, and just that psycho attitude do it for me. I'm probably going to cry while he has time off from ECW to clear up any visa problems.

What do you have against Vince Russo?!?!?

Well, for one, I've never liked him. Even in the WWF, when he would specially appear as "Vic Venom" on WWF Livewire, I found him to be too cocky for his own good. He wasn't in character either, as he still acts like this today on WCW programming. I didn't like his WWF articles in WWF Magazines either, as again, I felt he was too cocky at the time.

I thought his move down WCW would help them very much, especially since the WWF was stressing over him for a while. He started off with a bang, but then slowly screwed up WCW with horribly written storylines loaded with smut and confusion. Then when he brought back the NWO, I lost total respect because he was bragging how he was an innovative writer, but recycling an old supergroup isn't so innovative.

I cheered when he was fired as head booker, but I was very optimistic and interested in his return with Eric Bischoff. I, in fact, enjoyed Nitro during his first few weeks, but then it got WAY out of hand. Misfits in Action and other bad gimmicks showed up, along with Russo really pushing just the older, main eventers. Russo then took 2 weeks off, and Terry Taylor improved the company by pushing Booker T, and introducing Jindrak and O'Haire, the future Tag Team Gods! Russo comes back at the Bash at the Beash PPV, and continues the push of Booker T. Russo somehow listens to the bickering of Steiner, Nash, and Goldberg, and gives into their demands, and it hurts his whole show.

Mainly, I don't like his cocky attitude. He used to think that he was the only one responsible for the WWF's success, but he did actually admit, later, that he didn't on WCW Live, and that it was a team effort. I think he tries too hard to lead WCW, when it's my opinion that he's better off as a regular guy booking, and not a leader. Look at him in the WWF. He had Vince McMahon making the final say and always looking over Russo's shoulder. That made for a better Russo. Now if WCW could find that leadership, then please stand up, please stand up.

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