Welcome to the returning edition of the Phat Daily Column. Yeah, there was no column yesterday. Why? I had no access to a computer or the internet by being busy all day. I decided to sleep in since I stayed up late to watch Unforgiven, slept in before my morning classes (which is usually PDC writing time), when to school, came home and went directly to work. If that's not a good enough excuse for you, I've got two words for you......

So let's do a QUICK review of what I thought about Unforgiven. Opening tag match was decent, but it ended up being Hardyz vs. Dudleys at the end, which we've seen way too many times. I figured the Duds would retain their titles. Raven vs. Saturn was more or less a Smackdown match... a really bad Smackdown match. No heat for it, whatsoever. Yeah, Moppy was soooo over. Edge vs. Christian was good, as expected. Rematch should be better. Undertaker/Kane vs. KroniK was easily the worst match of the night, and I hope Vince McMahon noticed that. If not, somebody check if he has any braincells left.

Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam was incredible. I knew this would be good. I wouldn't say Match of the Year, but it's probably in the top 10 of this year. Booker T/Shane McMahon vs. the Rock wasn't too thrilling, and Rock walked away with the WCW title. Ugh. Booker T is rendered useless in the WWF, along with the rest of the WCW wrestlers at this point. More on this later with the Booker T vs. Angle match from RAW. Tajiri vs. Rhyno was OK, but in an ackward place after a Rock place and before the main event. Tajiri did the OCTOPUS, which made me mark out totally. Austin vs. Angle part 2 was good, but nothing like the first. Once I saw Austin's hand underneath the ropes, I figured some bullshit would go down on RAW. I'll give this show a B+ because it was badly hurt by a few certain matches, while the rest was decent or good. I went 5-3 on my Unforgiven results, only getting the matches involving Steve Austin, Undertaker, and the Rock wrong. Those 3 confuse me on when they want to lose and when they don't.

Speaking of picks, I went 10-4 this week on my NFL picks. FINGER OF SHAME goes to the Ohio NFL teams, who decided to win this week. Hell, both teams were just handed interceptions, so it's no wonder. The Browns were given 7 interceptions by Ty Detmer, and they still only won by 10. So sad.. By the way, the Lions announced that Detmer will start next week. What a stupid team! The Vikings continue to disappoint, and what the hell got into the Atlanta Falcons to actually win a game this week? I'm proud of my picks on calling the Dolphins to beat the Raiders and the Jaguars to beat the Titans. I got laughed at on both picks. I'm 23-6 for this season on picks, which is better than I thought I'd do.

I better not digress too much, so on to the PDC.

Mr. Tito's RAW IS WAR

Opening match was the typical slopped together six man match. You know, I used to be a sucker for six man matches, but the WWF has been burning me out on those lately. Undertaker/Kane/Bradshaw beat the Dudleys/Test in a nothing match, as each of the six wrestlers are quite stale at this point. I found it interesting that hardly any mention was made to KroniK, which could signify that they were turfed out of the WWF. Let's hope.

Next match was Tajiri vs. Tazz. Before the match, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler were arguing about Tajiri, and Stacy promised a big and tall person to beat up Tajiri. Ha, if Tazz is tall, then I'm around 8 foot. Match was short, and Tazz actually got a win over one of the WWF's more popular workers. Didn't these two just get done feuding a few months ago?

For the short time given, as it seems to be the theme tonight, Rhyno vs. Jeff Hardy was good. Nice mid-air Gore by Rhyno to retain the US title. Not to take anything away from Rhyno, but Jeff Hardy continues to be wasted, as each week goes by. Many suggest that it's just a part of his "underdog" role. Yeah, losing nearly every week does that, and not even getting the chance to be an "underdog" against top talent is even worse. But hey, if the WWF wants this guy to abuse his body by losing every night, then fine. Just don't turn to me for questions when guys like Undertaker, Kane, Acolytes, Test, or the Dudleys bring down the ratings. Hey, weren't they all in the opening match?

Lance Storm/Hurricane/Ivory vs. Spike/Big Slow/Molly Holly was next, and Lance Storm continues to job. I liked the finish though, as Molly Holly is the most talented lady wrestler around. Hands down. The backstage segment with Storm and Hurricane was funny, by the way. The WWF has some incredible potential with the Super-hero gimmick for the Hurricane, only if they knew it.

Phew! The Earl Hebner's decision over Steve Austin's title loss stands. It just helped make the Pay Per View dollar amount justified.

Next match was Booker T vs. Kurt Angle, round 5. Only this time, it's for the WWF title. Is that supposed to make it original or something? Decent match, again, from these two, but not their best together. Booker T has become the latest WCW insult, as the "good ol' boy network" in the WWF has struck again. Lord only knows that new talent can't move further on in the WWF, which makes the push of Rob Van Dam seem like a miracle.

Despite the weak cop-out finish to Chris Jericho vs. Christian, I can appreciate a really dirty disqualification with force like Christian did with the ringbell. Why not job Jericho out? It's for the Intercontinental title, and it's not like the WWF has any plans for Y2J anyway. They never have any. Christian is supposed to be a new heel and the new IC champ, but yet he can't beat someone who already beat him before?

Wow, Kanyon was actually allowed to beat a WWF wrestler. Oh wait, it was a Hardy Boy. After losing the European title, Matt Hardy has been placed on the shelf with his brother Jeff. Had the WWF worked these guys better after their feuds with Triple H/Steve Austin, then maybe the WWF would have had some strong midcard action, and future main eventers once Austin retires, Undertaker goes to his rocking-chair, and once the Rock becomes stupid by trying to work as a full time actor.

Weird Diamond Dallas Page segment. I bet he goes back to jobbing and acting like a punching bag for the "veteran" WWF stars. A feud with the Rock would be money at this point. By the way, does the WWF forget that DDP got out of his million dollar Time Warner/AOL contract just to come to the WWF for about $400,000? He could have just stayed at home, made more money by doing nothing, while spending time with his very beautiful wife, Kimberly. Did he choose that? No, he dropped the easy life to willingly wrestle in the WWF.

X-Pac made his RAW/Smackdown wrestling return, besides the special Smackdown after the terrorist attacks. Oh my. Funny how he yelled at Regal for not being on television, but you know full well that he decided, by himself, to stay off television for a while. At least RAW/Smackdown to have an off month on a Pay Per View. Anyway, Regal pretty much dominated to beat X-Pac in a very short match. I hope Regal starts to wrestle regularly from now on.

Rob Van Dam vs. the Rock was good, especially for a Rock match. Interesting ending... It took a cheap finish for the Rock to beat RVD, as Steph's referee push made RVD get crotched on the ropes before he could hit the 5-star splash. Usually, the Rock beats you clean, totally. It shows that Rob Van Dam's stock is just soaring by the week!

LAST WORD: I don't know about this RAW..... It had lots of problems, like the waste of the WCW wrestlers, Hardys, and television time for matches. Opening match was weak, and the promised entrance of Steve Austin never came. I'll go


(C Plus) on this show. The WWF is sort of in a lame duck month now, because they've got to hype up No Mercy, when they really want to hype Survivor Series.

No Mercy?

Yikes! There are hardly any new indications on where this Pay Per View will go at this point, but that's not a bad fact. One match is easy to guess, and that's Edge vs. Christian.

-Steve Austin vs. Rob Van Dam
-Edge vs. Christian

I'm guessing RVD vs. Austin because the Alliance was pushing RVD as their new leader. But who knows, at this point, what could happen? I'm not too sure where the WWF will go with Kurt Angle as the champion, especially with no Alliance heels, besides RVD, to go up against, unless we go for Austin vs. Angle part 3?

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