Welcome to another glorious edition of the Phat Daily Column. Today, we'll be doing some Unforgiven predictions, and that's really it, besides giving a little preview of the show. Speaking of Unforgiven, I had the opportunity to go since it's in Pittsburgh. However, upon looking up the prices of the exact same seating I had for a recent Smackdown, I saw ticket prices, for what I wanted, go up from $35 to $60. That's an insane 71% increase, which I wasn't about to pay. Sure, it's a WWF event and it's local, but don't insult me. Smackdown in Pittsburgh DID NOT sell out, so why the fuck would you increase ticket sales?

And you know what? Unforgiven isn't even close to a sell out, still. Ah well... it's a good day for Mr. Tito, anyway. Firstly, it's the 4-year anniversary of my relationship with Mrs. Tito, which I feel great about! Secondly, it's Unforgiven day, which could be one of the best Pay Per Views of the year. Third, the NFL returns to action after a week off from the horrible terrorist attacks. Speaking of the NFL, I'll provide very quick and brief predictions for this week's games. I went 13-2 on my predictions last week, which is somewhat respectable and even amazes me.

The Tough Enough soundtrack feedback keeps on coming. I found that a LOT of readers really like Godsmack, and they made sure they let me know about it. Otherwise, it was just a few diehard fans of other bands just asking me for more in-depth reasons to why I disliked a song or a group. Now hey, I was just giving an honest opinion on the review. I could have pulled all of my punches and kissed ass in the review. But I didn't.

Honesty is the best policy, if you ask me. Many write what the "marks" want to hear, and that, to me, is really fake in my eyes. But anyway, no need to rant any further, because it's a grrrrrreat day! Let's hype some Unforgiven already.


-The Journey-

So where did this event start? Well, look no further than Summerslam, where two of the biggest matches on the card mainly came from. First, Steve Austin escaped a title loss by having referee Nick Patrick screw Kurt Angle by disqualifying Stone Cold. Ever since, then, and enraged Angle has been after Steve Austin, even kidnapping him one night. It's pissed off Austin to the point where he's tried to injure Angle two times.

Then, we have the Rock and Booker T feud, which has been poorly built up, as compared to what occurred in August. The WWF kept these two away from each other for most of the weeks leading up to this feud, and they've managed to make the Bookerman look weak by making this a handicap match with Shane McMahon now involved. The Rock took a big ol' beating at RAW, although another McMahon, Stephanie, ended up looking better than Booker T or Shane McMahon to hype this feud. Then, we had Smackdown, where Booker T just simply walked away from the end of the match, saving the real fight for Unforgiven.

Other feuds developed within the month. Although Christian was teasing the turn on Edge long before even Summerslam, it officially occurred at the Toronto RAW early on in the Unforgiven Hype. Other feuds have been sparked from the Alliance vs. the WWF war, like Tajiri vs. Rhyno and Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho. However, two other matches have come from very stupid circumstances. One, Raven will be fighting Saturn because Raven killed Moppy. Geesh. Secondly, we'll see KroniK versus Undertaker/Kane, in a match created because the Undertaker is good pals with Bryan Adams and because the Undertaker has seniority in the WWF, despite being an egotistical and very slow moving dinosaur. Another match is the 4 way elimination match, which was slopped together, really.

How about my predictions?

-Tito's Predictions-

Raven vs. Perry Saturn
Really, does anybody absolutely care about this match? I know I sure as hell don't, unless Raven and Saturn steal Tito's Time Machine and make themselves 4 years younger. Otherwise, the match could be entertaining, but absent of any crowd heat. This match defines filler match, and it baffles me that the build up for this took a whole 2 months for this big blow off match. Saturn wins, just because I doubt that the WWF would want to do a rematch.
Tito's Pick: Perry Saturn

WCW US Title: Tajiri vs. Rhyno
This should be good, like all of their matches. Everytime I see Rhyno vs. Tajiri, I'm reminded of the time when Tajiri had Rhyno slapped in the Octopus, in the middle fo the ring, and Tajiri sprayed the mist at Corino as he was charging to break the submission hold. I swear, I laughed for days after that one. The WWF seems to be up and down with Tajiri. One moment he's tough, the next he's getting embarrassed. He'll lose the title to Rhyno, but bounce back somehow. I think Rhyno will win this because he's been a damn good in his matches lately, and he remains one of the WWF's most reliable guys.
Tito's Pick: Rhyno

WWF Hardcore Title: Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho's stock seems to have dropped lately, and the loud RVD chants, tonight, could ice him. Rob Van Dam is on a big roll lately, and I see him beating Jericho. This should be up there as match of the night.
Tito's Pick: Rob Van Dam

