A little bit of Tito is all you need... Ha, welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. I was surprised that the majority of the readers agreed with me that both shows were lackluster. Others, of course thought one or the other was bad. Everyone keeps asking me why I didn't mark out during the Rock/Mankind segment. That's simple. I'm more of an oldschool fan that loves to see more of wrestling rather than interviews. That's just me, and 21 minutes of it, even though it had its funny parts, was very long to sit through. But hey, it kicked some ass in the ratings! Speaking of ratings, it's time for some Ratings Analysis! On to the 186th consecutive Phat Daily Column!

Ratings Analysis


First Hour: 4.1
Second Hour: 2.4
Third Hour: 2.6
Composite: 3.033333


First Hour: 6.5
Second Hour: 7.0
Composite: 6.75

Head To Head

RAW: 6.75
Nitro: 2.5

-The WWF beat ass again, especially having a subpar show in my mind. They had a few decent matches, but they had interference from major losers (Droz and Prince Albert), a long non wrestling segment, and a very screwed up match between Ivory and the duo of Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young. They seemed to have water their show down majorly, but the viewers watched! Especially on the Rock N' Sock connection segment. That drew an 8.6 as opposed to whatever was on Nitro which got an 1.6. Makes you wonder how many more of these we are going to sit through thanks to the high ratings during that segment. I was surprised at that and the main event match up. I was thinking that everyone else has seen the Rock and Triple H go at it so many times, they would look elsewhere. That didn't happen. As for Nitro. Look at the first hour. The first hour of Nitro was THE BEST HOUR OF MONDAY NIGHT WRESTLING THIS WEEK. That's right, because it had great "wrestling" matches. After that, WCW proved why they can't win the ratings by having their usual second hour garbage, following that up with an annoying third hour. Oh well.


-Speaking of ratings, and I know I forgot to mention this one in previous columns, but ECW on TNN got a 0.9 this week. I could rant on and on about how ECW can't get higher ratings, but you know my reasons. The plan is so simple, it's ridiculous! Advertise them TNN! Seriously, it does wonders. It had you Rollerjam booming when it first came out. The only people that really knew of ECW coming to TNN was everyone who reads about wrestling on the internet. Everyone else has been left out in the cold. But hey, the longer this goes, the more impatient TNN will get with ECW to produce the ratings on its own, and that's not good for ECW. ECW needs to convince TNN to advertise their show, or they will never get higher than a 1.2.

-I've heard that Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch are only at ECW on a trial basis. Does that mean ECW gets their money back if they aren't satisfied?!?!?! I don't know what problems this duo has had in the past with ECW, as I ignored this story when I couldn't get ECW, but I'm hoping they stick around. They both really need each other. Candido wrestles much better in ECW than anywhere else, and Tammy isn't happy anywhere else. Keep an eye on these two to see if they are in it to last, or if they are just dropping by.


-I was happy to hear about the rumors of Roddy Piper being one of the ones on the list of WCW releases. Roddy Piper is a waste of money, and a waste of television time. It was cool when he first entered WCW to challenge Hogan. After that, his speeches and no-sell wrestling got on my nerves. The only time he was decent was when he sided with Flair for a while, but then he had to go make some more crappy movies, so he left! Piper could barely move the last time he was around, and those jokes on the microphone..geesh! WCW wouldn't be losing anything if they released him.

-According to Bob Ryder, Shane Douglas is set to have surgery real soon on his torn bicep. Yeah, I'm sure Shane is too thrilled with this, since the Revolution wrestlers are finally getting some Nitro time. But I suppose he'll just have to sit tight, and be patient on this one. I'm sure it's eating him inside knowing that he can't begin his heel program, but all it takes is a little patience. I'm sure Shane especially wants to do some kind of program with Flair when he's able.

-I love this rumor floating about about WCW starting a new stable which has wrestlers resembling the Backstreet Boys. That's some funny stuff, but it would be so corny, it would get heat. This would be like telling off your most hated boy band, only this time they are wrestling as against someone to inflict pain on. Just think of the possibility if they were heels! They could be so cocky, and really piss off fans by acting like all of those stupid boy bands do. This is an opportunity that WCW can't pass up!


-I just love how the news spreads, so I might as well touch on it. It appears that Sable has the green light to have her special edition of Playboy. I guess the WWF has a heart afterall. I'm wondering how much begging Rena did for this, as Playboy seems to be her only popularity these days. Wait a second, didn't I say I would never mention her again in this column? Damn! Well, anyways, I got this from HERE which I found about 3 days ago, and not the source that everyone else found yesterday or the day before.

-I just love how Lucas striked down the rumors about Debra joining Stone Cold as his valet. But I was wondering, without Jarrett, what can she really do? She fit in perfectly with Jarrett, and it would be hard to understand her managing someone else. It would be fitting to put her with Stone Cold. Have Stone Cold turn back into Stunning Steve Austin, and you have some quality history being repeated. HAHA, like that would ever happen.

@That's it for this edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thank you oh so much for reading, and just chill till the next episode! This is Mr. Tito, a non-funded daily columnist, signing off!


Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999