Welcome back to the Phat Daily Column, although I'm not officially back from "vacation" yet, as I will be gone until my official return of Wednesday. It's been a great weekend for myself, just enjoying it and I even stopped by the Wrestle Palooza Real Audio Show to help out with the Unforgiven preview show, which was very fun to do. I am feeling pretty good by taking some time off, but never fear, it won't be forever. Well, I have lots for you today, as I'm trying to play catch up. I have Unforgiven thoughts, RAW and Nitro Hype, and the Phat Video Game Review makes its return to review, quite possibly, the BEST wrestling video game ever! On to the PDC.


-Unforgiven too.....-

Hey, I went 6-2 this time around in the WWF Pay Per Predictions, as the only ones I missed were the double main event. I should NEVER bet against the Rock again. Never! Triple H won his match, which leads me to...

The WWF did NOT end any feuds tonight. They extended them. You see, the originality is lost. They can't think of anything new, so they extend feuds. Why? Because the competition is so weak that they can do so. Also, they don't have to worry about one half of the competition, ECW, because the WWF basically has ECW in their side pocket, thanks to allowing them on TNN for the rest of the year. They think WCW won't step it up, but they also thought that in 1996, didn't they?

I mean look, the WWF even extended or will be extending the Stone Cold Steve Austin angle, as it was NOT revealed last night. Also, Triple H got the win over Kurt Angle, as this is probably the only feud I want to see continue. Awesome match and finish by both of these guys, as it was NOT boring like the fatal 4 Way. Also, just look, Jericho and X-Pac will be continuing their feud, thanks to the smart guys backstage who want to shove another one of their matches down our throats!

Then you have the Hardy Boys. Why couldn't they just won the titles at Summerslam? I think that would have made for a better title change, rather than making them win a month later. It didn't work when the Rock won the title at Backlash, as the WWF tends to forget history. If they remembered history, then they would have known better to book a fatal 4 way as a main event for the World Title. They don't, and because they are cocky, they'll be in real trouble if they don't watch out.

Odd, one of the best ECW champs help out another one of the best ECW champs. I can't really tell you if these two guys battled in ECW, as Raven was on his way out when Tazz was starting his push to the top. In fact, I know that he won the Television title the night Raven lost to Tommy Dreamer in a "loser leaves ECW" match, which was spectacular by the way. I guess this ends all speculation that Raven would be the leader of Kane's evil ways. They said Raven would have to pay his dues, so what better way then to put him at Tazz's level!

Gee Shane McMahon, just let the whole world know that you are Blackman's boy. I don't have anything else to say, other than that the WWF put on a subpar show just before they make a HUGE switch to TNN, and that leads me to.....

-RAW Hype-

Oh joy, just about all of the feuds from this show will continue tonight on RAW. SMELL THE RATINGS!!!

I don't even need to get into this. So how will the WWF do on TNN? Tonight is the test. I will say that I saw lots of "WWF RAW on TNN" commercials this past weekend, which was impossible to avoid if you have cable. So besides the areas who don't have TNN yet, this show could draw around a 5.0 or so in the ratings? We'll see Tuesday.


Oh yay, Drunken Scott Hall will be returning to television. Clean as a whistle, right? Uh huh, that's what he said about the last 8 times before that. I don't care how 'great' of ratings people think he can gain, he's trouble. At a time when the WCW locker room is becoming united, a disturbance enters. Hall will definitely be kissing the ass of Russo, just like his good pal Kevin Nash. That's really sad too. Remember, don't be recreating the NWO now fellas....

Hey, a bikini contest. T & A is always good for wrestling, but WCW oddly doesn't make it look good. They always have something stupid going on with their women, whereas the WWF or even ECW puts them in a spot to look good.

Now if Vince Russo becomes WCW World Champ, I'm boycotting WCW. I'm serious. This guy's ego is WAY out of control. "Oh, I won't be on television anymore" is what he said on WCW Live a while ago, but look at him now: "I want the WCW title". I still don't get how he books. His whole purpose of going to WCW was to get WCW guys over. Well, I don't believe a single wrestler has benefitted from you greatly Russo, and you seem to be putting yourself more over than those wrestlers. Geesh, and I thought Vince McMahon and Hulk Hogan had huge egos.

Hey, a tag team battle royal. If there's anything I mark for, then it's a good quality Battle Royal! I'm cheering for Jindrak and O'Haire, the future of tag team wrestling.

Diamond Dallas Page returns tonight after a long bout with injuries and just preferences against Russo's crazy booking. Let's hope Kanyon comes in for the ride as well, as WCW could use some better performers than guys like Kwee Wee. Lex Luger is also rumored to be at the show, as he might be squashed by Goldberg, just like he was at houseshows this week. If he does show up, I don't think Miss Elizabeth will be there, since WCW canned her a while back. That is rather funny that WCW has been shoving Luger on houseshows to just job to wrestlers like Goldberg, Shane Douglas, and someone else in particular(I forget his name). I guess he can now job on television too?

