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Last night, I caught the season premiere and debut of Star Trek: Enterprise. Let me just say this: WHAT AN INCREDIBLE SHOW!! Now, I didn't like Next Generation, disliked Deep Space 9, and totally hated Voyager. Also, there are only a few of the Star Trek movies that I actually like. However, with Enterprise, this show is just amazing on the writing and the visual effects. Having Scott Bakula as your captain is great too, as he was the man from Quantum Leap. Just an overall awesome show that I WILL try to catch every week.

But what's the point of discussing the new Star Trek in a WRESTLING column. Well, sure, I digress from the topic from time to time, but I've got a good point today. Just take a look at UPN, in general. Not only are they debuting Star Trek: Enterprise, but they also took one of WB's hottest shows in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer". UPN is for real now, and they will definitely climb in the ratings now.

Looking back, though, UPN has come a long way. Before, they had a very tight budget and had a limited amount of original programming. Their shows were either cheaply done, or they just took any failed pilot that NBC, CBS, or ABC had and put it in their line up. However, now they can put money into a brand new show and they can also throw money at a producer to bring a highly rated show over to their network. They couldn't do this about 2 years ago.

So what was the turn around??? WWF Smackdown, of course. It's about time that Viacom/CBS begins to kiss Vince McMahon's feet because without the WWF shooting up the ratings, UPN would be on the verge of being bankrupt. They were actually about to give up trying to contend, as at the time, they were badly behind the WB network. However, Smackdown changed EVERYTHING for UPN. But does arrogant media conglomerates like Viacom/CBS notice this? Of course not.

And the same goes with TNN. Thanks to the WWF, TNN's ratings have gone through the roof, and now, they are able to afford to buy up old movies and shows to extend their programming past the redneck sports and country music. TNN was a network in disarray before the WWF signed with Viacom/CBS, and thanks to the WWF, they are now a legit cable network in the industry.

Wow, the WWF has totally turned around 2 of Viacom/CBS's networks. Doesn't this just strike you as amazed when Viacom/CBS is able to laugh when the WWF asks for a simple TWO HOURS on TNN for a WCW/ECW show? I'd say that Viacom/CBS has made more off of the WWF, concerning UPN or TNN, than Viacom/CBS has made off of TNN or UPN before the WWF arrived. So screw you Viacom/CBS. Arrogant pricks think that giving Vince McMahon two little hours, without dropping 2 other shows, would be bad, but from what I've seen, WWF programming has helped Viacom stations, greatly.

Oh well. It's not like anyone has disrespected the WWF, in the business aspect, ever before. They just put two failing Viacom networks on the map. No big deal at all.

On to the PDC.


-I had a nice handful of e-mails concerning Japanese wrestlers on the PWI 500. A couple argued that there should have been more in the top 10, with one of them being #1. I'm sure they are incredible wrestlers, and I'm not doubting how great they are. However, who buys PWI magazine? The average reader of PWI only watches what's on American television, and for right now, it's the WWF. So to get mad at having Kurt Angle at #1 is kind of ridiculous, because from what the readers are seeing, Angle has been the best performer they've witnessed this year. Steve Austin was the 2nd best, Benoit was the third. I'm sure when they read the PWI 500, they'll be like "Muto who at #4?". "Misawa who at #8?". That's just how it is.

My experience with Japanese wrestling is just when say, Muto, travels over to the United States to wrestle. Other than that, I only read what I see on the internet or whatever PWI reports. Most of the readers just buy the magazine for the WWF coverage, which is featured on the cover. That's just how the American wrestling world is mostly shaped. The fact that PWI even has those guys in the top 10 says a whole lot for their respect of Japanese wrestling, since they run the risk of confusing readers who are trained to enjoy WWF wrestlers.

-I remember when, a few years ago, that whenever I'd dog the Undertaker-demonic gimmick, hardcore Undertaker fans would just jump all over my case for it. However, now, whenever I bash the Undertaker, I hardly get any negative e-mail. And that's after calling him a dinosaur, many many times. I guess the general concensus is that Undertaker's work at his old age is diminishing in everyone's eyes. Look. I respect the many years he's had in the WWF, and up and until the demonic gimmick, I enjoyed the Undertaker. However, as the EVIL Undertaker, he let himself go due to injuries, as in getting out of shape, and he hasn't been the same performer ever since. Plus, his attitude towards having seniority is just plain ridiculous. Sure, if he was still a GOOD wrestler at his age, I'd cheer him on. However, he's not, and he's making his opponents look very bad.

I just hope that it's time for the WWF to step the Undertaker aside and say that they appreciate all that he's done over the years, but however, this is a business and you NEED to act like it. For the WWF to become stronger or even to survive, they MUST develop other talent. With that, why not have the Undertaker work with the younger wrestlers and give them a big win? He once did that for the Rock, Steve Austin, and Shawn Michaels, so why not help the next big superstar? Why not?!? That's all I'm asking, and it's the source of my total hatred for the Undertaker right now. Again, if he was a GOOD wrestler at his age, I wouldn't complain...


Note: Like always, I have NOT looked at the spoilers.

Tonight, we'll see the Undertaker/Kane take on Booker T/Test for the WCW World Titles. Odd tag booking here, as there's no storyline behind it, despite Test and Booker T wrestling the Undertaker recently. For this match, I'm wishing for a title change. Not just because Booker T is on the Alliance team, but it's about time we begin to punish the Undertaker for the embarrassing match with KroniK at Unforgiven. He brought KroniK in, somehow convinced WWF officials that they were good, and made a eyesore out of the feud. It's time for the Undertaker to taste his own medicine.

Whoa! Rob Van Dam will put on a rematch with Chris Jericho for the Hardcore title! Sweeeeeet! Now that's the type of previewed match that I want to read about. Like their encounter at Unforgiven, this should be a war. Smackdown, especially lately, seems to be gaining all of the Pay Per View rematches anymore.

Also on the show, we'll see Ivory vs. Molly Holly. If given some time, it would be a good women's bout, as Lita and Molly are the better all around performers of the ladies. Lita is nothing more than a spot machine, where as Molly or Ivory can carry a match. Anybody smell a Hurricane run in for this match?

Speaking of Lita, the Hardly Boyz will face Kanyon/Rhyno. Notice I called them "Hardly" instead of the Hardy Boys because the WWF doesn't give two shits about these two anymore. I'm so sick and tired of seeing Matt and Jeff getting pounded every damn week. At least this match was booked by combining two of the RAW singles matches.

Nothing more to hype, other than the fact that the usual superstars will be there. WWF.com questions to whether Steve Austin will be there. Now watch, the WWF will keep asking of Austin will be there, and he won't show up again, just like RAW.

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