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Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Well, I was ashamed Monday Night. I've just lost 3 hours that I can never get back. Both shows dropped the ball Monday, and I'm so furious, that I'm not going to grade either. Both shows were very lackluster, and they both failed to connect with a good main event. On to the PDC.

WCW Nitro

-I enjoyed hour one of Nitro. They had 4 big matches with big names and Lex Luger coming back to form. The Buff vs. Vampiro match was the best match of the 4. The first three were clean wins too!! Then you have Goldberg defeating that loser Hugh Morris, but it was with a distraction of Sid. Also, it had some keen attacks by Sting on Hogan. So I was like, man, Nitro is on fire already! Just think of the ratings if they keep this up!

-Hour two, Nitro returned to form. They went back to having worthless matches that nobody cares about. They also had Nitro girl crap. Sure, it's good eye candy, but they make it so boring! Berlyn vs. Evan Karagias, Rick Steiner vs. Van Hammer, and having the heatless Windhams, who everyone cared for about 10 years ago, vs. Harlem Heat made me about vomit. Simply horrible. Boredom at it's best right here! Oh yeah, Armstrongs shouldn't have any part of Nitro.

-Hour three was even harder to sit through. Tons of worthless interviews, a ruined Konnan vs. Saturn match, and a total letdown for the main event. Kidman vs. Psychosis was the only good thing for this hour. As for the main event, didn't I say yesterday that I was going to fail Nitro if they had a screwjob ending after hyping it last week? Nuff said. Also, does it make sense for a limping Hogan to clear the ring? NO!!!

RAW is #2

-Hour one of RAW didn't do much from the hype of the previous night's pay per view. Oh boy, Bulldog can sure do a shoot interview. That stupid crybaby made that segment horrible, and then I got sick to my stomach when it was announced that Triple H would have to fight the Rock....AGAIN!!!!! Haven't they fought enough? Also, what the fuck is Prince Albert, all of the sudden, deciding to attack the Big Show? Did he finally decide that he wasn't worthy of wrestling Jakked every week? Get Big Show someone better to kill. Also, why is Droz attacking D'Lo. Again, it makes no sense!

-Hour two continued this horrible showing by the WWF. Sure, that Rock segment was very funny, but it lasted 17 minutes!!! I want wrestling, and not something that dragged for as long as it did. Yah, Triple H ran down afterwards. Great way to add heat, not! New Age Outlaws vs. X-Pac and Kane...ruined by the Hollys! Why?!? Total garbage. Now the women's match, with Mae Young, who I'm glad nothing popped out when she fell outside, and Fabulous Moolah fought Ivory was decent and it was a new match with a 2 on 1 evening gown match up. Then you have Jarrett and Pritchard vs. Chyna and Debra which lasted, what, 3 minutes? Rock vs. Triple H, which I was already sick of this match, and having the heatless Bulldog ruin it was pathetic.

Overall, I'm disgusted with my Monday Night shows this week. Both slacked off majorly, and/or they booked the shows poorly. It really shows how the WWF doesn't care about Monday Nights, especially when there is no competition anymore with Nitro putting on the show they did. Nitro put on the best hour of the night, which was the first hour, but the rest was downhill. WWF had certain spots which were ok, but the rest was horrible. Sorry to be this mean, but I thought the shows were the worst combined in a long time.

Other Wrestling Related Stuff

-Well, rumors are flying about who on earth was one of the 18 WCW employees released the other day. Kirk Huffman's hotline report stated that only Sickboy and James Vandenburg were the only two correct names on everyone's list. I have also heard that a few former NWO Black and White wrestlers, like Norton or Horace Hogan were axed, but nothing is for sure yet. Just think if Norton was released. ECW and the WWF would probably scramble for that talent.

-Oh, since I can only view Lucas's news from the university, I was unaware who the WWF was signing. They signed former ECW valet Kamona Wanalaya. This should be an interesting pick up for the WWF, as she would add to their already large roster of women for fans to go crazy over! I figured the WWF picked up some former ECW wrestler, like a, oh I don't know, maybe one the WCW wrestlers previously released.

@That's it for today. Sorry about the missing grades and Phat Stats. I was just angry with the shows last night, so I just decided a rant was the only way to go today. Thanks for reading, and chill till the next episode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999