Welcome back to PDC is TITO!!! Anyways, I just loving missing out on Smackdown. It makes me feel all good inside since everyone is telling me how good that show is. Yay. Hey, maybe I can rig up some bunny ears with foil on my television hoping to get a UPN station. Blah, on to the PDC.

Ooops! Yesterday, I credited Calvin Martin and Christopher Michaels for the wrong section. I should have had them for the X-Pac scenario, not the women's division segment. Doh!


-According to Kirk Huffman's hotline report, the real reason that Macho is on strike is for WCW not giving him a victory over Hogan. Hell, after losing so many times to Hogan, I would go on strike too. Macho has never been allowed to beat Hogan. Everytime he has the world title, Hogan is there to take it from him. That's unfair, as Macho Man is a pretty big star in his own right. Macho deserves a win over Hogan, and if they don't give it to him soon, Macho might as well retire.

-Whoa, Bob Ryder stated that Big Poppa Pump will return to Nitro this Monday!! This should help WCW, definately, since Scott Steiner is a great heal. Even though he has a horrible mic voice, he can always draw heat. With Scott Steiner coming back, Nitro needs to also beef up the rest of Nitro. In my opinion, the recent Nitro wasn't enough to draw some WWF fans away. They had some weak midcard matches, and they had some angles that confused the hell out of many readers who mainly watch the WWF. WCW needs to get the ball rolling this Monday, because the US Open isn't everyweek.

-Many, including me, are wondering why on earth Sid is getting the main even spots and the pushes on WCW programs. Well, the truth of the matter is that Sid is really getting along with wrestlers and the WCW management in the back. Plus, WCW knows that he had a strong run in the WWF, and they are also know about how he was a surprise when he made his ECW appearances. Sid is a well known star also, and they needed a newer wrestler to push to the top for Goldberg to smash. I'd be mad if I was truly pushed just to become another victim for Goldberg.


-Everyone keeps asking me how Jeff Jarrett can get away with giving away the European title when it was not allowed way back in the day when Andre gave the world title away. Well, does anybody really care about the European title? No. That title has been made a mockery ever since Shawn Micheals won it from Bulldog. HBK never defended that title, and shamelessly dropped it to Triple H. Triple H didn't do much with that title as well. Maybe D-Lo and X-Pac were the best champs, but the Euro title was really made a joke when Shane McMahon won the title. Hell, he even retired it since it was worthless, and eventually gave it to Mideon. So Jeff Jarrett giving that title away really doesn't mean that much.

-The WWF, recently, has stressed for the Undertaker to take some time off to recover his torn groin. The Undertaker has refused since he's really into his character now teaching Big Show greatness. Undertaker is easily one of the toughest wrestlers in the WWF, and even though I don't like his attitude recently, I do admire how he can take lots of pain and still wrestle. Hell, his knee isn't too healthy, and his back is always sore as well. That's dedication there. He doesn't whine and cry when he's hurt, and demand time off.

You know, I have to get something off my chest. I go to the official sites all the time just to see what's going on with each federation, and I've determined something. WCW.com is really horrible!!!!!!

WCW.com is Horrible!!!

Face it, the internet is now a big part of wrestling. There are millions, upon millions of sites nowadays reporting the wrestling federation's news everyday, and much of the news makes you wonder if it's real or not. Recently, the WWF has really beefed up their site, providing rumor killers and exclusive news on their website. WWF.com gets a large amount of hits, and their site is all around fantastic! Then you have WCW.com. Oh my, what a lame site that is!

Yes, I said it. WCW.com is a very weak site for being WCW's official site. They have weak news, boring content, and information that nobody cares about. The site design is very lame, and the site takes forever to load. The updates take forever to happen, and they don't have any rumor killers which they need with all of those WCW rumors running like wild on the internet. WCW.com just simply isn't the quality site it should be.

WCW.com doesn't do much for the fans. Yes, they appear to have the feedback section link on the front page now only after I bitched about it in the 'WCW in Crisis' column. Besides, do they listen to it? It appears not. The WWF has their easy to e-mail address which someone takes time to read over everyday and present to the WWF itself. If the WWF sees ideas that the fans hate, they think about the future of their current ideas. WCW.com doesn't, since it took some bitching in my column to get the feedback link on their front page, even though it's in very small letters at the very bottom.

Ack, the worst is the superstar page. It doesn't have all of their stars!! If you have a certain favorite midcarder, and you go to WCW.com to find him, he won't be there!! Only the Nitro wrestlers are there. That's horrible, because believe it or not WCW, fans love some of the wrestlers you don't always feature on Nitro. We want all of the stars, so why not provide them?

Now their media is ok, but it's so outdated!! Just look at the theme section. Chris Jericho and the LWO is still there!! Oh, and I just love the hotline section. You would think since it's in the media section, that maybe you would hear something. But nooo, it's just an advertisement to call the hotline, and even suscribe to it. How lame. Oh, and I just love those internet-Exclusive video sections and photo sections. Yeah, like there aren't any other pages that make those.

The news is by far and away the worst part of WCW.com. No exclusive news at all!! Hell, they even have Bob Ryder, one of the best news guys in the business working for them, and they still can't produce great news or rumor killers. Fans mainly go to those sites for the news, but WCW.com doesn't provide the news that everyone wants. WCW has much more news going on than the WWF, so why not work with it a little. Hey, I think WCW is trying to cover it up.

I will admit, however, that WCW Live is the best internet audio show on the net. But that is all they have!! They need to wake up and smell reality and make a much better site for wrestling fans to go to. Internet is a HUGE part of wrestling now, so why not make WCW.com something for internet fans to look foward to WCW. Why not do it? You've already took a great step with WCW Live, but the rest of the site needs attention as well. How bout dem apples?

@That's it for today. Nice of me to create controversy, but I feel something needs to be done. Oh well, I'll be back tomorrow with another installment of the Phat Daily Column. So just chill...till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, just telling it how it is, signing off!

Way over than the WCW's Revolution...it's the Evolution Baby!!!

Take Care, and Smile.

Mr. Tito 1999