Welcome to another editon of the Phat Daily Column. We are almost through the week, but before we go to Friday, we MUST go through a very painful day of the week, which is WCW Day. Yes, after a terrible ending to Nitro, WCW was *trying* to follow it up with what should have been a good Thunder to continue momentum? That's why they wrestle the shows.. On to the PDC.


-Thunder Thoughts-

Last night on Thunder, Russo followed up his "cliffhanger" ending from Nitro by doing a 'shoot' interview with Iron Mike Tenay. He stated that he did indeed win the WCW World Title, so he's your world champion folks. What a joke! He said that he's going to 'give it back to the wrestlers', but he said something crazy after that. He stated that he could go, whenever he wanted, to get the World Title. Gee, somebody just REEKS of EGO!

You know, I just don't understand why the WCW 'Marks' who e-mail me "FUK U WWF MARK!" can't see how bad Vince Russo is destroying their federation. Look at him. He's ruined the WCW title so many times! Now if you were a TRUE WCW Mark or fan, you'd have respect for that World Title with guys like Ric Flair, Sting, Vader, Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat, and so many other great champs won before politics or Russo was in charge. Look at the belt: he ruined it with David Arquette, and he's ruined it again with his very own ego.

I'll hear the argument about Vince McMahon's title reign, and if you remember my columns then, I was a harsh fan of that decision....just like I am with Vince Russo, only worse. Why? When Vince McMahon won the title, it was more of a prank on Triple H. Triple H was beating Vince's ass until Stone Cold came down and enabled Vince to get the cheap win. Here, Russo was deadset on winning that title, and even made Booker T look bad during their match to get the strap. That comment about how he could go in there and win it whenever he wants just proves that he's in it for himself, and NOT for the wrestlers, like he keeps insisting! So there....don't get into Shane as the champ, because if you watch Wrestlemania 15, he fought a hard match with X-Pac. With Stephanie, who cares about the Women's title anyway?

Besides, this is the same federation with the brains to make Eric Bischoff HARDCORE CHAMPION. Oh, I guess we don't remember that ego filled decision, although it's more logical than the Russo win since Bischoff is skilled in the martial arts. Russo is just some bum from New York who thinks he can put on a great show....by using himself. Well Russo, when you are in the spotlight, do you see tickets being sold for your shows? I didn't think so. Congrats on truly running this federation into the ground, especially after putting on a lame show after what you said would be a Blockbuster Nitro.

Thunder was just lame. That's all you could say. Lack of top performers in every match really showed, not to mention a smaller crowd cheering. For that small of a crowd though, they tried to pop for most things that occurred. The Jindrak/O'Haire vs. Canadians match was just horrible, as Duggan didn't give the BEST TAG TEAM IN WCW much to work with. Either did Felix Skippper by the way. I do feel bad for Felix, as he was involved in the sickest looking squash of all time, thanks to KronnnnnnnnnniK. They can't even make a pounding look good. That Razor's Edge set up for the Full Nelson slam was just stupid.

Then you have Mike Awesome. Instead of having him wrestle when just about EVERY main event wrestler wasn't there, you just have him do a stupid Lava Lounge show and having him run down to save Crowbar of all people. God, when your roster is limited, don't you think it would have been wise to use one of the most talented wrestlers on your roster????? I guess not, after all, it is WCW we are talking about now.

The Stevie Ray vs. Scott Steiner match was just painful for the eyes to watch. I'm sorry, but Stevie Ray just doesn't have it like his brother Booker T does. As for the main event.... it wasn't too bad, but you could see the 'swerve' coming a mile away. I can't say that Lex Luger has any ring rust, as he wrestled the same way he did back in 1988(I have the tapes to prove it!). He did, however, look exactly like he did as "All American" Lex Luger with the haircut. You know, for comic relief, that might not be a bad idea for Russo to rehash for the returning Luger. Why not? Have him as evil All American Luger going up against Mr. USA, General Rection...since he turned on him tonight? Why not? Luger is just there to job to probably Rection, so why not try something that could stick to the wall.

This show really suffered since guys like Sting and Booker T decided to take the night off. Shame on them because this should could have certainly needed their help!


In my opinion, WCW could very well be finished in the upcoming months. I feel as though they blew their final chance at putting their 'foot in the door' for the ratings war with the WWF. The lack of the "Blockbuster" show really killed them. I thought Nitro was decent, but not great, and then they did the Russo and Booker T match which ruined it all to hell. Things could really shake up once WCW could get sold, as Russo better start sending his resume to other places. By the way, I think Russo would be a PERFECT Roller Jam writer. I'm serious on that one.

I'm actually glad to see that someone gave Lex Luger one more chance. I'm still backing up my opinion that he was unfairly sent home for REFUSING to work with Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo is by far, the weakest member of the Natural Born Thrillers, and he still looks terrible in the ring, even after a small push there. Geesh! Now that he's back, he could prove that he could work for WCW, willingly, again. If he's a problem, just send him home again. That simple.

Where was Drunken Scott Hall at??? What about Diamond Dallas Page??? Well, that's a good question to ask, especially since Russo hyped an old nemesis to show up...oh wait, that was Lex Luger! So he didn't let us down for once....WOW. But seriously, WCW's Hotline was hyping Hall's return for Nitro, but he didn't show up. Hmmm. I guess you could say since WCW gave Luger another shot, why not give Hall another shot? WRONG! Luger was just considered someone who didn't like Russo's ideas, like Diamond Dallas Page, so he was sent home. Hall has been sent home for various Drug and Alcohol problems, more than once! Keep Hall at home so that he can keep 'claiming' that he's clean.

The Jackson 5

5. Juvy- I just put him here due to lack of wrestling this week, plus for the fact that I hope he's not injured for a while. Juvy has been working hard lately, and could be wrestling at his best ever. Best of luck to him. Plus, he signed with WCW again, so he wants to wrestle in WCW.

4. Sting- Great match with Lance Storm, although I'm not thrilled for not showing up on Thunder.

3. Lance Storm- Wrestled both shows and wrestled them well! Plus, he regained his US Title earlier this week as well!

2. Scott Steiner- His attitude is improving, and his match with Goldberg was very good. Too bad he had to wrestle Stevie Ray on Thunder. At least he showed up for Thunder....

1. Jeff Jarrett- He wrestled Thunder and wrestled well for both Nitro and Thunder. Everyone slacks on their day of wrestling OR just don't show up for Thunder.


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