Welcome back to the one and only Phat Daily Column. Well, no ECW on TNN impressions this week, as I was out all day Friday, therefore, I didn't even get a chance to set the timer. Oh well, this will save me from the many mark-out e-mails that I usually get when I tell it how it is. Anyways, Unforgiven is coming up! Lots of speculation is going on about how the 6 pack match will go. We'll just have to see, so on to the PDC.


-Smackdown recieved a television rating of a 4.3 this week, and that's F'N good considering it was up against premiere week. A thing about the WWF many local viewers will realize is the fact that they have NO re-runs. Once one of those shows has a few re-runs here and there, then the fans might just say "enough of these comedies" and watch some wholesome wrestling. Only time will tell, like I always say.

-Well, I suppose I can eat my words about my comments towards Taz being a jobber/mid-carder. I took the time yesterday morning after I finished my column, and I saw the Taz section on WWF.com. It's loaded with pictures as well as videos. In those, Taz looked extremely happy, and he also made some good comments about his ECW departure, and his future. Also, the McMahons were extremely happy as well. Whether it was for signing this great superstar, or just giving a low blow to ECW for taking Taz. If you haven't taken the opportunity to see it yet, you better hurry before they take the section down. A few readers have pointed out to me that Chris Jericho never got that kind of section on WWF. Hey, maybe Taz won't be so bad in the WWF! Ross stated that he begins with the WWF in January 2000.

-Damn, Jim Ross stated that Ken Shamrock may have injured his neck, which would be the same injury he suffered in high school. Poor guy. His status is questionable for Sunday, and his future is even worse. Hopefully, this is a mild stinger or a weak sprain, because I hate to see him go down injured before he makes an awaited return to Ultimate Fighting Championship. Knowing how tough Shamrock is, he'll probably wrestle Sunday.

-Also according to the Ross Report, the Undertaker will NOT be back for at least 6 weeks, and it could be longer. I'm surprised it took him this long to take time off. Undertaker is STILL suffering from the knee injury that he suffered 3 or 4 years ago. He also has a very bad back, and he's been wrestling with a torn groin(OUCH!) for a few weeks. This man is tough as hell folks, and even if you don't like his recent gimmicks like myself, you must respect his ability to take pain. Other wrestlers might want to pick up on the Undertaker's ways when they get a very minor injury.

-Man, I didn't read the spoilers correctly. I was unaware of the New Age Outlaws reforming and winning the titles. Why you ask? It's for a few reasons I'm told. For one, Mr. Ass isn't really getting over in the WWF. What I mean by that is that the WWF wasn't happy with his singles heel push, and also, the top WWF workers (Rock and Stone Cold) refuse to work with Mr. Ass due to his sloppy and lazy in ring ability. I remember hearing how pissed off the Rock was after he fought Mr. Ass at Summerslam. Anyway, another reason is the fact that the WWF has groomed some awesome tag teams lately, and they will use the New Age Outlaws to feud with one team, and have them lose the titles due to a screwjob or a break-up to put one of those new teams over. How Mr. Ass feels about this situation is unknown, but I doubt he's thrilled.


-Good ol' Thunder whipped out a 2.2 Thursday, and that's pretty good considering it too was fighting television series debuts and a loaded Smackdown. Thunder doesn't have the starpower that Nitro does, so a 2.2, in my opinion, is a pretty good rating. I heard from a few people that even though Thunder had some week talent to work with this week, they put on some solid matches. The only main complaint was the Sid segments. Those torture me too, so you aren't alone. :)

-I've seen from hotline reports about a speculation that Sid might not be willing to do the JOB to Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. He's been known for his past of having instantaneous injuries or softball seasons come up when a promotion tells him that he must put someone over. I have heard that Sid has become a good employee at WCW, and WCW feels that his troubles are behind him. Let's hope, because Goldberg vs. Sid is a much needed match on the Halloween Havoc card.

@Well, that's the news of the wrestling world through my eyes. I think I'll whip up the Unforgiven predictions for tomorrow, and that's if I can remember. Oh well, thanks for reading, and just chill till the next episode. This is Mr. Tito, nicknamed that for the hell of it, signing off!

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Take Care, and Live Peacefully.

Mr. Tito 1999