Welcome back to the one and only PDC. Well, it has been an interesting week in wrestling, with the ratings playing a big part. It seems that the wrestling power keeps going in the favor of the WWF. All of the unhappy wrestlers with talent, all of the viewers, and most of the popularity is centering around the WWF, but who will come in and steal some thunder? What federation will step it up? That's for the future, and it's always something to think about. Anyway, on to the PDC

Please Note: Many of you might have noticed no response on e-mails. Well, lately, I have been strapped for time, so I really skim through the e-mails. I usually answer those with quick, unrepetitious questions, but I don't reply to paragraphs upon paragraphs of an e-mail. I am sorry for not replying to anything, but please understand. I would really love to sit down and answer or reply to all of my e-mail, but time permits me from doing so. I'm sorry about this, but please understand.


-I've been preaching it for weeks! If WCW would put on a good match to start of Nitro, they would attract viewers. Well, the Sting vs. Benoit match pulled a 3.6 rating during their 15 minute interval!! That's crazy! Their second highest part of their show pulled a 2.8! Proof that I was right the whole time! Now, WCW needs to concentrate on booking the rest of the show, and tell the jobbers they wrestle during hour 2 and many others to go home. WCW proved that they can steal some thunder by putting on excellent match-up with the two best "wrestlers" in WCW. Consider this too, the WWF had their lowest 15 minute interval(5.4) when the Sting vs. Benoit match was going on, and that was the Vince interview too. Think about this WCW.

-Big Poppa Pump made his return, but the dummy isn't fully recovered yet. He opted not to have surgery during this long time he was out. He probably was scared he would lose size or something. Bob Ryder stated that he was limping noticeably, and he was in obvious disconfort backstage. I'm sure it has been burning him to come back for a long time, but he should have had surgery. He's only going to get hurt worse, and then we'll never see the best heel in WCW again!

-The overall morale is better backstage at Nitro. Some wrestlers actually now look forward to wrestling now, whereas before they could care less what their role is. It still seems that a few wrestlers have been held back, but everyone in the locker room has been assured that they will try to use everyone to their potential. This stuff takes time, as I think the new management is still trying to learn the business. They also have to clean up a year mess left when Bischoff was running the shows. It does take time, but they do need to something fast because 1.7 in your main event run over is bad for your health.


-Looking at WWF.com right now I see that Taz has officially signed with the WWF. This hurts ECW more than it helps the WWF. WWF doesn't really need him, but I'm sure they will eventually find a suitable role for him. He'll probably be brought in somewhat like Al Snow did. He'll just wrestle midcard matches, and keep working his way up. Many Taz fans might be disappointed at first since you have to pay dues in the WWF before becoming a superstar. If Taz eventually becomes one, that's an accomplishment in itself. Taz fans need to be very patient on his WWF developement. Maybe this publicized signing could mean that ECW might be releasing him, but time will tell on that.

-I suppose that the announcement to have Michael Cole and Michael P.S. Hayes as Smackdown announcers. Many state that the WWF's top show would have Jim Ross, but of course, I'm still not convinced, but you've heard enough about that. I have heard that RAW is leaning more towards an Adult show now, and Smackdown will lean more towards more of a wrestling show. The WWF can't get away with as much as they do with UPN as they do with USA. This could be the reason for the really messed up angles on RAW as of late.

-Everyone is predicting that Test will get pushed. They keep insisting that he'll use his real name Andrew Martin blah blah blah Canadian Sensation blah blah blah!!!!! I think it's rather funny how he's getting pushed being Stephanie McMahon's soon to be husband(a work, and the marriage is for October 11 RAW). It's amazing how he easily beat on Jeff Jarrett on RAW. Looks like the Blond Diesel has finally made his mark in the WWF!

@That's it for today. Besides ratings and Taz, there isn't much news around to bitch about. Oh well, I made something of it, as I have had many times during this 180 consecutive column streak. So thanks for reading, and sorry again about the e-mail situation.

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Take Care, and Happy Wrestling!

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