Well hello there Titoholics. Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll be reviewing Smackdown and Tough Enough. What the hell else would I do for the Friday column? For Tough Enough, I only caught the first half of the show. I didn't know, up until I watched my taped version of Smackdown that it was an hour long season finale. I taped RAW, so if it was said on that show, then I missed it from fast fowarding through commercials. Damn. Oh well, all I missed was the official announcement of who won the contracts. Thanks to the internet, I was able to find out who won.

Important! If anyone has the VHS version of WWF Action, please give me a listing of the matches featured on the tape. I don't feel like getting burned by the WWF, so I'd like to know the content. Just send along an email saying "WWF Action Match Listing" in your subject line. Thanks.

Yesterday, I made an inspection of the famous Compaq from Hell to see if I could put a CD burner on it. I want a burner so that I can burn all of my wrestling themes, among other things, onto some CDs. However, this piece of shit has a version of Windows 95 that can't support USB, which is what I need to get an external CD burner. I can't get internal because the slots inside of my computer are already taken up. FINGER OF SHAME, once again, to the Compaq from Hell. But hey, it's at least in good running shape after re-installing everything. Hasn't froze on me yet. Yet.

Oh, and don't bitch at me for pirating wrestling themes. These are the ones that will NEVER be released on CD, like the stock music the WWF uses. Besides, based on reading my music reviews, I buy EVERY WWF CD that's put out. If you want me to go upstairs, stack all of the CDs since 1996 and take a picture with the Digital Camera, I'll gladly do it. It's a decent stack.

Going back to the VHS, I ALMOST bought the new Undertaker tape. However, I looked at the back and it dedicated a sentence to a lot of his recent feuds with Kurt Angle, DDP, and I think Steve Austin. Screw that. I couldn't take watching those on Pay Per View, so why would I want to buy a video featuring those? Not happening. However, I did buy a video.... I found this strange video of professional wrestling bloopers. It's gotta be one of the corniest videos out there, and I'll let you know about it in a review after I watch it.

Digression #1: Speaking of reviews, I want to quickly review my brother's, Michael Jackson, new video for "Rock my World". My God, it sucks!!! How in the hell are we to believe that a skinny guy with too much plastic surgery is supposed to be a wiseguy of some sort? Michael Jackson couldn't kick his own ass.

Let's review Smackdown and Tough Enough already. On to the PDC!


WOW!!!!!! Test and Booker T are the NEW WCW World Tag Team champions! YES!! YES!! YES!!!!!!! It's about time that the Undertaker receives some punishment, and let's hope this title loss is the start of it. Good opening tag match, as it seems to be the case when Kane/Undertaker get to wrestle two good performers in Test/Booker T. I somewhat like the combination of Test and Booker T as a team. It at least gives Booker T something to do, as the WWF won't allow him to do much in the singles competition.

Too many limos tonight. Man, that has to hurt the budget.

Next match was Hardys vs. Kanyon/Rhyno. Very good match between these two teams, and that's always expected. This match was given a decent amount of time to develop. Good ending with Lita exacting some revenge on Kanyon. Hardys seem to win these sort of tag matches on Smackdown, but yet they lose any other match.

Could William Regal get any more funnier? He's such a great commissioner and person to have for the backstage segments. He booked X-Pac in a match with Big Show. Match was quite entertaining, as the crowd really wanted to see X-Pac take a shit-kicking last night. Don't say that Big Show is improving... he's been wrestling many lightweight wrestlers lately. Put him in a singles match with Albert, and we'll see how good he's improving. I bet we'll see that match, because the WWF seems to be pushing a X-Pac/Albert vs. Big Show/Spike Dudley feud now.

The Rock/Kurt Angle segments were funny.

Yet another great match between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. It's amazing that neither has really embarrassed themselves by blowing a bad spot. They repeated the formula of where Stephanie takes a beating. I think it was a Kurt Angle vs. Triple H match where they smacked around Stephanie, or something?

