Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column. Unforgiven is on tonight, and it should be interesting to see who walks out with the title in the 6 pack match. I'm more interested, however, in the outcome of Jeff Jarrett and Chyna. Anyway, enough of that; on to the PDC!


-Don't you just love the Insane Clown Posse? Now, again, they are saying on their hotline that they aren't with WCW anymore. According to Scherer, the clowns were offered less money, and more dates as WRESTLERS. ICP wanted, and they were going to get under Bischoff, less dates and more money and they would be treated as MUSIC PERFORMERS. ICP just has to remember what business they are in, and they also need to admire their in ring wrestling performance. Both get better each week! But of course, they need to run their mouths and ruin what is good. Besides, I remember how bad they got their asses kicked by Rob Van Dam and Sabu at November to Remember 97, and if they want to go to ECW again after that whipping, then they are crazy.

-WCW is somewhat angry that Shane Douglas is injured. Well, they aren't mad that he's hurt period, but they are mad because it really affects the storylines for the Revolution to split up. Ultimately, this would have made Shane a decent sized heel, and if you remember Shane in ECW, you know he would get over. But injuries happen, and it's a shame for Shane because he might turn heel not wrestling, and still injured. Can't see how you can get heat from that.


-Joy, I went to THEROCK.com the other day, and I must say it has lots of images on the page to load. It kind of reminds me of many other wrestling pages on the net. You know, you could log on to the page, go outside and run a few miles, come back, and it will still be loading!!! When therock.com loaded, it looked pretty good. I didn't check out all of the features, but I liked the opening image of the Smackdown hotel. Oh yeah, if your computer doesn't like Shockwave stuff, the first page of therock.com has Shockwave in it, so I think you can go to index2 or something, I don't know. Shockwave, when used by pages, really shows the hell out of my computer. But oh well.

Unforgiven Predictions

=Val Venis vs. Steve Blackman. Damn, this one is too hard to call. The questions for this one are will the WWF want to finally put Blackman over, or are they trying to put Val Venis over more. I'm sorry, I can't call this slobberknocker. Winner: Sitting on the fence!

=Ken Shamrock vs. Chris Jericho. Since Shamrock is leaving in the future, plus he'll need to be on the injured shelf for a little while, Jericho will win this. Don't expect it to be a fair win though. Winner: Jericho via Screwjob

=Al Snow vs. Big Bossman. The cages might draw attention, but remember what the Hell in the Cell did for Bossman at Wrestlemania. Should be an interesting match, as I see Al Snow getting the win. I think the WWF really wants to put Al over now. Winner: Al Snow

=The Dudley Boys vs. Acolytes. This should be the match of the night, and it's going to be very violent. I expect the Dudleys to lose this one just for the fact that they have to follow the WWF plan, and that is to pay dues on the way to the top. Winners: Acolytes

=Mark Henry vs. D'Lo. I expect some kind of a screwjob on Henry's part, just to keep the feud going. I'll be angry if my prediction comes true though. Winner: Mark Henry

=Ivory vs. Luna. This match will be a shocker, as both of these women are very tough. I expect Luna to take the title, even though the WWF like Ivory as champ. Luna has been due for the belt for a while though. Winner: Luna

=Jeff Jarrett vs. Chyna. I have a bad feeling about this match. Even though I want Chyna to win, I don't think she will. I just have this feeling that the WWF might want to continue Jarrett's raid against women, because it's really drawing heat to his character. Winner, and a shame: Jeff Jarrett via screwjob

=6 Pack main event: Rock vs. Big Show vs. Triple H vs. British Bulldog vs. Mankind vs. Kane. I think the Rock will win this match just for the fact that he's so damn over. Many say that Triple H might win it back for a longer title reign, but the Rock is simply the top draw in the WWF now. Winner: The Rock!

@That's it for today. Enjoy Unforgiven! I'll hopefully be back tomorrow with yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. Thanks for reading, and just chill till the next epidsode.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling.

Mr. Tito 1999