Welcome back to the 187th consecutive Phat Daily Column. Joy, I just love Thursdays. Nothing like a good old edition of Chunder to make me feel great! Yipee!!! Anyway, there is still some shock over how good the Rock segment did. I'm still shocked. But oh well, it just proves my point that the Rock is the most over thing in wrestling. With that being said, on to the PDC!


-Interesting angle with Fatu coming in. No, he will no longer be making a difference, or no he won't act like a crazy middle Easter and slap you in the camel clutch like the Iron Sheik. NO! He's going to be just like his cousin Yokozuna.....only 300 pounds lighter!! That's right, Fatu will have some kind of sumo style gimmick, which will work out with his recently gained weight....

+ This poses an interesting question within the WWF. Why gaining weight for a certain character is different from the many WWF wrestlers who are constantly asked to lose weight in order to be allowed to compete on WWF television. Wrestlers like Mark Henry, Big Show Paul Wight, and Blue Meanie among others are always asked to lose weight. They could claim the weight is a part of their character as well. What's the rules for one wrestler should be the rules for another, no matter what a gimmick is. Fatu was out of shape before taking on this new gimmick/look. Now that he's really overweight, his performance will be down.

-I'm very sure that the WWF is very pleased with the 8.4 rating they got with the 'This is Your Life' segment. Would you expect something like this on Smackdown tonight? Totally unlikely. Smackdown will be more of a super wrestling match show, and RAW will be more of an adult themed show or a soap opera. I'm sure we'll see more longer segments with the Rock in the future. Sure, it was funny on parts, but it dragged for 21 minutes. I only ripped it because I like to see wrestling matches. I hate long interviews or long non-wrestling segements.

-Speaking of Smackdown, I've seen the spoilers. Expect the Bulldog vs. Triple H match to actually go down, but of course, I won't reveal any results or details of what happens due to the PDC promise. Expect some sweet tag team action, as well as a couple continuations of feuds. Like I said before, this is more of a wrestling show than RAW, so expect some wrasslin!


-Can ICP every make up their minds on where they want to go? This is why I really hate them or bash them. One minute they say, 'we're jumping to ECW', and then the next minute they say 'oh, we're staying with ECW'. Then, the other day they say 'we're done with WCW because they want us to be wrestlers'. Now they say they are about to sign contracts with WCW. What the hell? Talk about headcases, and even ICP fans should agree. They don't know if they are coming or going. I just love how they were mad in the WWF because they weren't treated as wrestlers, and now that they are more like wrestlers, they complain about that. Just cut them loose. Drop them like a bad habit. Their troubles aren't worth the headaches. Let them do what they do best, and that's make music.

-I see everywhere that Bill Busch is getting in real good with the Midcard wrestlers, and I also see everywhere that he's attempting to make a superstar out of one of them! That's good, but he has a superstar in the making that he must push to the top. You know, Chris Benoit. Easily, one of the top workers in the business. He needs pushed to the top, and fast. Each week I keep hearing louder and louder cheers for him. His performance with the WORLD CHAMPION Sting proves it, drawing a good Nitro number of a 3.6. He's your next superstar, so know your role Bill Busch and push the hell out of Benoit.

-WCW in UK is perplexing! Nitro keeps beating RAW every week in the ratings...and that proves they like their wrestling, and not some of the sleeze that RAW puts on. British viewers don't enjoy some of the adult themes that the WWF uses, plus they have many oldschool fans who just like pure wrestling. Maybe with the edition of the British Bulldog, things could change. But anyways, it shows some appreciation for WCW, especially since the WWF claims they are the top sports entertainment in the world.

@That's it for today's Phat Daily Column. Enjoy Crackdown, or should I say Smackdown, as I will enjoy Chunder, or should I say Thunder..if I watch it. So just chill till the next episode!!

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