WWF Tag Titles: Dudley Boyz vs. Storm/Hurricane vs. Big Show/Spike Dudley vs. Hardy Boyz
Yikes, what a mess we have here. Well, I don't see Storm/Hurricane winning, since they are Alliance members. Hardy Boyz won on Smackdown, so throw them out of the hat. How about Spike and Big Show? Hmmm, I don't know... I see the Duds escaping this match, because the titles will change hands on a future television show instead because that equals ratings.
Tito's Pick: Dudleys

WCW Tag Titles: KroniK vs. Undertaker/Kane
In the match that the Undertaker created, we could see the Taker gladly put over KroniK for a title change. Why? My theory is that the Undertaker has been jobbing to various teams or wrestlers as a favor to put KroniK in the spotlight. This should start tonight, as KroniK should cheat their nuts off to win this match. For Kronik, just note that Undertaker/Kane are much larger to toss around than Kaientai.
Tito's Pick: KroniK

WWF Intercontinental Title: Edge vs. Christian
This match as "rematch" painted all over it. I don't really think that the WWF really built this feud up, especially since Christian had to fight Billy Gunn and lose to Chris Jericho before Edge even came back. Instantly, the WWF made Christian a very weak heel. The WWF needs to give this feud another month to develop, hence a title change.
Tito's Pick: Christian

WCW World Title: Booker T/Shane McMahon vs. the Rock
The jobbing to Stephanie McMahon really scares me when I try to predict this match. However, as a loyal Booker T fan, and the odd thinking that the WWFE still wants to do an Alliance television show, the belt must change hands.
Tito's Pick: Booker T, although I may regret betting against the Rock.

Digression #1: Do you know the 5 wrestlers I get burned by the most, or are almost a sure thing to win at Pay Per Views? Steve Austin, Rock, Undertaker, Triple H, and X-Pac. Each are nearly sure things on predictions, unless they fight each other or if they are getting the rematch on television or the next Pay Per View. Wow, that's ironic. At least 4 of these guys are known to have power or influence over their characters, while one is protected by the writers/executives. It's just so interesting.

WWF World Title: Steve Austin vs. Kurt Angle
Quick Digression #2: notice how it's slowly becoming common to say "Steve Austin" than "Stone Cold" now? At least that's the way I hear or see it. Anyway, read Digression #1, suckas. Rock vs. Austin is still the big "payoff" match that nobody wants to see, which should shape up for Survivor Series. Angle rules, and even in this patriotic time, backstage politics and creative power will keep the BEST performer in the WWF from becoming the World Champ.
Tito's Pick: Steve Austin

In the Future.....

I did this last time, so let's take a look at what I think could happen for future WWF bookings or whatever.

Next month, we have No Mercy, which is basically a blowoff Pay Per View because the WWF is more than likely focused on Survivor Series, instead. For No Mercy, if Kurt Angle wins the title tonight at Unforgiven, don't doubt that a 3rd match between Austin and Angle occurs! DO NOT doubt that. No Mercy, to me, has a lot of question marks, and it all depends on who wins at Unforgiven.

But the real focus is Survivor Series, where I still see Rock vs. Steve Austin for the WWF World Title going down. Ugh. Just note that Triple H will be coming back in November, and if they say he's going to be a face, a feud against Booker T would be great. It's doubtful, but you never know. I know a lot of fans have been talking about Booker T vs. Triple H for a while, at least from what I've seen.

I don't know what the WWF will do with Kurt Angle, though. The Alliance needs a big name added to their side, and badly. The WWF sooooo messed up with Diamond Dallas Page, who's early WWF career was screwed by a jealous Undertaker. The WWF should seriously work with DDP and turn him into a strong heel for someone like the Rock or Kurt Angle to fight.

Other than this, it's very hard to see where the WWF is going these days.


-NFL Predictions-

Why is it in the PDC? Well, it received a great response when I did it last time, and this will only be brief. Instead of spending time explaining my predictions, I'll just quickly list them.

Baltimore over Cincinnati
Indianapolis over Buffalo
Carolina over Atlanta
Detroit over Cleveland
Minnesota over Chicago
NY Giants over Kansas City
Miami over Oakland
San Diego over Dallas
Jacksonville over Tennessee
NY Jets over New England
Philadelphia over Seattle
St. Louis over San Francisco
Denver over Arizona
Green Bay over Washington

I have faith in the Miami Dolphins, who just manhandled the Titans in week 1. I really dislike the Titans' offense, which will get outscored by Jacksonville. Those are probably two of my biggest risk picks, although I don't think so.

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