Welcome back to the ONE and ONLY Phat Daily Column. That's right...fun, fun, fun! Ha. Anyways, Smackdown is on tonight, which I can't see!! Oh well, I always have Chunder to look forward to. Nah, I'm kidding. I heard last week's Thunder was pretty good, but they still will get destroyed by the WWF's new #1 show, Smackdown. RAW is #2 on their list now. Oh well, on to the PDC.

Oh yeah, everyone's favorite segment is back for today!


-That top part just sparked more thoughts. It does seem now that the WWF is making RAW a hyper for Smackdown. Everyone has told me how good Smackdown was, and looking at the recent RAW that just occurred, I couldn't agree more. The WWF needs to realize that they need to make RAW their main show. For one, USA has been so damn generous throughout the years on giving the WWF any timeslot that they have desired. Also, Monday Nights are where the competition is. Nitro is still there, and even though they don't seem like any competition now, they could finally explode and catch the WWF when the continue to have their 'Smackdown hyped' shows. They also need to keep the hurting on Monday Night Football to prove that they are a viable sports entertainment. Who knows, if the WWF starts slacking on RAW a little, the NFL will gain their viewers that they lost last year.

-Many are suggesting that the Women's division, unfortunately, is doomed for failure if nothing is seriously done. It appears that the only way that division gets over is if near nudity happens or lots of cleavage is revealed. A few women in the WWF aren't too much on exposing themselves to live audiences every night, and many could could get offensive like Sable 'claimed' she was(but she wasn't). Anyways, it has a great possiblity of happening, and who knows, maybe more lawsuits will be filed.


-What on earth is all of this talk about Earnest Miller somehow being involved with Hulk Hogan? What the?!? For one, anyone who is at the moment a 'midcard wrestler' and not a 'main eventer' will never be involved with Hogan. Hogan doesn't give any rubs to any up and coming midcarders. You must be established wrestler or a wrestler that is being pushed towards the WCW world title. Granted, that Earnest Miller is becoming a popular heel in WCW, but I highly doubt Hogan would have any part of him, now matter how funny or skilled he really is.

-According to Micasa, Eric Bischoff will now attempt to hire some script writers. Well, it's about damn time!! Lately, and I don't know if you have noticed, the WCW angles are a bit confusing. Stuff like the hummer angle, who is on who's side and so on really baffles me at times. Hiring script writers will do miracles because their current storylines are made up by Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan. Wrestlers are bias towards themselves, and they have no creative energy. What will be interesting will be when the scriptwriters have the storylines, will the wrestlers follow them? They run over Eric Bischoff, so why not laugh at the scriptwriters storylines as well?

.....everyone's favorite segment has returned...

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Review

Ah yes, it has returned. Since I had some spare cash on me, and I haven't done this fun segment in a while, I figured I would go buy a quality wrestling tape. I found the Degeneration X video, and since it was on sale anyways, I bought it for this lovely segment. I have heard that the video was very funny, so I said why not. Plus, HBK and HHH together again got me in the mood for this video. Here it is, grade and all.

DEGENERATION X, the video. I must say that I haven't laughed this hard at a video in a long time. I didn't realize how many curse words were bleeped out during DX's segments. This video is filled with cursing, and it stems from the birth of DX to a little after the reformation with X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws. I didn't realize how bad they treated Micheal Cole back then. They embarassed him much worse than the Rock ever has. They were running the production trailer during the show, and they were swearing like mad, and they also made tons of references to X-Pac's and Road Dogg's 'smoking'. It showed many clips during the classic DX during the early days, which were the best around. Some of the best interviews ever were produced by early DX. They profiled Triple H and Chyna pretty good. They also had tons of clips from arguably two of the best matches in the WWF, which were HBK vs. Undertaker in the hell in the cell and the Dumpster Match between the New Age Outlaws and Cactus Jack/Chainsaw Charley. Other stuff like the DX raid of WCW Country was hilarious to recall. Also, as a turn on for everyone else, there was some nudity in it. Fans giving us some skin. Anyways, it was a great video. I suggest your ass better buy that video!! BUT, if you have a kid that is a DX fan, DO NOT GET HIM THIS VIDEO. It has lots of cursing and nudity. It's definately not for children's eyes or ears. Other than that, but the video!! I'll give it an


since it's easily one of the most entertaining wrestling videos that I've ever purchased. Damn, I miss the old DX.

@That's it for today. Thank you very much for reading, and chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, just too daily, signing off!

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