This show needs to pull out all of the stops or else more trouble will follow. I'm talking shake ups within WCW if they don't gain ratings out of this whole networking moving by the WWF.

Mr. Tito's Phat Video Game Review

While at the Wrestle Palooza studios, I was able to play Virtual Pro Wrestling 2 for the Nintendo 64. What is it you ask? It's the Japanese wrestling game of Wrestlemania 2000. It's THQ's Japan release. Do you think they'd release a game with all of those WWF themes in Japan? NO! But this game is better...........

-Virtual Pro Wrestling 2-

First off, who are the wrestlers? Just about ALL of the Japanese wrestlers are in this very game! Yes, since the copyright laws are weak or that nobody cares who gets put into games, this game has all of the federations. You have shoot fighters, FMW, New Japan, All Japan, and even legends who have travelled to Japan. You have Japanese wrestlers like Hayubusa, Great Muta, Masa Chono, Giant Baba, Jushin Liger, Ultimo Dragon, Misawa, Kenta Kobashi, Kensuke Sasaki, Masato Tanaka, TAKA, and MANY MORE! Then, there are a group of American wrestlers who have wrestled or are wrestling in Japan. Guys like Dr. Death Steve Williams, Mike Awesome, Terry 'Bam Bam' Gordy, Stan Hanson, and more. But the legends section is, by far, the best of all sections. You have Mil Mascaras, Andre the Giant, Terry Funk, Dory Funk Jr., just to name a few!!!!!!!!

What about the options? They are the same as Wrestlemania 2000, with some more advanced features. By the way, the menus are in Japanese, so you have to sort of test everything on the menu, but if you are used to how the WM 2k menu is, then it should be ok. This game has more options because they didn't have to add those elaborate entrances like the WWF wanted. Those Titantrons and special themes are killer on the memory, so this game has MANY more features(especially in create a wrestler) and many more moves...which leads me to.....

Gameplay is tremendous on this game! Many more moves to perform in this game compared to the other American N64 THQ games. The action is a bit smoother than WM 2k, which again is created by the better memory usage by THQ for this game. The best, however, is when you have a little guy and a large guy wrestling. I was Jushin Liger, and I went up against Andre the Giant! I tried to body slam him several times! You can't! This game has the smarts to know that little guys shouldn't be slamming large guys, like Andre. Even when I did slam Andre, it was on the second attempt after the first one failed badly. And then when Liger slammed Andre, he fell to the ground tired. That's great! You also have Double Specials in this game, which is done by doing a full taunt when you are in Special.

It basically has all of the rules of WM 2k, with the exception of a few special matches. There is this one where you have a 3 round fight over points, which is rather interesting. You only score points on submission or take downs. They have the same Season mode, but with this game, you must beat the game with many more wrestlers than WM 2k to get more stuff unlocked. Here, you unlock the legends, certain costumes, and so forth! Hey, I'm not sure if Vince McMahon will strip you of the title or not?

This game is just spectacular. The Great Muta on this game can change colors with his myst!! He even comes out decked in full entrance gear. Speaking of those entrances, they are with music and a locker room scene, and then walking to the ring. Oddly, I like these entrances better. Also in this game, the ring announcer actually announces your name at the beginning. The crowd looks a lot better in this game too, a lot more fuller than WM 2K or Revenge.

But the "meat and potatoes" of this game is, like WM 2K, the Create A Wrestler mode. FINGER OF SHAME to any wrestling game who doesn't include a Create A Wrestler mode. Seriously. Anyway, here, you can now have masked wrestlers!! Yes, no gas masks in this game, like dumbass WM 2K. Real F'N masks!!! You have much more moves to choose from too, and of course, a lot more ways to design the wrestlers. For this game as well, if you make a wrestler taller than another, then he'll actually be taller than that wrestler or much larger. The American THQ games seemed out of proportion compared to this beast of a game.

Last Word: This is easily the BEST WRESTLING GAME EVER. It has the best selection of moves, best create a wrestler, best action, and just some awesome wrestlers. It will always be of challenge as well, since you must unlock lots of great stuff. Since this game is better than WM 2k and WM 2k got an A+, this game gets an


and that's not a programming language, that's the highest grade I've ever given a game. The only real problem with this game is the Japanese menu, but the list of wrestlers are in English. As for the availability of this game. I have no idea where the guys at WrestlePalooza.com got the game, so I don't know how I could direct you in finding this game. I want this game badly though, so I'll look into it.

Check Out the Wrestle Palooza Real Audio Show after RAW tonight to catch a show on both Monday Night Shows!!!

Who else has an audio show just after a Monday Night Show? WCW Live does, but just for one show. These guys cover both shows right after RAW finishes. Talk about a great show...

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