Ehhh, a much weaker match than expected from Ivory and Molly Holly. Shot down the crowd, big time. After the match, Hurricane took Molly Holly away. Hey, that's a fantasy of mine. If the WWF pushes Spike/Big Show vs. Albert/X-Pac, the Molly Holly situation could be on a weird tangent, storyline wise.

Next match was Christian vs. Bradshaw, which was booked when Christian wanted some APA protection. Match quickly went no where when they got out of the ring, and headed out of the arena. Christian tried to hop into his limo, but Edge was there to pound on him. *Yawn* I guess the WWF writers have no idea on how to push a brother vs. brother feud.

I did enjoy the Kurt Angle/Rock vs. the Dudleys match. Lots of "face in peril" situations, as the Dudleys would control a lot of the wrestling in the match. That classic tag format ALWAYS works. It really made the Dudleys look like a great tag team, for the first time in a while. The match was ruined when Booker T/Test, the new WCW tag champs, ran down to help attack Angle/Rock. After the match, Angle and Rock took some 3Ds through tables. Wow. The Dudleys looked very strong here, and it showed that they are a legit heel tag team for once.

LAST WORD: Not bad..... The main event, RVD vs. Y2J, and the first two tag matches were quite good, as was Big Show tossing around X-Pac. The rest... well, it holds this show to a grade of B+ (B Plus), if you can dig that.

Mr. Tito's Tough Enough

Lots of Real World like symptons early on, as the wrestlers were talking about their long journey and whatever. We had a dinner with the trainers, although Tazz was absent, unless I'm blind.

Next segment, we're in the ring, as the Tough Enough contestants do battle against each other. However, this is even more special when Vince McMahon walks in. Oh my! Kevin Dunn is also there... Just the look of fear and terror is in Josh's eyes, as he had Nidia in a headlock when Vincy-Poo walked in. It was good stuff to see Vince McMahon and Dunn critiquing the wrestlers and matches. I was laughing when Vince referred to Taylor as a softball player type! HAHAHAHA!

Next, we had one on one interviews with Vince in his office with the contestants. I thought that Chris from Harvard really hurt his stock when he mentioned that he didn't really like any of the other contestants, while the others were saying that they were either friends or tried to get along with everyone.

The final day arrives, and it's the Tough Enough contestants against the trainers! Oh damn, the trainers let the contestants have it baby! Especially Tazz, who let Chris from Harvard have it at one point. The match had a good finish, with Josh getting the big victory over Al Snow. Very emotional day, as the contestants said their goodbyes to the trainers who really did an excellent job shaping these guys into possible wrestlers.

Ok, my tape cut off just when they were about to make the announcement. Maven and Nidia were apparently chosen as the contestants to receive WWF contracts. Those were the two that I predicted would win from my last few columns. I thought that Maven was the best overall male contestant, as Josh and Chris from Harvard were each missing some features. Josh's lack of size, I believe, hurt him in the end, and Chris's attitude could have hurt him. Maven seemed to be the complete package, although, I see a lot of work needed to be done with him, still.

With the ladies, I think that the WWF should go ahead and pick up Taylor, too. I thought that she was a better in ring wrestler than Nidia, although Nidia had her from being better all around. Both ladies proved to be WWF worthy, in my opinion. You have to hand it to Nidia and Taylor. They could have blown up on each other from being competitive, but they remained good friends. That says a great deal, when comparing to other relationships in other reality shows.

LAST WORD: Despite some of the bad things, like the vacation and too much Real World stuff at times, this was a great series. Other than manufacturing a wrestler, which is a blackeye to any current wrestler who busted their ass in the independents to one day get into the WWF, this show was a success, in my opinion. The best part was the trainers, especially Al Snow. Snow was a tremendous coach for these guys, and they should continue to use him for this show. Jackie was good, too, although she became too emotionally attached to one wrestler. Tori and Tazz were just there, though, and they could be replaced. But Al Snow more or less made this show. It's the best thing to watch on Mtv, let me tell you that much.

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