Welcome back to yet another edition of the Phat Daily Column. I hope everyone enjoyed Smackdown last night, as I didn't bother watching Thunder. :( Anyway, who would have imagined the British Bulldog turning heel? I'm really wondering how Triple H made it through 5 matches in one. He probably passed out in the back a few times. With that being said, on to the PDC.


-Wow, the Bulldog turned heel. Wait a second, he's better as a heel. When Bulldog is a face, he'll never have any titles. But the second he becomes a heel, the European championship and those tag titles just seem to come his way. I've already heard that he'll take the place of the Undertaker in the 6 pack match. The Undertaker is really in pain these days, and a match like this would only make his injury worse. This one should be interesting, as I've also heard rumors that Stone Cold will somehow get himself involved with the match and end up World Champ by night's end. We'll see what happens this Sunday!

-Awww, poor Sable. She won't get to use the name in her third Playboy. Boo hoo, I'm so sad for that sorry piece of white trash. Seriously, I'm glad the WWF won this one because she'll never get over in this world as Rena Mero. That name sounds like some old lady to me. Anyway, Playboy is really her only way in this world, and that was shot down! It seems that her only popularity comes from taking her clothes off, so you know what the next step is if she can't pose in Playboy....and I doubt that one would happen with Marvelous around.

-Everyone is buzzing about Taz using his name or not in the WWF. Well, the man known as Taz doesn't own the name Taz, duh. He licenses it through Warner Brothers, but that does pose an issue. Warner Brothers, who is a part of Time Warner and they have merchandise with WCW, could be a total prick in this case and not let Taz use the name Taz anymore in favor or their father company. In this case, Taz's character would not only be hurt by jobbing and wreslting mid-cards everynight, but his prized name would also be gone. Keep an eye on this situation if anything happens. I say, more than likely, that Taz will somehow keep his name.


-For those of you buzzing on who this former champion that Bob Ryder mentioned coming to WCW, just look no further than to Dustin Rhodes, or Runnels, whatever! This has been in the works for months ever since the WWF gave him his release. Dustin is also in a process of divorce, poor guy, and maybe he has his legal battles finished since he's making his WCW debut soon. Not to knock Dustin's wrestling ability, but he really bored me back in the day at WCW. As just Dustin Rhodes he didn't have any charisma or attitude to really get him over in my mind. Maybe these years of going bonkers in the WWF might help, but maybe not.

-Boy, the new WCW officials are furious at how the final match, DDP vs. Ric Flair, was a major ratings disappointment. Why did it do sooo bad? Well, for one, DDP vs. Ric Flair...been there, DONE THAT! We've seen this match on numerous occasions, and after seeing it those numerous occasions, we tend to get sick of it. Yes, and also everyone and their mother knew who was running in at the end. It's obvious, especially when you hyped the 6 man match for next week much more than the main event for the current Nitro. WCW made the mistake of hyping next week when they should have worried about the current show. But hey, Benoit vs. Sting drew good numbers, but that was the only one. Now watch, Benoit vs. Sting 2 will be coming soon. Repetition bores everybody.

-With the WWF raiding the ECW talent, when will WCW take a shot at the top superstars in ECW? Well, the truth is that WCW have been struggling ever since they stole Sandman(Hak) from ECW. Also, Raven has always been a close friend of ECW, even as a part of WCW, and he told many horrifying stories about WCW's attitudes in the locker room. Besides, with the slumping numbers and interest in WCW, many of the ECW wrestlers would rather choose the WWF. For example, Taz, who WCW has always been after and has offered him tons of money, signed with the WWF. But oh well, ECW talent is misused in WCW.

-And finally, I heard about that new disk you must purchase to see EXCLUSIVE matches on WCW.com. Hey, that's a good feature for WCW.com, but it won't make up for the fact that the rest of WCW.com will still suck!

@That's all of the havoc I can create today. I hope you have enjoyed this installment of the Phat Daily Column, because I enjoy writing these each and everyday of the week. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend!

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Take Care, and May the Force Be With You.

Mr. Tito 1999