Welcome back! Unforgiven went down last night, and Triple H is your new WWF champion! It's going to be interesting to see what transpires at RAW tonight. Nitro, hopefully, should be decent tonight as long as they don't hype next week's Nitro. We'll just have to see tonight, on to the PDC!


-Well, Triple is the champ again. That now makes him 2 time! 2 time! 2 time World Heavyweight champion!! Who else is willing to bet money that Stone Cold will defeat Triple H for the belt tonight? I'm hoping this title reign isn't made into the joke it was before. No, I'm not talking about just having Vince beat him, I'm talking about the length of the title reign after all of the years of hard work to get that title. He didn't deserve to lose the title so fast. The man busts his ass in and out of the ring everyday, so he doesn't deserve to be embarassed again.

-Chris Jericho fought X-Pac last night, not Ken Shamrock. That answers many of your questions that were asking if Shamrock's injury was a work. It's a shame though, because that might have been our last chance to see Shamrock in the WWF. This injury will take a while to recover from, and he just might go to UFC when he recovers.

-I predicted yesterday that Chyna wouldn't win the title, and it happened! That's a shame though, and the Jeff Jarrett vs. Women saga will continue. Debra actually turned on Jarrett in this match, but when Chyna made the cover, another scab referee helped reverse the decision. You could look for a possible re-match tonight...maybe!

-Alright, I was marking out when I heard that D-Lo won the European title! I was surprised that D'Lo has already beat him, as it practically leaves Mark Henry in the dust. What can he do now besides look at women dance? Well, maybe that's all there is to do, but I'm talking from a wrestling standpoint. We'll see what angle the WWF does with Henry next.

-As for RAW, I predict at least ONE title change tonight. Whether it be Jarrett or Triple H losing their titles, well, that's what we'll look for tonight. Look for new angles and new feuds to fire up tonight. I'm looking foward to the tag matches. WWF, with the addition of the New Age Outlaws, have really beefed up the tag team circuit. I just hope that Stone Cold doesn't win the title tonight. It would be another win-after-someone-wins-the-title-at-a-PPV for Stone Cold. I might just have to fail it if Stone Cold wins I'm so sick of seeing it.

-Odd, I just caught something on WWF.com. Here's the exact quote: "Plus, we know about Taz, but what other former ECW star was recently in Stamford?" Notice that the WWF is somewhat in a panic now? Either that, or they just somehow are interested in ECW wrestlers. Taking Taz and the Dudleys away takes a huge chunk out of ECW, and it makes you wonder who is next to hear the 'You Sold Out!' chants from ECW crowds.


-Nothing like a good Nitro to spice up your week, eh? Anyway, we have the much hyped six man. All I can say is that it better be the best damn six man match that I'll ever see, or I'll rip the hell out of Nitro on the grade. Seriously, after last week's constant hyping of it when they should have hyped the current show, they deserver verbal bashing if they don't come through tonight. Any run-ins, DQs, or no contests will guarantee an F for Nitro, no matter how good the rest of the show is.

-I think it's funny that the original Goldberg-Sid match was going to be for Starrcade. That means we have 3 LONG MONTHS before we would see them, and that would equal lots of hyping and building up to bore us to death! I bet WCW still is unsure about Sid at this point, because WCW always holds a match back to the longest time to get heat off of it. They are jumping the gun since they know exactly what could happen. They know that Sid could walk out before the main event, or just not even show up if they hyped this for a long time. Of course, he could do that Sunday.

-18 workers released from WCW. Looks like WCW is trimming the fat off their organization, but most of those wrestlers were probably jobbers that never got a chance to shine. This is all a part of Bill Busch's plan to lower WCW's spending. Now if he could only trim some of those higher salary guys that try to run WCW....

@That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow with the usual Monday Night Impressions! So just chill till the next episode!

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