Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. First off, I just want to thank everyone who took time out to vote on Smackdown/Best WWF wrestler so that it could help me out today. I've been talking to Time Warner , and my cable company has no idea if they are getting Smackdown or not. Well, let's take a look at YOUR voted Smackdown, WWF thoughts, and the brand new Phat 5 which YOU voted on. On to the PDC.



Your Voted Grade for Smackdown: B+

The majority rules! 38 % voted for the B+ mark, which when I usually grade, it had a few outstanding spots, with a few bad parts, or just an overall good show. B- had 19%, which could have meant 'B' as I forgot to include the letter 'B' in this vote! ARGH!!!!! We'll call this week a "trial" week. What cracks me up is that there is 10% for an A / A+, and 4% for an F grade. Nice of some WCW guys to creep into the polls, along with the guys who think every show that the WWF puts on is an A.

So what got this show a B+? Well, the long interview formula CONTINUED tonight. I still don't get why the WWF doesn't try something "new". Is it that hard? Lita and Jackie have had a decent women's match before, so I'm sure that was good. Road Dogg and Steve Blackman are two of the best Hardcore Champs(besides Foley), so I'd assume that could have been a match to see. I'm sure the Too Cool/Rikishi vs. T&A/Kane match put the sleeper hold on many. I would have LOVED to see Raven/Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler/Chris Jericho, as I can't wait to watch Livewire for that match! That stuff with the Chyna/RTC looked odd. Al Snow vs. X-Pac was probably a snoozer. The main event with Rock/Triple H teaming up against Chris Benoit/Kurt Angle was probably a hot finally main event.


I'm not backing this Triple H face turn though. He's the best damn heel in the business, and he's not a guy like the Rock or Stone Cold who can act like a heel but actually be a face. With the surplus of great faces, the WWF won't have any strong heels to fight. So they could fight Kane, Chris Benoit, or Kurt Angle? That's all there would be, so I believe that Triple H should remain a heel to maybe go after Stone Cold Steve Austin in the future.

I'm digging Raven's first week in the WWF. They put him with Tazz, who had no friends or allies before that, and that way, they can both live off each other's heat. Those are two of the best heels, EVER, in ECW history, and although the crowds in ECW are much more alive than WWF crowds, they should be able to get over. Tazz and Raven are the guys you want handling the mic. Especially Raven, because he's good on the mic when he's pissed off and NOT crying. His last run in ECW and his final days in WCW were just him whining and crying during interviews. I'm looking for the 1996 Raven of ECW who was one of the most violent wrestlers around. Of course, that was 4 years ago!

With one week of dragging on "who hit Austn", I just wonder how long it will take to officially announce who it is. I bet the WWF will hold it off until Austin is officially cleared to wrestle, and when the competition steps up to the plate more. My guesses remain to be Vince McMahon, Debra, Mick Foley, The Rock, and HBK. HBK is really the only logical choice for higher ratings, although I have this bad feeling it was Vince McMahon. Ugh. The Rock's turn for the better could definitely be explained, since he's a LAME DUCK world champion. Quack! Quack! He could say that he hit Austin to gain his popularity, thus setting up a hot feud which isn't repetitive since they haven't fought in a long time!

As for Mick Foley....yeah, I read those notes from his lectures. Call it possibly pulling a swerve, because it could be him. I don't agree with it, although Mick Foley is the first evil heel that Austin first fought as World Champ in 1998, remember? Debra could be a good choice too, since she has nobody to manage, although it would be ignorant since it's well known they are married in real life.

Awww, it appears that Al Gore and George W. Bush will NOT accept the Smackdown challenge. Now will the WWF continue to cry about it? Why don't they send Mick Foley out again to talk serious, or better yet, the Rock! Maybe the WWF could use the excuse of gaining close to 100,000 extra voters out of the 14 Million voters promised, how about that?(Note, I'm sure a nice chunk of that so-called 14 million is already registered....maybe half of them?)

Finally, I receive lots of email about my "WCW 1998" comments all of the time, as I made one after Unforgiven Pay Per View. Why did I say that? Look. Nobody has had the best of the Rock on a Pay Per View except for Triple H. Nobody has had the best of Triple H on a Pay Per View except for the Rock. So that means that Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, and Chris Benoit haven't gone over them yet? NO! Now I'm not saying that Triple H or the Rock are old men, who are hogging the spotlight like Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash did in 1998. Oh no, don't get me wrong there. But to evolve the company, you must move up new talent to keep things fresh. Since guys like Benoit, Jericho, and Angle keep losing their matches at PPVs, then they will still be looked at as top midcarders. You continue this trend and Pay Per View buyrates will drop because the expected outcome of every match will always be known.

WWF Phat 5

Note: Polls for this closed around 9:30 am this morning

5. Rock- Quack! Quack! I guess it goes to show that the Rock winning the fatal 4 way at Unforgiven doesn't award him the #1 spot in the Phat 5, eh? 7%

4. Tazz- Tazz?!?! I guess the fans appreciated his feud with Lawler and his teaming with Raven enough to give him the #4 spot. Either that, or Tazz is a personal favorite of the internet, eh? 9%

3. Triple H- I suppose the win over angle was the reward of Triple H no longer being a contender for the World Title? Everybody cheer for him! 21%

2. Chris Benoit- The Crippler shows that he was the BEST WRESTLER in the fatal 4 way, as he CARRIED THE WHOLE match at Unforgiven. He got screwed out of the title, again!?! 24% of the vote for him.

1. Kurt Angle- He had around 26%, which barely edged out the #2 man. I suppose his continuing wrestling ability as well as his good acting as an Olympic hero are enough for #1 this week.

Wrestle Palooza Real Audio Show!

I'm good pals with both of the hosts from the Wrestle Palooza Audio Show, but I'm very convinced that their Audio show is one of the top ones, if not THE top one, online today. Bill and Shawn put on very informative and entertaining shows, so check them out sometime!

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow(or even tonight) with the ECW Day PDC. I'll be doing the TNN results, which means if Justin Credible wrestles, be afraid of words! Until later, check out I Know What You Did Last Monday at the Phat Pharm.

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